Your Eyes

You’d like to take a little moment of time apologize for the mistakes that you’ve done. (And I know what you’ve done) I see you contemplatin’ what’s in your mind (Run. Run. Run. Run.
but in the end all ya do is run. Run)
(Somebody catch me!) There’s a lie behind your smile, Your eyes betray you… It’s been haunting you for a while, It’s been haunting you for a while. You got dem’ blues. Darlin’, I know you do ’cause you been hidin’ your eyes like they don’t want me to know they’re ashamed of- You got dem’ blues. Darlin’, I know you do ’cause baby you been hidin’ your eyes I know you’re keeping silent but I pray you change your mind. (Yeah, I’ll be here when your eyes meet mine.) You’d like to take a little moment of time to speak your mind but you don’t think its quite alright. You want to fight, have a life, (Lone)
and yet you go to be alone (Lone, lone)
and deal with this all on your own. (Al-o-o-o-o-one!)
So you’re running from home to protect those close from sorrow. It’s been haunting you for a while, It’s been haunting you for a while. Oh! Oh! Wa-o-oh! You got dem blues. Darlin’, I know you do ’cause you been hidin’ your eyes like they don’t want me to know they’re ashamed of- You got dem blues. Darlin’, I know you do ’cause baby you been hidin’ your eyes I know you’re keeping silent but I pray you change your mind. (I’ll be here when your eyes meet mine!) You’re afraid. You feel alone. Are you guilty? Are you wrong? A lot of thoughts running through your mind. Clock is ticking and you’re buying your time. Franticly panicking, handling this problem that you are livin’ with. You wish it didn’t exist and I wish it didn’t exist ’cause It’s been haunting you for a while. It’s been haunting you for a while. You seem to know much more than you told. Your body language contradicts what you’re saying. Hey, it’s alright. We’re here so just smile Why don’t you stay
for a while. Don’t be afraid. Turn back the dial.
You got dem blues. Darlin’, I know you do ’cause you been hidin’ your eyes like they don’t want me to know they’re ashamed of- You got dem blues. Darlin’, I know you do ’cause baby you been hidin’ your eyes. I know you’re keeping silent but I pray you change your- Miiiiiind ’cause I know you want to hide in a place where fear can’t find you. You seem to know much more than you told me, but I’ll be here to speak the words that will console, when you are afraid. Yeah. Tired hearts and minds are lonely, Deep inside your conscience takes a toll on you but I’ll be here when your heart confronts the pain. Yeaaaaah~

100 thoughts on “Your Eyes

  1. Hm, I wonder why Aka-sensei had those pictures??? She wasn't manager for the original or new Meteor at the time of the bombing. And if the photos were part of the original alibi, why didn't Detective Detective already have them? On another note, there's a surprising amount of detail given to Hareka's family compared to the rest of the background characters…. HMMMMM

  2. I was super excited to see this video. It works so well with the song I'd listened to when I became a backer. Thank you Ryan and Rainy!

  3. Oooooooook, this is bad

    No, not the song, the song is an absolute banger as usual, but what the MV is implying is concerning

  4. Your music makes me feel emotions that i can't explain in words… when i listen to it it's not once, it isn't twice, no no. It's looped for at least a week, i download it on my phone, i memorize all the lyrics and the beat, i hum it when i'm alone and most of all it inspires me to draw!!
    Thank you so much for existing!

  5. I was asleep when this came out. So when I looked through my notifications, I noticed it and immediately clicked on it. XD

  6. Seems like Morime's Dad/Guardian is Nori. Also, it seems like perhaps Haruka and Morime are colluding for some reason. (maybe because of that thing that happened at the end of bad news.)


    ITS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!
    I LOVE IT!!!!!!❤️❤️😊😊😊❤️❤️

  8. I love this song a bunch! It's great how you added the rings from Poor Man's Briefcase and other previous things that were shown.

    And my goodness can I just complement how good the art has gotten. You all are truly amazing!

  9. Ever time you drop a new track it's a unique style and sounds amazing, like dude, you are such a versatile and incredibly talented artist! I can't get enough of this, hope you can keep making them!

  10. I loved this as a backer and even more on YouTube! This came out in the middle of my ride so i wasent able be first to it but still. Awesome

  11. this makes you wonder but the detective looks like he might be finding the last puzzle piece and kind of gets the picture

  12. This is fantastic, Man. Great job with those lyrics. I think my favorite part of your songs is how you layer everything. Keep on rockin’!

  13. Great job @static-p please keep doing what your doing I was introduced to your channel about 2 years ago by it's not like I like you. Been loving your content ever since, old and new.

  14. We have been blessed once again oh im so happy!! Very cool, vibe gives me an episode one type of feel. Incredible work!!!!!!!

  15. The fact at the end when only hareka is in the light kinda makes me feel like she could be the bomber.
    When Nori spoke to hareka she could have taken it the wrong way. She also has connections with the teacher who is an inventor, so he could’ve made a bomb, so they could be in in together. They were also standing the furthest away from the bomb which could mean that hareka had told them to stand the furthest away. Hareka could’ve also only just told DD about Nori now because it takes light away from her, and SBG.

    But there r holes (big fat ones) it doesn’t make sense for hareka to blow up the bomb just because in bad news, she says her main goal of the Idol competition is to have fun and she doesn’t need a “vain inflation of dopamine from them”. But who r “them” we assume that “them” is the ones who run the competition but we could b missing something….

  16. My theory is that somehow Nori slipped the bomb made by Kanesaki in Hareka’s bag. She knows and feels guilty about it. Detective Detective is aware of it as well, that’s why he continuously deflects Cole’s questions about the Star Blush Girls being guilty in Dream On. The detective knows if he speaks too soon Hareka could be in jeopardy, as people would use her relations with Nori against her.

  17. Yet another wonderful addition!! I love all the songs in this series SO MUCH!! Big thanks to you and Rainy!! You are very talented people!!!

  18. I've been scrolling through the comments now and i must ask cause it seems like no one is talking about it. who else has noticed the EYES?

  19. I like the juxtaposition of these huge story theories and meanwhile I'm here like "haha listen to the singy gent sing"

  20. Theory time: Static gives three of 5 charity board men (atleast I assume that’s what they are) hair details, one is nori, two are faceless, and if you study the other two’s hair, you can compare them to the parents of hareka. This means nori knew hareka’s parents, and mabye even knew them beforehand. What if her parents tie in to the reason someone wanted to bomb them? Mabye they chose star blush girls over another group, and said group wanted to take revenge through harming their precious daughter?

  21. It’s obvious who did it…
    It’s someone who isn’t injured…
    Someone at the concert…
    Their bag was with the other star blush girl’s backpacks…
    No alibi…

    The two girls (not named) who left after the incident! There’s no alibi for them, part of star-blush, not injured, had backpacks
    I know you don’t want to make more characters, so at least explain why they aren’t suspects
    Did the two girls leave because of the hate or because they did it, (or some other reason)

  22. It's like….
    You deserve way more attention, but on the other hand I don't want to share your channel….

    It's hard… xD

  23. so here's the points that i've noticed.

    – nori & kanesaki have an unspoken relationship with each other
    – hareka & morime's parents works for nori's charity staff
    – the picture of hareka & morime wearing the rings from the poorman's briefcase definitely meant something.

    theories i' ve made
    – hareka & morime may be childhood friends due to their parents work
    – the picture of hareka & morime wearing the rings (+ the fact that morime gave it to hareka) may support the theory above
    – nori & kanesaki = accomplices? hmmm.

    – the newspaper said the morime and the girls are big fans of the star blush girls but after the idl bombing they were shown being passed on the title of 'meteor'. it may be of sympathy, but why havent they chose to check up on the star blush girls? especially they're the ones who are blamed and needed the support that time.

    i am one of the people where i suspected kanesaki as the main culprit behind the bombing, but after a lot of listening, observing and reading others theories, i thought kanesaki would be too obvious if he were to be the main culprit. this is where i start suspecting nori. even though he was the reason the girls climbed up their idol status, what was the real reason behind it? to "secretly fight the gambling ways of the industry?" i can't rest on that reaskn alone. but as of now nothing can support my theory regarding this and i am suspecting nori with 0 evidence. so this is just another reason to look forward to the future episodes/seasons of this series!

    EDIT: now that i think about it, the key to finding the culprit MAY be found between the lives of hareka and morime. HAHAHAHA i really love how this series but mt brain to work xD

  24. I can see a lot of references to the other songs like the Star Blush Girls, and the bomb in the idol stage competition, and I like how well made this is.

  25. that's a really nice song, but could u pls include english subtitles, my english isn't good enough to understand anything and i'd love to understand your songs

  26. Hey, static-p, why don't you post the criminal idol series on spotify too? Please give it a thought. <3 love your work!

  27. …. I… I'm so confused… I thought I'd be able to keep up with the story and figure things out as the songs come out, but… man.. The song is AMAZING- by far my favorite of the Criminal Idol series!! But the story just… Woah.. I've gotta admit- you've crafted an equally amazing story to go along with it, Ryan! The way you show these story details is amazingly clever, and i'm honestly stumped as to what the heck could be going on, anymore. It's just so vague, lol. I mean, I have an idea, but…. nothing solid…. again. XD

    Man, I love you, Ryan! Keep up the awesome work!!!❤

    P.S. I love how the detective knew even less than us at the time of the bombing, and he probably knew who did it instantly. And that just baffles me! XD
    What an awesome character!

    Also, the detail of Her Eyes in the photo at 3:45, compared to the one at the very beginning, where she isn't wearing a ring (before the bombing). Her Eyes are hiding something besides themselves. You can tell those rings are bittersweet for her. Something just isnt right. She even appears to have slumped shoulders, like something is weighing her down…


  28. This song feels so much better than the others. Maybe because we’re finally seeing actual evidence with DD looking at the photos. Also, this song is just the best. No One’s In This Alone will always be my favorite, but this song just rocks

  29. Wait… I have to make this a whole other comment because I just realized it and it's blowing my mind.
    0:51… that older male employee's hair… why is it the exact same shade as Hareka's?


    Edit: oh, lovely, I'm also not partly blind but COMPLETELY BLIND. I mean, I was away all weekend so I only saw this video like twice before this, but I should've noticed that HAREKA AND MORIME ARE WEARING THE RINGS FROM CLUES TO A POORMAN'S BRIEFCASE… 3:41
    They're clearly in the cabin where they got the rings, but…
    Who took that photo?
    They appear to be alone in the image, but they're wearing the same outfits from the song which means it had to be the day everyone traveled to the abandoned building.
    "A reminder to be understanding, to trust, and to forgive" was something on the note.
    Forgive? hmm.
    No wonder Hareka looks a bit… subdued in that photo. And, now that I think about it, when Morime gives her the ring in the original song, she does seem a bit dismayed at first. I never thought to wonder why.
    Really though… if that was a personal moment, who would've thought to capture it on camera? And how did Detective Detective get ahold of it?

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