63 thoughts on “Yoon Kye-sang can’t keep his eyes off Ha Ji-won | Chocolate Ep 14 [ENG SUB]

  1. Their expressions especially jiwonshi's are priceless! This drama is full of such little precious moments between the leads whether its love dislike or uncertanity both actors convey the character feelings effortlessly. I'm begining to understand why her co- stars praise her,she has the ability to fade into oblivion yet maintain her character presence whilst giving her co- star prominence! Great and skillful acting by both👌👏🍫⚘❤

  2. This will be one of the highlights of my journey with the drama. Not just because we get to see another side to the man. Not just because it takes courage to open up like this knowing that rejection is a possibility. But most importantly, it is the first time CY is able to allow herself to hope in a way she could never previously. Hope that her first and only love will eventually understand what she's always understood. Of course his words are tinged with irony for her. He is now standing in her place thinking her thoughts. "I'm going to like you regardless of your answer." Brother, she's lived it!
    But she's cautious because he doesn't know the full story just yet.

  3. I love that we can clearly see that he is becoming more and more like the young version of him as he spends more time with her 💕

    Can’t believe this drama is almost over >>> 😭✨🙌🏻

  4. "I'd respect the choices you make" a MAN, a what? a MAN. And the way he smiled while saying it, ughhhh she's so lucky.

  5. This has been one of the most soulful dramas of all time imo. 😍😍👏👏. Thank you to all involved in making this series. Just love the couple. The lead pair has done their best to show the longing and grief on screen. I can't wait to watch them live together happily leaving behind their past. Saranghae💕

  6. At the start of the drama he wasn’t interested in a relationship…I never thought he would be THIS smooth 😫❤️

  7. Why does he never get to finish all the food she prepares for him? It's like their love life somehow. Whenever they come quite close to finally being happy. Something comes up and one of them has to leave .

  8. I find it really cute that he wanted her to make him a delicious meal that took a long time to cook just so he can stand there and watch her ❤️

  9. No much effort to convey his feelings to Cha Young, I’ll respect your decision whatever that is, Cha Young so pretty demure telling him in her mind you’re the one I’d been waiting for ❤️ OMG love is in the air, can’t wait them to kiss 💋 ❤️♥️💜

  10. Ayeeeehehehehe!!! CHOCO COUPLE…GOOSEBUMP!!!💘💕💕💕😍
    I like the caption." COUPLE THAT COOK TOGETHER STAY FOREVER!🤗💪💖 @SWOON, Thank you!!!😘👍👍👍😍💪💪💖

  11. I love seeing fellow kdrama peeps getting deep into this drama like me. My spirit fell in love with Lee Kang and Moon Cha Young so deeppp

  12. Kang is a good man but I must say that Cha Young is a great woman. The one that has her love will win the world for sure

  13. 🍫 chocolate .serie que amo.😭😭😭😭ja esta chegando o final.😘😍💑💋❤💜💚love amoo.#Brasil #BRAZILHEAN

  14. When you can't deny love anymore, you confessed, no matter the other person's response 😀😁way to go Lee Kang taking a chance, no worries she loves you😍

  15. This is an award winning drama, their chemistry without any physical activity, is mind blowing. Well done to writer, producer, director etc….

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