Yalmeh® SuperYouth® Eye Cream 15g

HI everyone I’m Chelsea here on behalf of
Yalmeh, yet again bringing you another exciting product that I think you’re going to love. Today we’re going to be talking about Yalmeh’s
Aloe Super Youth Eye Cream and let me just tell you, this is one of my favorite products
in the line up And I know you’ve heard me say this before. However; this is a product I would recommend
to somebody no matter what your age and maybe if they came to me or went on the Yalmeh site
and thought “Okay, I’m kind of overwhelmed where do I start?” This would be the eye cream to start with This is your eye cream of all eye creams So what makes this eye cream so special that
I think it’s just the best thing in the World? Well of course the Hyaluronic Acid because
that is really what’s going to start doing the job and that is your really powerful ingredient. If you’re not familiar with Hyaluronic Acid,
to put it quite simply, what it’s going to do is restore, rejuvenate Gently erase
those fine lines and it’s somewhat of an abrasion and it’s why you want to only use this once
a day and slowly work your way up to twice a day. The best thing about this product and all
the Yalmeh products, is you can use it together, use it alone, use it under your makeup, use
it under sunscreen.. So it’s really quite versatile. We’re just gonna go under our eyes and you
only need a little amount… Forehead and of course you can do your cheek
areas here. Rub gently….. And that’s it. My personal preference for the Aloe Super
Youth Eye Cream is to combine it with some of the other night products that Yalmeh has
to offer. It’s a little bit thicker of a cream, so it’s
going to take a little more time to absorb and the best part? It fights fatigued eyes. Now who doesn’t love that? Thanks for watching everyone, I hope you’re
going to pick yourself up one of these amazing Super Youth Eye Creams and remember… Yalmeh is a company you can feel good about
choosing. They don’t test on animals, there’s no cancer
causing agents and their products are made in the USA. Feel free to check out some of our other videos
on Yalmeh.com

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