Xanthelasma or Cholesterol Deposits and How to Camouflage Easily & Effectively for Great Makeup .

On my way to see Marcella at the Eaton
Centre in Toronto to look at MAC products for her eyes. Marcella has xanthelasma or better known as cholesterol spots. Now we could have treated it with Dermablend or Cinema Secrets with a fixing powder or products like that but because she’s never worn makeup before I decided to take this
approach for her while she gets used to it and it becomes easier for her and yet still be effective. I just walked past this beautiful woman with gray hair in the Eaton Centre and I said to myself oh my God I think that’s Sharon Danley and I
have watched so many of her videos and love them all and they’ve been so
helpful to me and meant so much to me. I just I had to stop her even though she
might think I’m crazy or rude and just ask her if it was really her and tell her how much I love her. Thank you Sharon MAC artist “and I think this will be more versatile I’m sorry what’s your name?” Marcella “I’m Joanna” Hi Joanna. That takes care of everything but the lipstick. How does that make you feel? It makes me feel fantastic – this is so much easier that I thought it was going to be. And the results are…beyond expectation, so I’m thrilled. Sharon “Excellent and Happy Birthday to you. Marcella “Thank you – best birthday present ever – thank you Sharon We’re about to purchase the #55 Perpetual Plum And #110 for the highlighter. And that’s all we’re going to get for now. Hi there, I’m with Marcella – we did our shopping today and she’s got all kinds of great product – not a lot – but just exactly what she needs and what we’ve just done is done the
little lady shave with a simple little Bic razor and….. it’s amazing I wish I
had done it years earlier years of going around with their song it’s just that
alone has a big difference…..and we did it dry didn’t have to soap up you
know like dad does or hubby does just fphit fphit – done right? It’s a good thing you can’t see my tears. OK the Studio Fix I’m going to apply it
with the sponge that comes with it and we’re just gonna go in downward strokes
and now that we have razored our contestant’s face here this goes on
beautifully and doesn’t go under any little hairs but if that does happen
then going down you will go over top rather than lifting it up the hair going
up underneath the hair. And Marcella doesn’t wear a lot of makeup. This
is her first adventure into the land of Oz and so we’re making this as easy as
possible for her. Now I’m going to take a brush now this looks a little bit late
on her but it goes beautifully with her skin tone. We’re at the end of the day so you know lighting the best. Can you look up for me. Now I’m
taking this brush from Mac and I’m going to apply it with a kind of a stipple or
a drop motion rather than dragging it on. Now in the store we decided that she
only needed the one colour. It will not remove the white marks – the cholesterol marks. Close for me please. But it will camouflage them. It will
will cover them over just beautifully – so that they don’t look white. OK if you
open and look right into camera and we come in even closer you can see the difference that that makes. Now we’re going to do an eyebrow trim for her. So what we want to aim to do here is to lift up in the front bring this up and we’re going to take away from the bottom here. Her eyes have dropped…..the brow part
has dropped quite a bit but if it. doesn’t belong then there’s no point in
having it. We can fill in afterwards so I’m just going to play with this and get
back in a second. OK the first few will be
I’ve always happy read read bushy well it’s nice to have good strong brows but
it’s just where they’re placed…. yeah I think that’s the Mediterranean in me. It feels like you’re taking a lot but I’m sure no no they’re just taking off what is ya needed. Ya – and what kind of tweezers? It’s just regular tweezers….OK…..yeah Then you know what you need to get to, is a clear mascara to comb your eyebrows up and over. OK… yeah I mean you can get just get that at Shopper’s again made by Great Lash…….just the clear or you can get it at the dollar store. OK And that’s just to keep……because they
need to be brushed up – it makes a big difference. It’s funny because I’m more
bothered by the gray ones in my eyebrows than I am in my hair. Oh isn’t that funny? I
know it looks so odd. all right let’s run yeah because the grain right here for
some reason I just may because I wear it back a lot I just – I don’t even think about it. I’m just I’m just covering over a bit. Right OK Unfortunately I’m missing some video.
Needless to say I filled in the top part of her arch with the Brun eyeshadow and
the flat edged angled brush and then I filled in a little bit in missing spots
in the front part of her brow. Then I added a clear mascara combing it up and
over then secured it with my finger for a few moments until it was set in place. OK with the same angled brush and the same eyeshadow I’ll list it below but I think
yeah it’s brewing good old MAC Brun. I’m… because she doesn’t wear a lot of makeup
and isn’t used to it I’m still just gonna go along her lash line here and not in a
defined way but just fill in close to…..the lash line And just make this a little bit soft. And then while I’ve got some in my hand –
look up for me please – I’m just gonna go along well there’s still a little bit
left on the brush and well maybe just add a little more. And close then I’m
going to go back in and I’m going to go now to the Bisque color and I’m just
gonna go on the center of her lid here – just to just to just because. And then
underneath the brow with the regular foundation to brighten that up. And open
your eyes and moving just a little bit closer and you can see when you look at
both eyes now what a difference makeup can make with just a little bit of color, proper shaping and camouflage, it’s a whole new world. And for our second piece
of missing film I added some Great Lash Black Brown
mascara – just two or three strokes and that was all she needed. Next was the natural-looking. blush. I applied like a C shape
around the cheek and up into the temple and just did it ever so slightly and
then I added a little bit to her eye just for fun if she wants to. It’s a natural color and she can make it as dark or as light as she likes. #55 Perpetual Plum for our contestant and #110 to lay over top. Let’s put this on. Now she doesn’t want anything too heavy so………. and I’m going to the as far out as I can
and I want to encourage her to go to the other side of the role of her lip to
increase the the width if you know what I mean if I’m making any sense. I’m not
at this time of the day I need my wine. OK just yeah that’s good Now just don’t put your lips together
yet well just let that dry. OK so I just put the #110 in the center of her
lip. We’re just letting it dry – gonna put the gloss over top and then we’ll get on
with the next step. We haven’t done the other side yet but this is her glasses
that she normally wears and you can see even though you may have thought it
might have been a little bit late on camera for her it goes really well with
her decollete and the rest of her skin color which is something you really do
need to pay attention to and with her glasses and her eyebrows shaped just on
this one side, you can see the difference that that makes in her overall look. OK we’re going to finish the other side and have a little toast of wine. Not much of a know that’s right but you know is it see what does the reason I did
this with her hair like this because it shows people very different look yeah do
you know what I mean and I and I and I like it softer like this…..I like it soft as well I guess for me it’s like just the
practicality of the day-to-day and that aside you know what you can do…..Because
she likes to wear her hair up and easy I still think it looks better when it’s a
little bit softer on her face so here’s an option for her so that it stays out
of her her way is just to take the two sides like so and bring them back turn
your head around just one or the other way a bit more – and tie it and……….then tie it again………. and you can make that as loose or as
tight as you like……pass me a book using these long roller pins. Put one in on
each side and crisscross it and it gives a lovely look….. ………we are done we’re going to
go live and say hi (to the Going Gray & Lovin’ It FB Page) Marcella’s cholesterol spots around her
eyes are caused from medication and many people have this happen as they age but
with the strategic use of good makeup applied properly it’s amazing what can be done. Thanks so much Marcella for letting us
into your world and sharing how a good makeup plan, well executed can solve just about any problem !

59 thoughts on “Xanthelasma or Cholesterol Deposits and How to Camouflage Easily & Effectively for Great Makeup .

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    My xanthelasma appeared, suddenly, 6 years ago, and ever since it's chipped away at my confidence and self-esteem. Surgical removal is not an option, for efficacy and financial reasons. But as someone who had never bought or worn make-up, camouflaging the xanthelasma seemed just as out-of-reach.

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