Women Try Eyelash Growth Serum For A Month

– My eyelashes right now are like this and where I want to be is like this. (upbeat music) My current relationship
with my eyelashes is pretty like stale. – I’m getting married in a
couple months and I would love to have those long
lashes for my wedding day. – Recently I’ve been on
a natural kick, honestly, like wearing less makeup. I wish they were more naturally longer. – I’m not a huge fan of falsies
and the few times I’ve gone to a salon to have them put
in, I immediately rub my eye and all the lashes fell out. – I got like the fake lash extensions. I have like OCD so I get
like this tic where like I know it’s there and
it’s not part of my body so it’s annoying. So I’d
rather just grow what I have. – I have a little eyelash trauma. We did a cookout one time
and like I had to turn on our grill; my eyelashes were
like burnt to smithereens. So, I’m hoping that this
makes me right again. – We are going to try two
different eyelash serums, one expensive and one affordable. – And we are going to be putting
this serum on our eyelashes every day for a month. – On the left eye, we will
be doing the cheaper serum, which is the Rapid Lash
eyelash serum… Right? – On our right eye, we
are going to be using Rodan + Fields Enhancements Lash Boost. – Both of these serums have
pretty great reviews online, so I’m hopeful. – I’m ready for flawless lashes. That sounded like a Maybelline commercial. – My lashes are supposed to appear more beautiful and youthful. – I have them labeled
so I don’t fuck this up. They both have the same
instructions, just to apply to the clean eyelid. I’m
optimistic. Let’s try this out. – This doesn’t really
feel like I’m doing much. The Rodan + Fields seems to
be going on a little thicker. – I can see it’s a little wet right now. Hopefully I didn’t use too much. – I almost wish it stung a
little, because then I’d be like it’s working, but it doesn’t
feel like anything happened, so I guess you really
just have to wait and see. – People are noticing
the redness of my eyes, more than how beautiful
I am, so that’s been sad. I have really sensitive
eyes and I should have known going into it, but people
have been commenting. They’ll be like, were you
out last night smoking weed? Well yeah, it looks like I’m
smoking weed and I do that too, but it’s honestly the product,
it’s been making me react. – It kind of just feels like
what it does is conditions your lashes so that they
feel more confident to grow. I think that’s how it
works, scientifically. Right now I haven’t noticed
anything. You have to put it on before you go to bed, like, it
has to dry for a little bit. A reason to stay up later I guess. At first, remembering to
put the serum on was just an extra thing you did at
night, but then like, you put it next to your
toothbrush, you do it every night. It was easy. – It’s not the product that’s
hard, ’cause the product is just like one swipe, but it’s
just getting into the routine. I’m just not consistent, so
having to introduce a whole new thing into my, like, my nighttime regiment has been the struggle. – There was like two days that I missed, and then I put a little
post-it note above it saying, put the fucking serum on. I’ve been doing it
every single day without really hesitation. It just kind of is just
part of my morning routine. The more expensive eye was
a lot more, I guess, wetter, or like the brush was thicker. The more expensive one has
more liquid when I apply it. Like, there’s more to dry. – It looks like you have
like some globs on your eyes. – And kind of like, the
Rapid Lash, the applicator is just like finer and I don’t
feel as wet as it does. It was surprisingly easy
though, I will say that. – There was once where my
eyes got a little red because I think I got the serum in my eye. I woke up and my eye is red,
like maybe it needed to dry more or something. I’m going
to put some eye drops on and hopefully clear the redness right now. I don’t know, maybe I put too much on. Other than that, I’ve been
using it super regularly and it doesn’t bother me at all. – I don’t want to give up
on the eyelashes so I kept applying them and over time, it’s kind of, now it’s like fine. I don’t
know if I, like, got used to the serum, but it’s not red anymore. – It looks like my right
might be a little longer, which is the more expensive
kind. I kind of do notice it’s a little bit more full, but
nothing too serious, no changes. So, so far so good. – I stopped wearing mascara
to see if anyone would notice a difference in my eyelashes;
no one has said anything yet. – I mean, obviously
there wasn’t going to be extreme results, but for
some reason, I just wanted my eyelashes to literally touch
my forehead at this point, but it’s not quite there. – Now that I’ve gotten into
the routine and I’m remembering to do it, I’m just like
getting impatient though. Like mascara or fake
eyelashes, it’s just kind of instantaneous and I’m used
to that, so having to wait like six weeks, is getting a little hard. – I guess I’ve noticed in my
mind that things have changed, but I’m just trying to
see if it’s the real deal, or if I’ve just been like
hoping it into existence. – The changes happen very slowly. So it’s been hard for me to
tell myself, but every time I see someone that I haven’t
seen in a while, they can tell. – They look long. Each one
looks about the same length. If I gave one the edge, I would give your right eye the edge. – I think more people said
this eye than this eye. – Do your eyelashes look longer? – Yeah, look at ’em. – The one on the left,
I mean your right… – This one. – Yeah. – Okay, this one, this one
looks longer, can you see it? – And so I’ve finally got it
down. There were nights I was just forgetting to do it and
I’ve got the cadence down. Until I run out of the
serum, I do want to continue. – The change just might be like minimal. I definitely noticed that
the more expensive eye had a little bit more
fullness to it, for sure. Even the bottom is just like
a little bit more, I dunno, just noticeable. Nobody has said anything to
me. I’ve been asking people, forcefully, if my eyelashes
have changed at all or if they notice anything is fuller. We’ll ask the boyfriend
to see if he even notices any differences whatsoever. – Wow, they look really good baby. – You’re just lying. – I wouldn’t say any longer,
maybe a little fuller. But they do look nice, healthy. – It’s been over a month since we started the eyelash serum. I got mermaid lashes. The woman who put the mermaid
lashes on, she commented about how nice my eyelashes looked. I can’t cry, because then
I’ll ruin my new eyelashes. And then, I had a physical,
and my doctor was like are those fake? I was like,
‘nah bitch, they’re mine. I’m really excited to take
a look at these photos of my eyes. – Okay, so that’s before and after. – Hmm. Oh my gosh. – My shit looks so mangy before. I mean, okay, I personally
see the difference. Everyone is going to be
like, this bitch is crazy. I definitely think the right
eye got fuller or longer, like by a smidgen for sure,
there’s no doubt about it. But I really think it transitioned
to a more fuller lash. Like, okay, look at the top one, it’s… You can clearly see the
difference here. I think so. – I think it definitely
looks like, so I’m actually, very much so, pleasantly
surprised that it actually does make a difference. My
eyelash has a little bit more of a curve to it. I’m glad these lashes are
mine and here to stay. – Oh, okay, so, oh… So you
see like that curve creates some shape, so it looks longer. I’m looking at the right eye
and it definitely looks longer. My eye looks cool though. – There’s pros and cons to both. – So the more expensive
product like felt better when I was using it. It felt
like it would do better. But, I think looking at these photos, that both serums worked. – Go big or go home, go
for the more expensive one ’cause clearly it’s gonna work faster. It clearly has results, in my mind. – If you want to start
and you don’t have like, just cash money lying around,
I would start with something a little cheaper and see how that works. – Eyelash serums are not a
myth. They actually do work. Ah, it’s mine. They’re good, I feel good about ’em. – When you try serums for
the first time, just setting your expectations. I was like
expecting this dramatic like change, and you’re not going
to see that obviously because you are looking at yourself every day. If you are curious, I
mean, like it won’t hurt. – This picture, they look
fucking bomb. I didn’t even realize that my lashes
looked, you know what I mean, that nice. I kind of really
do like my natural lashes. I gained lash pride and
love, self-lash love. – I’m going to be able to do my wedding; one last thing to worry about.
I have to me sure I have the band, that we order the
flowers, the groomsmen get the right color suit, but I
don’t have to worry about my eyelashes anymore, so that feels great.

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  2. Use castor oil. Natural and effective, I add it to my brows, lashes and hair and it makes hir grow thicker and it may be seen within a week

  3. I’m fourteen and I have trichotillomania and I pulled out the entire top row of eyelashes last April. I recently (mid December) told my mom I was using tweezers to pull them out and asked her to hide them from me. I’ve been using caster oil on my eyes every night and now they’ve almost completely grown back (I used to have huge eyelashes). All I did was put a glob on my finger and rub it on my eyelids. Then I’d go to sleep. All it took was TWO MONTHS for them to COMPLETELY grow back and I’m so much more confident and they are looking so much better!! Hope that helped someone 🙂 (sometimes you can see them grow overnight) 😉

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  5. A WARNING to anyone who considers using this: products including
    prostaglandins can cause PAP (prostaglandin-associated-periorbitopathy)
    which is sometimes reversible and sometimes not. Yes, your lashes will
    be longer and fuller as long as you're using the product but the side
    effects can be permanently disfiguring! I used it in 2011 and I still
    have severe fat atrophy around the eyes, visible blood vessels on the
    upper eyelids, very visible veins under my eyes and nonsymmetrical
    eylids (one droopy, and a very high fold or sulcus on the other side)
    along with dry eyes! Do yourself a favor and just use normal
    mascara…it's not worth it!

  6. Oh I am so glad that you guys did the video and I happen to watch, coz I'm in the process of those itchy irritation reaction going on and I have stopped for like two weeks. Now I have confidence to start use it again.

  7. Is it only me feel like they do wear mascara? Please do not think people are stupid and be honest with people and we will trust you more…

  8. I use a diy serum using vitamin e oil, castor oil, coconut oil. And aloe Vera gel. It’s works for lashes and brows and is super effective.

  9. use organic castor oil and good oils in general on your eyes and lashes and they will grow from that. What a joke paying over 100 dollars for a serum with tons of chemicals in it

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  11. i had a friend who used the 150 dollar serum and it really did work, after like 2 months it looked like she had fake lashes

  12. Ok, here is how to get loooonnnggg and full lashes (works for brows too):
    Take a bottle and fill 50% of it with castor oil, 30% olive oil, 20% coconut oil.
    Before going to sleep dip a spoolie in that mixture and apply from the root of your last and wiggle it up like you would for mascara.
    In the morning before heading out dip a spoolie in petroleum jelly ( vaseline), then curl ur lashes with an eyelash curler (careful not to rip out lashes). Apply more Vaseline the curl again, and repeat that cycle a few times. Most importantly, DON'T wear mascara, but if you ever do make sure its not waterproof because waterproof mascara is the most damaging and rough to your lashes. No need for expensive lash serums… Just know that to start seeing changes, you should do this routine daily and wait at least 2 months. Don't expect your lashes to grow in one week. Hope this helps you!

  13. In addition to wearing mascara on the after photos, they seem pretty sure from the start that the expensive side would perform better than the less expensive.. so they are already biased of wich product would get the better result.. the bottles should have been covered up.

  14. I just want to give a shout out to these ladies, you are all hilarious and I love your honesty and I really appreciate this video a lot <3

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  19. I'm not the only one that saw mascara on Caitys eye at the 6:59 mark right? It's smeared on her top/bottom lid.

  20. My eyelashes were very short and after using this >> Offer.eyelashenhancer.pro product I started to notice growth within a month. I’ve tried several products and this seems to be the only one that’s worked.

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  22. Honestly rather then spending that much money on something that barely shows results after so long, just use castor oil and coconut oil. The results are much more rewarding, and come in pretty fast

  23. These are paid actors following a script that eventually tells you to buy "the more expensive product". Well, I'm not stupid so I'm going for the cheaper one. On ebay it already has sold 10,000+ and sells for $8.

  24. Hope nobody forgets the buzzfeed is still a corporation that gets paid for vids like these, with everybody wearing mascara in the after photos 🙂

  25. Love all the Rodan and Fields Products. Glad the Doctor I work with introduced me to the Products. Thanks Dr. P♥️⚘

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  28. I got my eyelash serum at TJMAXX yesterday and I am already seeing that my eyelash are thicker and more curly. The serum wasn't $150 or even $30. It was only $3.99. So if you want a good eyelash serum that is very cheap go to TJMAXX. Don't waste your money on a tiny little serum bottle.

  29. Check this Pronexa Hairgenics Lavish Lash – Eyelash Growth Enhancer & Brow Serum with Biotin & Natural Growth Peptides for Long, Thick Lashes and Eyebrows! https://amzn.to/2WA02nr ! 😉

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  33. I had barely any results until about three months and then my eyelashes really took off. Give yourself more time and don't give up.

  34. I bought my wife the Pronexa Hairgenics Lavish Lash and she loves it! There are on sale now on Amazon for 70% off. Here's a link for anyone interested amzn.to/2xDDTqf

  35. But why are the After photos and some of the Before photos, wearing mascara? 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄 Should’ve had the eyelashes 100% bare for every single photo

  36. If you have sensitive eyes then definitely don’t use it it’s going to hurt your eyes. Instead try natural things like coconut oil which really helps with fast hair growth

  37. I've ordered 3 Idol lashes about 2 months ago from india, I didn't receive my order yet. I tried contacting http://lashenergizer.com/ customer care center through multiple ways, but I don't see any response. Somebody please help me in contacting them.

  38. bro just use castor oil, a friend of mine used it for a week and her lashes and brows grew so much! i’ve been doing it for 3 days and i already see as much difference as they had in a month

  39. I had the same problem with the red eyes, I don’t remember the name of the lash serum but it would make my eyes so red and when I went to school everyone asked if I was high😂

  40. The serum I have always uswd is the rapid lash. Rqpid lash has the benifits of the Rx without darkening the lid. If it stings you got ot in your eye. I stair at eyelashes if someone has really nice lashes. I only started wearing it cause my lashes were shedding

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