100 thoughts on “Which Products Cause Skin Purging? 🌋 Tips for All Skin Types

  1. now i know what happened to my right jawline area few days after i experimentally applied adapalene (intentionally for my back acne) onto my facial spots.
    thanks for the vid heheh

  2. I'm using niacinamide and my skin is either purging or breaking out… It's been a month, how long should I keep using it?

  3. Tea tree alway makes me breakout!
    I have sensitive dry/oily combo skin. I recently purchased some recommended Retinol serum but, so far, have been hesitant to use it in case I react really badly.

  4. Fel & Ro, you girls don't look like you both enjoy every time you overly act too excited, i mean it kinda looks unreal. i mean your'e geniuses… and you guys should act just as you want to. anyways i might be wrong, but more power to you <3

  5. I was going through this but dint know what's happening with my skin. I was freaking out!!!! But thanks to you ❤😭 got some positivity after being depressed about my skin for sooo long . ❤❤❤

  6. Do we allowe to extract the purged 'pulse/acne'??? Or just leave it with product like let the exfoliater do its job. Help me cause I got a fungal acne and after I'm using all the active ingredient the white pulse starting to come out and turn into small inflamed acne. I want a healthy and normal skin. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  7. When I started with my prescription cream (topical antibiotic + adapalene), my face got way worse than it was before (I had hormonal acne). But now my whole face is smooth and acne free. Stick to it and the results will show!

  8. Can you guys make a video where you describe what a skin type really needs in its whole skin care routine? I love your channel but with all these product types I feel like I need all of them. What is to much for my skin and what isn’t enough?

  9. It’s as if you lot read my mind, and know exactly what I’m going through each time you produce a video. Thank you! 😂🥰

  10. I’ve tried the madeca derma cream and mask last year because I’ve heard it helps clear the skin of pimples. On the first week, I’ve had pimples and I kept at it because I thought it was just purging. Heck was I wrong! I used up/emptied both cream and mask and the pimples never stopped! 😫 They were the big and red kind that doesn’t have a head so it took a long time for me to heal them.

  11. I usually breakout on my nose and fore head but just this day i look in the mirror and I HAVE AN ACNE
    Beside my lips so thankfully i saw this video so stopped the product

  12. Thanking you guys so much! Your video was a great timing for my problem these past 3 days too. Highly enlightened about purging vs breakout. My questions have been answered now ❤❤ love lots

  13. I have a question, since u mentioned about plant based ingr used in products, I currently switched from eskinol to human nature acne defense facial wash and toner. It was mentioned in the product label that purging may happen. Just wanna know if I should believe that cause Im experiencing breakouts/purging

  14. After this video we will know for sure how to take care of our skin! Thank you for being our Brand Ambassadors! ❤️

  15. I'm freaking out. Was it the cheap concealer? I was fine in the morning, now my blemishes look a lil red. I only exfoliate 2 times a week. That too in the night only. I started chemical exfoliation once a week.
    (I used a glycolic acid (5%) for the first time. I did not feel any tingling or burning sensation or any breakouts. Nothing.

  16. I am using Pixi set, glycolic, and experience this purging for 2 weeks now, if I continue using it will I see good results someday or will it worsen? Is 2 months period good enough to observe the effects?

  17. I really like your channel but I miss your old set. You appear too far away since I am viewing your channel on my phone😕.

  18. Thank you. This explains why I suddenly have this small breakouts in my jaw. I have started The Ordinary Peeling solution, so far so good aside from the small breakouts i get.

  19. Question: I’ve incorporated hyaluronic acid, niacinamide and retinol from the ordinary. I usually use tea tree foam wash and tea tree toner aswell. I’ve noticed it looks like my pores are getting bigger especially around the cheeks and nose :(, also I’m having little bumps on my forehead, I’m not sure if it’s purging or reaction to the products and if I should stop all together?

  20. I added the new Missha Time Revolution the ampoule and cream to my skin care routine, and I was so scared coz after 3 days of using it I have tons of zits and bumps all over my face esp. in my forehead. I continue using it for like a week and thanks goodness those zits and bumps are gone, my skin was just purging.

  21. I dislike long videos but not yours since every second is really important and educational. I really like your videos, really helped a lot.

  22. Thank you so much for explaining all those stuff cause all this time I've always thought of purging as a bad thing and are so scared of it. Now I guess purging is a very good thing ☺☺☺

  23. I really follow your vlog but but most of the products are either extremely expensive or they are not available in every country so we have to pay international shipping charge, that makes it more expensive, can you please suggest some products that are available in almost every country and little bit on the affrordable side, specially any sort of solution for dark spots

  24. Is it okay to use a bha liquid exfoliant every night? I think the Paula’s Choice 2% BHA liquid exfoliant is making my skin purge but at the same time idk because I started using it 5 weeks ago but my skin started to purge just last week.

  25. I started using a new product on my face and it’s been all good for 5 days and than I put aloe Vera and I got pimples where I mostly get them all the time and I’m not sure what’s happening to my skin if it’s a reaction or purging

  26. I'm scared…I'm literally buying a whole new set of skincare except for cleanser😶😶😶😶 * says a hail mary for the protection of my skin *

  27. Can you talk about boils, I get them and it hurts like hell. I mostly get those when i travel to really hot countries. Why does it hurt so much and why does it take 3 weeks to disappear? i got them on face or my shoulders

  28. I just started using the Pixi Glowing Toner and thought damn, all that money gone for nothing 😂 But here we are, learning that it's probably purging that is happening to me, thanks guys 💪 I will keep using it and hope that my skin gets better in a few weeks 😊

  29. Okay, this is going to be super disgusting, but I watched this video because my skin literally broke out all over in this weird red bumps thing (not painful or itchy) in the morning… and I think its stress related because I haven't changed my skincare products but I am super sick right now. Anyone know about breakouts that are stress related like these? I don't think they're hives (hopefully) nor could it be purging because its literally all over my face (even eyelids)… I'm just going to give it a day hopefully it'll disappear once I get better.

  30. Can smb plese tell me which song girls are using in the beginning of their videos 1:41–1:44? like this original musik (not a spanish song using these beats)

  31. I just tried the Paula's choice salicylic toner and my temple purged a little. I love the product but was nervous about that. Thank you so much for clarifying! What would I do without you

  32. I wonder if Rowena experienced a histamine response to the hair removal, rather than purging, especially since she tends to be dry and dehydrated.

  33. My skin just started purging! I switched to the Ordinary brand to save money and I might have completely ruined my poor skin. 😢😭

  34. I purge every time i use a product that contains both AHA & BHA like the Cosrx one and now The Ordinary peeling one. But I dont seem to purge when using my Obagi Benzoyl Perox. :/

  35. Oh my godd, i recently added vitamin c and niacinamide and it becomes like what they're talking about….. all over my face, pimples starts showing up.. what should I do, i am really confused whether im breaking out or just purging..

  36. Yesterday i applied naicinamide by the ordinary at night and woke up with pimples on my cheeks as I usually get breakouts there so i hope thats called purging or I should stop using it ? Can anyone help please

  37. I noticed purging after I used Niacinamide + Zinc formulation from "The Ordinary" and also whenever I have sugar containing foods

  38. Can you guys make a vid on like ur more personal channels on how you learn all this and your other jobs on the side. And idk stuff like that. I’ve been really looking into jobs in the skincare industry and I love what you guys do

  39. Is it possible for my skin to react with a salicylic acid face wash?? It is the first time that i've introduced it into my skincare routine but it hasn't done anything for my breakouts infact i can see more breakouts on my skin now than it was before…..plz reply it would really help

  40. I'm a combination skin type- Oily T-zone but dry flaky on the cheeks (& sometimes between brows). I use a face wash, toner, & SPF (I have a moisturizer on it's way).

    I experienced purging when I introduced Greek Remedy oil (has amazing reviews) to my nighttime routine. It REALLY confused me as it's pure, all-natural oils that are non-clogging. I speculate I was using too much (again, T-zone is already oily). I've yet to use it nightly (to push through a purge), but rather only a thin layer when my face feels extra dry or visibly flaky. It was just whiteheads, no pain, almost over night from using it. XD

    I also added Era-Organics Revive face scrub (walnuts as the exfoliate) and in just 3 days of using it, I could see even texture, old acne spots fading, and redness reduced. It's cruelty free, vegan, no perfume, no dye, sulfate/paraben free, and organic! A little pricey, but all those traits + results, it's worth it to me 🙂

  41. Is it possible that I think I purge with lactic acid the ordinary but not with glicolic acid.? As you said glicolic acid is more intense… or maybe Iam purging because using lactic acid the ordinary at night and alpha arbutin 2%+HA The ordinary at daytime … how can I notice which one it's making me purging? Those are the only two new products in my routine.

  42. I believe I experienced this with using products too much. As you guys had mentioned before your skin might react when you use a new product for the first tome or too much of it I didn’t freak out so much figuring thats what it was. I broke out where I usually do as well and when I stopped using the products for 2-3 the breakouts cleared up. (They weren’t huge.)

  43. Fck. I gave my aha/bha toner to my cousin because I was breaking out after using for many times. Daaaamnn such a waste I should've just waited 😭

  44. I have a hard time trying to read my skin ;_; I also don't want to buy too many products and then have them not work or do horrible things to my skin

  45. Love you Videos 💙 can you please make an Video abiut Hair Care ? (Shampoo, conditioner) what ist good and what iş bad for the hair 😁

  46. I tried introducing innisfree pore synergy serum (tangerine peel) into my routine twice and I brokeout badly both times.. big inflamed pimple types. Now I’m not ready to try again.. have to throw it out 😭 dunno if it’s purging.. what a waste!

  47. I am not for sure but I think I’m going through a skin purge. I’ve had a bunch of small whiteheads come in recently after introducing the Krave mathcah hemp hydrating cleanser. I really hope it’s purging and I’m not breaking out due to the fact that the cleanser doesn’t really have any active acne Ingredients.

  48. I tried a serum then i started to have small bumps like a lot, not pimples i think. And before, i always have few on between eyebrows, nose, doesnt go full grown pimple but then disappears w/o me noticing. Is this purging?

  49. I just started using Retinol 1percent for the first time and broke out so so bad with acne as I’ve never had bad acne or pimples before. I’ve always had very clear skin. I’ve been purging now for 9 weeks with a bad acne face. I am so depressed, can someone help me please. Is it normal to get bad acne while on retinol Evan though I had very clear skin prior to using retinol? And is it normal that 9 weeks on I’m still purging

  50. Currently purging from the ordinary glycolic toner , face is a little itchy like around my jaw and forehead . Don’t really get breakouts or cystic acne , just little red bumps that are raised sometimes white heads . But I’m using BP so it should go away in. Few days . I would say I experience a lot of inflammatory acne I have sensitive skin as well (:

  51. I was so close to crying ang breaking down. I already had my check up on a dermatologist. He gave me a toner, reaclyn cream and benzoyl perocide.. At first its was fine. But then on the 3rd day. I started feeling like some burning, on the next day I had a new 4 pimples, theres pus and all!!! So I thought this might be 'purging' I think.

    And I will still be hopeful. I'd get through thisss! God Bless😇

  52. The Ordinary’s Niacinamide and Zinc made my skin purge. It was worth it though! My big pimples disappeared but I developed a cluster of tiny tiny white heads/bumps on my forehead. I still feel with the purging that at least it is better than before. Also spot treatment cleared it up almost immediately.

  53. I feel it's purging whenever I get threading done. I'm always careful not to use any powder or astringents before or after , but after a day or two, I see little bumps all over my face. I have dry to normal skin. Don't know what to do ☹️

  54. Watching this video after picking multiple pimples that formed from using a BHA wish me luck in getting rid of my bab habit

  55. Just started using bha yesterday and noticed several acne popping up than I would normally have. So I'm definitely going through a purge

  56. I get this skin purging ALL YEAR ROUND. Literally. Although the Niacinamide from the oridinary reduced this a bit but I still haven't completely gotten rid of it.

  57. Every single time I use the pixi toner glycolic acid toner, I breakout with a pimple or two. I’ve also noticed that with the cosrx low ph cleanser. I don’t know if this is a purge or a reaction. I’m tired 😫😫 I’ve only had both for a little over a month so I don’t know

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