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Hey everybody! Welcome back to the channel today. If you’re new, I’m Chris Gibson I’m your skin care expert and it is my goal to help you get your best skin ever on this channel we talk about skin care products we review them we talk about skin care problems we solved them and just methods and skincare routines everything skincare so if that’s your thing be sure and hit the subscription button and the little notification bell so that you get notified when my new videos are up beat week now that you found me don’t lose me okay so there are thousands and thousands of skincare products for acne out on the market today and none of them has reached the level of name recognition that Proactiv has and that’s probably because we’ve been seeing their infomercial since 1995 they are really are a big deal and they’ve been around a really long time you can even find them dispensed in kiosk in malls across America despite the many many and I do mean many highly paid celebrities that have gone on and done ads for them like Katy Perry Adam Levine they still are a very very controversial skincare line for acne and the reviews on the products seem to fall between people who feel like it helped them get clear skin and a lot of people who felt that it didn’t help them where it actually made their skin worse now over the years there have been many many reincarnations of this product in the beginning in 1995 it was a three-step product just called Proactiv then in 2013 they redid it as Proactiv plus it kind of upgraded the ingredient formulation and today we have Proactiv in deep which again is a new version of the product line even though the older versions are still available now it’s really important to know a little bit of the history of proactive in the beginning it was developed by two dermatologists Rodan and fields and they’re still advertised on the product today as the originators of the original formulations what you don’t know where what you need to know is that Proactiv is marketed by a giant marketing firm called Guddi ranker in fact almost every single commercial or infomercial that you have seen regarding a skincare line late at night is a gut ranker product lines such as Cindy Crawford’s meaning beauty crepe erase story principals principal secret and even dr. Perricone all those are gonna bring up product lines that they market out to millions of people on an ongoing basis they spend two hundred million dollars a year in media it’s huge amount of money now one of the key features of these particular product lines is that they ask for you to join a continuity program or an auto-ship program so that you get a better deal and they ship out a lot of product for a person 90 days were so if you get the product and it doesn’t work for you it’s a real hassle to return it so they’ve made that feature optional if you ever are in a situation where you’re buying skincare or anything else and it requires you to do an auto-ship program that’s not an offer it’s required I say walk away so gut rancors proactive indie in this video today I’m gonna answer some key questions in that is there anything really new or special about proactive indie are there other products perhaps less expensive that you can use out there and will it really work for you or is it gonna create more problems and make your acne worse I promise you by the end of this video you’re gonna know the answer to those questions now many of you know my own story and battle with acne it started when I was 11 and it went on until I was 24 years old it took me 13 years to figure out what my problem was and I learned a lot I learned that acne is usually a combination of factors that have to do with diet product user choice and your skincare routine so when I see people who are desperately trying to find something that will help them clear up their skin I get very passionate very animated about any type of product or method or thing that promises to work for everybody and is the answer to acne now as I’ve already said Proactiv has been around for a very very long time and you would think from their commercials that they would have solved world acne by now so is there anything really special or new that makes Proactiv MD a better product choice for acne or not well the new premise with this new formulation is that they have added a de Pauline which is a retinol which is over-the-counter retinol for acne that has been proven to be helpful in reducing acne breakouts now it was a prescription medication that’s now available over-the-counter so they’ve added it to the Proactiv mix to see if they could get a better result for their clients now you all who follow me know it’s all about ingredients and results for me so let’s take a look at the ingredients in these formulations original Proactiv formulations have been about the same and since some of you may be using or wanting to use them I’m going to include those here in this video for you now the basic active ingredients in Proactiv products has been benzoyl peroxide glycolic acid salicylic acid hyaluronic acid and kojic acid and if you’re thinking to yourself oh my god that’s an acid bath you’re not far off as a specialist I can tell you when I look at these ingredients and particularly in this particular mix of ingredients I can see why a lot of people found problems with using these original formulations as they work now I often joke that there’s nothing new in the new skincare lines for acne and unfortunately it’s not funny because it’s true a lot of the products that you are using have been around for a really long time so let’s take a look at these particular products and what they can do for you or not do for you and how long they’ve been around first is benzoyl peroxide it was introduced in the 1930s and I know I use it in my beginning days of fighting acne and it’s been around for a really long time it’s an antibacterial product or ingredient that’s used in a lot of acne formulation it comes in two strengths usually 5 percent and 10 percent most people cannot tolerate 10 percent and most of your over-the-counter products that you buy in the store it’s 5 percent it has a very definite side effect of making the skin irritated and also making it very dry and flaky so it doesn’t work well for everyone in a lot of formulations now mix it with other ingredients to help soften the effect of it but its main job is to reduce the amount of acne bacteria on your skin next up is glycolic acid something you’ve probably heard about or heard of is a har alpha hydroxy acid now there are a bunch of different types of alpha hydroxy acids with glycolic acids which was discovered actually in 1851 have been around for a really long time using a lot of industrial chemical processes but this is a video on skincare so we’re not gonna talk about that we’ll talk about its use in skincare that product or a product ingredient is very super powerful for removing old dead skin cells off the outside of the skin so it works on the surface of the skin to remove that microscopic layer of dead skin cells that’s why it gives people a really nice glow it’s people tolerate it well because it doesn’t sink deeply into the skin and it does a really good job of keeping pores on law so it’s a really great product one of my favorite products actually to use for acne prone skin and not just that but because of its anti-aging properties for sun damage and lines and wrinkles it works on all of those so it’s a really super powerful ingredient that’s really really popular today now next up is an ingredient that I have a lot of personal experience with it’s salicylic acid and it’s made from the bark of willow trees when you get it and it’s not synthetic so in natural skincare you will see it listed as willow tree bark or something along those lines or willow tree bark extract basically it’s a BHA or a beta hydroxy acid which means that it is able to sink further down into the skin or the upper level of the dermis to help remove and treat skin cells that are lower below that superficial layer so it usually is a lot lower percentage than an H a because it can be very irritating and very very dry it’s been around in skincare products for acne for as long as I can remember at least the late 70s and early 1980s the problem with it is again people are very sensitive to it especially in high concentrations so it can lead to a buildup of dead skin cells on the skin which when that happens it can block more pores and create more problems this does not surprise me that pro activists had issues in what we in the industry or the beauty and skincare industry call the honeymoon phase where people buy a product for a specific problem it works pretty well for a week or two and then it either stops working or it creates more problems than it was designed to correct this is what happens with Proactiv when you’ve got benzoyl peroxide salicylic acid together it’s a very powerful mixture and it can really be harsh and over drying too a lot of people especially if you have sensitive skin like me it’s not going to work very well for you so those two anchor are not the greatest ingredients all the time for everyone next up on our hot seat is hyaluronic acid now hyaluronic acid is in just about every skincare moisturizer that’s worth its salt it is a great great ingredient it was actually discovered in the 1930s by Carl Meyer but boy did we have a lot to thank him for this particular sugar molecule which is what it is it’s all natural right sugar molecule helps to bind moisture or water to collagen in the skin so it actually plumps up skin it holds moisture in place all day making it a super super skin care ingredient so it’s recommended in a lot of things to a lot of people especially for people with a dry or sensitive dry skin it’s very very helpful for that issue a lot of water-based products coming out on the market now that have a high dose of hyaluronic acid almost everyone can tolerate it there are a few people who can’t but it really is a great ingredient in anything and that includes Proactiv next is a skin lightening agent called kojic essence it’s the last of the acids in this particular ingredient mix for Proactiv it’s used primarily to lighten and brighten skin it was discovered in 1955 has been marketed ever since however a lot of skincare companies are starting to pull that ingredient out of the list because there’s been a lot of studies especially in Japan linking it to liver cancer doesn’t mean you’re gonna get liver cancer if you use kojic acid it just means that some of the products that that ingredient was in did show up in those studies so a lot of skincare companies are kind of saying well I’m gonna be safe than sorry and we’ll take that out so as you can see Proactiv has been around a really long time and market itself as a revolutionary anti acne product when really there’s nothing really new in the ingredients at all okay so what about Proactiv MD is it really something new something better well it has a three-step program again this is typical of the Proactiv line it’s a face wash wash to riser and the add a plain 1% cream treatment so Adam Lane is new the face wash and its ingredients seem to be okay its glycerin base but it does have two different types of alcohol in it it has fragrance synthetic wax and sulfites in it so it can be really harsh and I do not like any skincare products that have synthetic wax in them because it can sit on the skin and block pores so it’s really surprising that that particular product has that in it next up is the moisturizer which is pretty tame there’s no hyaluronic acid in it there’s no real moisturizing ingredients in it what it does have and offer is sun protection of 30 SPF so that said it’s not really I don’t think to really just moisturize it’s more so to protect your skin from the Sun because you’re using new at applying which is a retinol and you’re supposed to use a really solid sunscreen when you use retinols now here’s the problem I have with the sunscreen it has a verb in zone Octus allayed and the oxy Kylene in it which are three of those ingredients that just came out in the news that get into people’s blood and they are not good for our coral reefs so I really hope that Guzzi rancor and Proactiv are going to look at that particular piece of that product line and change out those ingredients to a more naturally based zinc product that won’t hurt you or the environment and of course they added 1% Adaline cream to help reduce acne breakouts now the problem with retinol is that you have to kind of acclimate to them so they can cause itchiness patchy dry skin flaky skin redness all those things and they call that retinas ation and they have a whole thing on their website about putting up with that process till you get used to it so yes overall this is a very different approach for Proactiv again the reviews seem to be the same as before some people get some relief some don’t and a lot of people get worse acne so I have a hard time believing that Rodan and fields had much to do with this particular new formulation but there it is now of course you can get this product in the auto-ship program from 1995 or you can spend about 70 dollars and get it as a one-time kit so is there any reason that you really need to run out and spend all that money on Proactiv Indy well no of course not you can get really great sorbitol glycerin base face washes that will do a great job cleansing your skin without over-drying and certainly not leaving racks are using fragrance or sulfites especially if you have irritated skin you can also find moisturizers that are based in water and are full of great botanical ingredients to soothe and heal skin including hyaluronic acid which again I highly recommend and add a plain is really easy to find over-the-counter it’s everywhere it’s in Walmart it’s in drugstores it’s just it’s ever it’s very easy to get so you don’t have to have that kit you can put it together yourself very very easily and I will put in the video description box links to my recommended alternatives to each of those things so you can go and check them out on your own now I hope that you found this video informative and helpful and it helps you make a decision like it did for me and whether you need to use a product like Proactiv Indy not bashing the company it just is what it is you don’t have to do it that way now I also have videos on face wash moisturizer even out-of-plane so that you can learn how to build your perfect skincare routine so you banish acne from your life for good because I know that’s what it’s really all about you know put those videos over here so I highly recommend that you check them out please let me know in the comments below what skincare products are working for you or what isn’t working for you I will read them I love to read all my comments and it helps me figure out what kind of videos to do for you guys that said that’s it for me today guys much love stay beautiful and I will see you guys over on the next one

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