Weekend Skincare Routine #2 | THE ORDINARY SKINCARE | Chemical Peel

Good morning guys. Today we are going to be experimenting with The Ordinary line of products. We are going to start with
the chemical peel – another chemical peel and I don’t know…we’ll see what else we
come up with as we go. So to get started I’m going to wash my face using of
course, the Kojie San soap. I’m going to allow it to air dry and then I’m going
to come back so we could do the chemical peel. In order to… in order
to do the chemical peel remember that your skin must be completely dry. So I’m going
to do that I will be back to show you the process There is a bit of noise in the
background please excuse me for that. Okay so we’re going to use this acid it
is The Ordinary BHA 30% plus BHA 2% peeling solution. It is a 10-minute
exfoliant. It looks really scary, let me show you. This is what it looks like
outside of the box. It is a deep bloody red color and it does sting a little.
You’re advised not to use this if you have extremely sensitive skin because it does
sting and the acid concentration in this is strong. Okay now what this does
is it gently exfoliates the top layer of the skin cleaning out your pores and
causing your skin to look radiant. Here let’s go ahead. Remember your skin must
be completely dry. It has a dropper applicator you see
Okay so I’m going to fill it up. Hopefully this is enough. You’re supposed
to avoid your eye area. Well usually when you’re applying
anything to your face, you want to go in an upward motion Now this can be applied to the neck area
but I wouldn’t be doing that. I’m going to go in with a little more. It’s already
stinging by the way Do I look like a Red Lobster?? Okay so I’m going to leave this on for
ten minutes, rinse off with cool water not warm water – you don’t want to open up
your pores any more because this is just it’s not going to work! Unless you’re
addicted to pain or something; then by all means! But you are advised to wash it
off with cool water or cold water to help your pores
close, close up. So I’m going to set that timer and I’ll be back after I rinse it
off. you I change locations for a minute. Just
wanted to remind you that when you’re rinsing off the peel – a chemical peel, you
want to always use cold water or cool water. You do not want to use warm water
as this would further open up your pores causing the acid to seep even deeper into
your skin. You don’t want that! You want to use cold water or cool water to close
your pores. Please pardon the noise. I am about to use
this hyaluronic acid to restore the moisture to my face.
It is hyaluronic acid 2% + B5. It is a hydration support formula. This is what
it looks like. It is transparent. I have used it before so I know that
it’s gentle on my skin and it works for me. Now after using a chemical peel the
only two products that you’re advised to use on your skin directly afterward are
moisturizer or sunscreen or if you can get both then great! So I am going to use
this hyaluronic acid and after it completely dries I am going to
follow it up with the moisturizing factors if it is needed, depending on how
my skin behaves and that is all I’m going to use for the rest of the evening
and for the next 24 hours. Then I am going to revert to my regular skin
skin care routine. So for today and the next 24 hours, I am only using this
hyaluronic acid, then moisturizing factors. In fact, let me show you what it looks like. Hold on! This is their moisturizing factors plus HA. It is a surface
hydration formula and this is the tube out of the box. It is a white (I don’t know if
you can see this). It is a white creamy consistency, creamy consistency. Okay so
like I said I’m only going to use this if it becomes necessary to do so, if my
skin gets dry; because I am not sure -I am an oil pot, but we’ll see. So let’s go ahead
and use our hyaluronic acid. Again I’m going to fill the dropper. This time I’m
only going to use one pump because it does the job. It is somewhere between an oil and a
water based formula. Like it is not completely oily nor is it completely
watery. It is somewhere in the middle. Remember you want to apply it in an
upward motion as much as possible. Yeah so that’s it! I’m going to allow it
to dry up on its own and that’s all I’m going to do today. What about you? Have you ever used a chemical peel? How was that experience for you? What was it like?
What did you use afterward? How did your skin feel? Please LIKE, COMMENT, SUBSCRIBE AND SHARE. I would love to hear what you have to say. See you in the next one…

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