100 thoughts on “We made a SOUR Giant Gummy Worm!

  1. Can you make a giant chocolate gummy bear or worm but instead of gummy itโ€™s chocolate!!! Please someone do that!!!

  2. What about a giant gummy spider that would be perfect for pranks, Halloween and so much more it like it you Agree

  3. Looking at Jamie and Eric eating the gummy worm, it looks gross just by the sound

  4. Just a heads up to everyone that wants to buys this thing is that it may arrive cut into 2-3 parts. But is still delicious! THANKS VAT19 ๐Ÿคค

  5. My ideas: sour giant gummy bear, spicy gummy bear, giant sour patch kid, giant sour patch watermelon and sour patch cherry. Like if kinda agree

  6. im impressed its 2019 almost 2020 about 3 or 4 months to go any 913 dislikes im very VERY impressed also 31k if anybody was wondering the uh likes

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