Ways To Look Younger Naturally Without Makeup – Best Anti Aging Foods – Tamil Beauty Tips

Foods that can make you look YOUNGER
Tamil Health Tips All of us wish that our look should be young always. But what to do, our face shows the ageing as we grow older If we wish to be ever youth, then we should prevent cell damage We have to some healthy foods to prevent cell damage. We are going to see what are those foods We should eat yellow and Orange colour fruits and vegetables For example Pumpkin, Mangoes, Sweet potato are rich in beta carotene. By eating these types of food you can stay young We have to take more soya food in our diet. For example Soya beans, soya flour, soya milk are low in fat as well as rich in calcium It helps to fight cancer. But it is best to have non transgenic soya food Tomato is a vegetable we normally add to our food Tomato is rich in lycopene and carotenoids. So when we add this to our food it helps us to be young In spinach varieties Palak, Fenugreek leaves, Celery etc. Contains more beta carotene. So it is good for our health. It contains Calcium, Iron, Folic acid, Vitamin C in it. We should often add Cabbage to our diet. Not only Cabbage, we cana also add Cauliflower, Broccoli as it improves our immunity power These vegetables are rich in beta carotene and so we should add them to our food. Green tea is the best food as it contains more anti oxidants It is good for our heat and Liver and Help us to be young

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  1. one week diet plan ondu sollunga work out aakura maari please. you tube la paathu one week diet plan panan. but no use please nalatha ondu sola mudijuma

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