Watch Our Dads Attempt To Style Our Hair ๐Ÿ˜…

Hey, I’m Devri I’m Virgina! And I’m Cristina, and today we are bringing
our dads into the NaturallyCurly office to do our hair. Yikes. [laughs] Well, when I was asked if I wanted to participate
in this video, I was a little hesitant, but I asked my dad and he seemed to be totally
game which is very much representative of who my dad is. Oh, I didn’t know I was supposed to do anything
to her hair. I thought it looked good the way it— no. Um, so I’m gonna do some twists for her hair. I’ve chosen a really kind of complicated Pinterest
hairstyle. The blondes with the impossible [chuckles]
like, interwoven braids. As fas as fixing it, arranging it, styling
it, I’m not your guy. Um, that’s because I have no sense of style. My dad’s really chill. Pretty much me without lipstick. So, yeah! I’m here today to spend some time with my
daughter, uh, doing her hair. Something I haven’t done since she was a young
girl. He asked if he was– if this video was gonna
make his hair curly and if he needed hair to be in the video. Cristina’s hair is great. I wish I had hair like that. I wish I had hair! It’s nice and curly. I like the fact that it’s natural. I like the fact that it doesn’t have a lot
of chemicals on it. She looks cool with it. I do have some thoughts in mind that I’d like
to try. They’ll be simple. My dad would do this really weird thing where
he felt like the best angle to do my hair was if I was lying flat? So he would like lay me on the bed and then
like start doing a twist on one side, and another side, and then this weird one in the
back. It’s been a few years since I last did her
hair. Generally three braids and barrettes. When my dad would dry my hair, he would do
that thing with the towel that was like this, like a dog. It’ll be a shame what it looks like after
I’m done with it today. We might be just two deer in a headlight. Look, as long as we just work together, then
it shouldn’t be too bad. We’ll see. – Are you ready for this?
– [sighs] As ready as I’ll ever be. – It’s been quite a while… – This is so awkward! [laughs] – Oh no!! Okay…
[both laugh] – So my dad and I are gonna do a ninja bun
today. – Remember how you used to do the twists? – Yeah. – You did three. Now, you’re gonna multiply that by like ten. – Right.
– Okay. – Now, take a little, smaller section from— – There’s none left.
– Okay— [laughs] – Wow. Alright, I don’t think I started out well,
[Cristina laughs] – So let me try to weave through some of this… – If you need to use water to kinda–
– Some Curl Keeper H20. Awesome. – [Devri laughs]
– This is exactly what I need right now. – That’s avocado oil. – She likes avocado oil.
– Okay, okay, that’s enough. – She pushes that.
– That’s enough oil. That’s a lot. – Ready? – Then at the end, she just goes “twist, twist,
twist”, and you gotta hold on to it with something. – Yeah, we’ve got some stuff here. – Staples. [laughs]
– Did I get your hair? – Yeah, that was my face. – I’m gonna grab one of these brushes here. – [Devri chuckles]
– I don’t know if that was the right idea. – It’s okay. – Oh, you know what? – That’s three strands. – I’m braiding it. I didn’t wanna do that. – Can you count? Did they teach you that in law school? – [Dad chuckles] I just reverted back! – Pull it over… – No, no, no — under. Under.
– Under? – You’re always going to twist like this. – Say that again now? – So what I’m doing, I’m grabbing a… I started to say clump of hair, but she wouldn’t
like me to say that, um.. I begin twisting. Just one over the other. – Over…then some from here. Under… – See, it’s easy! – Yeah, but you don’t know what it looks like! – [Cristina laughs] – This would be good for like, my baby hairs. In the front. You know what baby hairs are, right? – Mmhm?
– Okay. – When you were a baby? [chuckles]
– Well I mean, I’m not a baby and that’s the end. I’m talking about right here. – Well, you’re doing a good job. Minus the, um– I’d like to see better execution. I’m not gonna lie. – Okay. – It seems like… – At the ends?
-…once you get to the ends, you just either like, lose focus? – Or…
– [Dad chuckles] – Tell me if this hurts. – It doesn’t hurt. [both laugh]
– It’s kind of painful for me. [Cristina laughs] – What if we can’t get the rubber band off
at the end? – Ow! [laughs]
– There. Sorry about that. – Was it difficult for you? You did mine and DD’s hair. – We might need help with this. Uh, yes, actually I did. I have two daughters. – This might be the best twist yet. – Oooh, you got a good one back there? – Oh yeah. – That’s a good looking twist! – Let’s just take a second to honor this!
– Look at that, told you! – Hmm. I can’t get it out. – I think I have to start over.
– No!! Don’t start over!
[both laugh] – Pity the poor other dads that are doing
this today. – Well, the other dads I don’t think are doing
as um, complicated of hairstyles. – Oh!! So you gave me the most complicated one? – Yeah. – Do it tight. [laughs] And, uh, yes give me a facelift. – I did notice that the clumps of hair, as
you so eloquently put it last time, have gotten larger? – Hmm, I don’t know why that is! – Is it because you are getting tired, you
just don’t want to admit it, so you thought that you could just…
– [laughs] Feel like there’s so much more there is to do here…
– Exactly. – So if it was a more complicated braid like
a fishtail that takes more than just two hands, my mom would call in my dad to help. – Yeah!! – But he would just like, hold a section. Do you remember that? – I’m better at just holding. Yeah, – So we got your bun set up here. – Thank you. – And we’re gonna work on the back and fluff
it up and get it a little moisturized. – Alright [laughs]. – Tilt your head a little bit and show ’em
my handiwork here. [Devri laughs] – But basically, now that we’re done with
this, we would just take it all out. So we’ll just take the end and we’ll just
start to unravel. – …Nail it in place. – [Cristina laughs]
– Is that it? – Those are bobby pins! – There, there! – You did that faster than she did it! – Oh yeah, I’m better than she is. – Do you want a straight part, or…?
– I mean, preferably. – Okay. There you go. And then I’m gonna hand you a bobby pin, and
that’s how we’re gonna secure it. – I don’t work with bobby pins. – Now just hold it in one place. – There we go. – There we go, thank you. – And I will twist it like this. – It’s a little off center, but whatever it’s
all good. – Well, I did accomplish one thing and I got
her line straight, and that’s a big plus for me. – Yeah, thank you for that! That means a lot to me to have– ’cause when
I’m doing my own hair I can’t see if it’s a straight line, so that’s more than what
I could do. – I would recommend everybody have boys. – [laughs] No, you can’t say that!!! – Oh! But girls are nice too. – It’s sort of all curly that it’s kind of
naturally all twisted together. – That’s not bad! Okay, so then we’re gonna pull it over. – There’s a few strands that, you know, I
guess that aren’t as curly as we might have liked, but we’re just gonna tuck those. – But that’s in part because we… – About time. Yeah, I don’t think that was– it wasn’t technique. Your technique was close to being flawless. – It feels good. How does it look? Be honest. – Looks good to me. – It looks good? – It does. It looks actually really good. – I like that.
– Thank you.
– Ninja bun! – Is it finished? – Um…yeah it looks great!
[both laugh] – It might kind of look like I didn’t do anything,
but um– – You did a great job! – Thanks! – Proud of you.
– I had a great coach. – Fist pound. Whew! That took a little bit out of me. It was fun! Despite what you may have seen on film, that
was pretty difficult for me. I came in here with low expectations and exceeded
those. Thank God I’m not tenderheaded because that
would have hurt. So this is my finished look. I’m actually really happy with it. Dad really helped me like, get some length
going. You know, I feel like it was really stretched. He gave me these two slightly lopsided
[Dad laughs off camera]
but otherwise really cool twist-arounds. Yeah, the style. That is uh, what I would call a double crossover
fishtail. Because it looks like two tails of fish, one
poked through the other, and then the whole thing kind of gets shredded at the bottom
when you’re all done. And I think it looks relatively nice! Not as nice I’m sure as if she had done it
by herself, but… not bad for the B-team. Overall I mean, Dad’s hired! I think he did alright given the fact that
it was, I don’t know, like over twenty years since he’s done my hair. I wouldn’t wanna do it again unless absolutely
necessary. Uh, but I did prove to myself that it’s still
possible to do that. I probably won’t be doing this full time. I think I’ll just keep the job that I have. Except for a small bump over here, I would
wear this out. Would I ask him to do it again, no. But you know, it was a good experience! My advice is appreciate your fathers, young
ladies. And Dads – great job. – Well guys, that was quite the adventure. – Thank you to our dads for being such great sports. – And comment below. Tell us — did your dad do your hair when you were growing up? – Like this video if you liked it, and share it and subscribe to us, – And we post every Friday, so we’ll see you next week. – [All] Bye!

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  1. Happy Father's Day weekend!! This was so much fun to film <3 <3 <3

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  2. there is one distinct time that I remember my dad doing my hair. I was in fifth grade and my teacher felt so bad that she redid the high pony for me.

  3. My dad once did my hair before school and he put so much gel on my hair. He slicked it back and attempted a 2 ponytails that one soooooooo high in the air ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ™ƒ. And the other was low.

  4. Daughter: You can use this on my baby hairs, you know what baby hairs are right?

    Dad: Mmhm…. smiles and proceeds to brush ends


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    Devriโ€™s Dad- exactly Devri but with short hair and without lipstick.

    Gotta day, sheโ€™s bang on the money there! She looks so much like her dad!

  8. Since my dad was a single dad when I was growing up, he was the only one doing my hair! I remember feeling so proud of my hair once when I was like 5, because dad had manage to do some real golden locks curls in my hair. ๐Ÿ˜Š It would be fun to ask my dad to do my hair now though. ๐Ÿ˜…

  9. I was born with a full head of hair so by the time I was about one it was all the way down to my butt. One day I had a really high fever and my dad decided to cut all my hair off before my mom got home from work. He never had any control over my hair again.

  10. My parents were separated since I was two, so I always was with my dad on da weekends and moms on the week days or vice versa. The times that I was with my dad and my mom had not did my hair before going over his house heโ€™d always do a ponytail and put hair decorations and stuff in my hair before going out with my friends. He recently showed me picture of his creations and I noticed that Iโ€™ll never let my dad do my hair every again ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜ฌ!

  11. Enjoy watching this video it was really cute and the love between father and daughter was touching reminds me off my granddaughters with their dad

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  13. My dad did my hair once as a little girl, it was horrible he thought it was the best hairstyle I ever wore. That was over 20 yrs ago, he still talks about….lol

  14. My sweet father attempted to do my hair for third grade picture day. I asked him to curl it, it hadn't gotten curly yet, and bless his heart he treated me like a princess and didn't come close to burning me at all! I knew some curls were a bit, spazzy but I walked into class with him behind me feeling like a million bucks! My poor father, lol, when my teacher saw me she said "Oh Honey!". LOL! Thankfully she had a brush and hair ties.

  15. The ninja bun was legit. I might have to give that a shot. But honestly I hope when my girls are that age Ill at least be able to do a solid part

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