25 thoughts on “Vruk Drum Pedal With Pearl Eliminator – Introduction

  1. young drummer will think:" I will buy it, because, I can not play fast" ..but I will not buy it,real drummer plays real pedals..and like real boobs

  2. uno spassionato consiglio, indossa delle calzature, poiché i micro traumi che ti stai provocando ai talloni, seppur mentre suoni non avverti fastidi o dolori, ci sono e si presenteranno negli anni.

  3. Yes! I saw him grinding live with Hour Of Penance some years ago. I was in the first line and I saw mics, not trigs. The kick drum was loud as hell, even without trigger, he hit the bass drums very hard.

  4. hello friend, incredible play. I have a question, I use the pearl eliminators to get a higher speed should put heavier springs? greetings from Argentina

  5. your are so good it make me sick  heel toe i just cant make it work  only one side at a time when i try to use 2 pedals it just dont work  i need more pract. you are a GREAT GREAT DRUMMER HAIL TO YA

  6. As said by Jojo Mayer: "I think the heel-toe technique should actually be called the leg-ankle technique, because these are the two body parts you use when performing it."

  7. Not a fan of the kind of music this was originally designed for, but like any tool, I can see drummers finding cool ways to use this in all kinds of music.

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