Vaadi undereyecream review |under eye cream to remove dark circles and puffiness|काले घेरे दुर करें।

hello angels welcome back to my channel beautiful within and today on my
channel I’m going to talk about the under-eye treatment and as you have seen
the pics I’m going to talk about vaadi under-eye cream which comes in the
container like this that I have done a DIY of under-eye treatment and I have
used natural ingredients whatever is present in this cream exactly the same
ingredients I have used and I have prepared my own DIY and which you can
store it in refrigerator you can check the link in the description bar below
I’ve already done the DIY but yet I had to purchase this now the reason behind
buying these creams were like my mom and my friend says that it’s very tedious to
you know go into the kitchen grate the cucumber and making your own DIY
serum or cream and the thing was it has to be applied on the cotton and you
have to place the cotton near your eye it takes a lot of time 15-20 minutes to
rest back and you know time is like the most costly thing ever so that’s why I
opted for this cream now this under-eye cream from vaadi is very very famous and
very very popular and it is the most affordable eye cream under eye cream and
many people don’t know about it so that’s why I am doing this video on this
specially Vaadi under eye cream so that people come to know the most affordable
eye under eye treatment and this works like miracle is amazing so let’s get
started with this product basically this product is sold on online sites on
nykaa you can see it on even you can go to their own site and
purchase these creams and amazon has offer specially you have to buy three
only then only you get one cream is not available like vaadi I don’t know why
this thing happens why can’t we just purchase one cream you have to take the
combo of three creams like this and the MRP of all these three combined
combination is combo is of 160 rupees MRP and particularly one individual box
is of rupees 58 that is approximately like 60 rupees and the ml
which you get is 30 grams of product which you get it in this boxes and pack
these creams so now these comes in this kind of a cute purple container and if
the cream looks like this or the container looks like this it’s written vaadi over here and when you open the lid there is no another cover or a lid to
protect the cream the cream just bounces out like this so for 50-60 rupees
30 grams is like just very affordable the one cream this container
will go up to like three months definitely and what you to do you just
have to take a pea size amount and apply near your eye under-eye area .
all the ingredients of this cream are purely natural, vaadi herbals are also
natural company which is quite affordable
the only drawback about this company I would say is that it is not easily
available on the general stores or medical stores because it is an
upcoming brand. how they have nice deep packed they have
just like you know a layer over your and this is how the cream is placed on
the top layer of that so you know it’s like somehow I find it very cute but yet
it is like a packaging strategy I would say that you know packet looks like from
the photo and everything you feel that the container would be big but when you
see the actual containers are like this and the fairness cream and even
though anti-aging cream of vaadi comes into this kind of packaging so they have
the standard packaging and on the cream its written that it lightens dark skin under
the eyes, prevents and fades fine lines and wrinkles reduces the puffiness
and nourishes and smooths delicate skin as I have told you for this product oh yeah I will just tell you it’s an age-old goodness of cumber elements
and pink rose as you know almond oil, cucumber is really really great for your
under-eye your area and even vitamin E and it works from within to lighten
the dark skin and the circles under the eyes and to reduce the puffiness the
antioxidant content smooths wrinkles around your eyes and the regular usage
of this super rich formula keeps your eyes and its surrounding skin looking
fresh and young now what are the ingredients ingredients
cucumber first of all cucumber is great for your eye area if your eye area
so it reduces up and lightens and refreshes under eye
area skin and almond oil lightens the skin and reduces the wrinking around
your eyes Almond and pink rose it regenerates and moisturizes skin around
the eyes so I’ve seen that the ingredient vitamin E is missing into it
so if you have capsules of vitamin E you just have to pour that into this
container and then it will be like magical and the direction of use they’ve
said to apply it in morning and before going to bed so key ingredients are
steam distilled almond oil there is coconut oil into it there is a pure
extract of cucumber, shea butter rose water,vitamin D and aqua only Vitamin
E is missing in this product so that is also I think you have to add vitamin E
into this and it will be fine so let us see how is the texture of
this and I just show you just have to take like this and the cream’s fragrance
is very light powdery fragrance of shea butter shea butter comes little
pink rose rose fragrance you have to take this much amount and just
massage near your eye area like this this around your eyes like this and it’s
very absorbing it directly absorbs into your skin and it’s not not at all greasy
it has shea butter but it is not greasy at all and it really really helps just
massage it for 5-10 minutes and that’s it okay so coming back to the container
so this is how I massage the cream near my eye area just wanted to show you guys that this
is how nicely it absorbs into your skin and I wanted to tell you that the
biggest con is that you don’t get vaadi products easily in the market first of
all you have to order it online but yet again when you order it online you don’t
get one packet they give you a combo of three so you have to like you
know and I wanted to tell you that you can order three there is no
problem because of a expiry date of this product is three years from
manufacturing date so that is ample of time we can use this cream and I don’t think
so it will harm your skin at all because it is made up of completely
hundred-percent pure extract there is no parabens into it and there is no
harmful chemicals in it because it’s completely natural vaadi herbals completely natural
and this is an upcoming brand so I hope they are promoting it like giving in like
combo offer but that’s only con I feel about vaadi product so guys this was my
mini review about vaadi I hope you have liked it and if you have liked it
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off bye bye

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  2. thank you 💝 for uploading this video. as m fair skin but I have bad dark circles ND till now I m unable to get rid of it. as you saying u have used it I would surely like to try this for positive results. 💜 I did participated in your giveaway ND there u have included this but still I mentioned on Sat video dat I would love to win those lippies. u even told all the description on the box 🤗 I would surely try it. thank you ND Gus luck to you. hope u reach milestones of 1000 subscriber soon.

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    this video is really useful..i was searching for a good undereye i will definetely give it a try..☺

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  5. and what i liked more about this product is that it is very affordable for us students. Thank you for enlightening us about this wonder cream. Definitely my next buy.

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