Under Eye Fillers Gone Wrong — and How to Fix | Dr. Adam Scheiner

Well hello there. So we have a great patient here. Mr. Bettina came to see us. Yes. Good to see you here today. Yes. Where are you coming from? Sebastian, Florida. How far is? That’s a little far. About 3, 3.5 hours. And what brought you here actually? Um, I got under eye filler underneath my eyes a month ago. Okay. And I was very suspicious just because the results were not coming out the way I had anticipated. I’ve struggled with creepiness under the eyes. I’ve struggled with um Bags under the eyes for quite some time. And thought that that would resolve the issue and fill in the area. Make that nice smooth youthful look that we all are looking for. Right. And then as the filler started to heal, it created these really deep long, I call them Uncle Fester bags, under my eyes that I never had before. Right. Right and I was saying they were definitely trying to help you obviously. Right. And unfortunately, a lot of times as fillers as I was saying they work best in people who have true hollowing. Usually it’s younger people. But when people are trying to camouflage bags. A lot of times, it doesn’t work out as well. Right! And how did you actually find us? Did you know about us? That we spoke about this a lot or how did you find? I did not. I was really really upset and frustrated and I didn’t know where to turn and so I started looking online for doctors or could under eye fillers actually cause bags and circles under your eyes. And then Something that you had spoken about online had come up. And you’re the only doctor I could find that would actually be honest about it. And pointed out and say yes if this is not applied properly, then it will cause you to look worse than you did before and that’s exactly what happened here. So then I started researching more about you and I found the Facebook page and I believe I messaged Someone. I actually sent you guys my photos.Yeah. I have been photographing myself of you know, my wonderful experience and said, can you please help me? So someone responded and said, Yes! You know we can and this type of thing. And it kind of went from there. Thank G-D you were in Tampa and not you know in another state. Right. People have flown in for this too actually. Yeah, I would too. So Thankfully the thing that you got put in. So we were talking about the different types of fillers out there. There are hyaluronic acids. Belotero is one. Juvederm, Restylane Vobella, Vollure. Those are ones that we can put an enzyme called hyaluronidase that actually can dissolve this. There are people that have unfortunately unbeknownst to them have had things are a little more permanent like Radiesse. Silicone. Fat. and something called Artefill or now called Bellafill. And unfortunately those, we don’t really have a lot of options to deal with. So thankfully, yours is one that we can treat. Yes, I’m glad that I’m here. I’m glad you guys can’t help me. I’m looking forward to the amazing results. That’s excellent. So relax your face here just for a moment. We just let the 20 minutes go by and we’re going to take off the compression dressing. We’ll see what we see here. Oh My gosh! Is my neck lifted? So much better. Is that cool? Oh my goodness. Really? Yeah. Wow! Sorry for this pulling A little microdermabrasion here. Huh? Open your eyes. The best you can. Really? You ready. I think so. Quite a difference from like. Yeah. Wow! Yeah, these shrunk. Exactly. These Bubbles shrunk. Thank Goodness. It’s actually going to continue to work for about the next five or six days so. Right. it will dissolve more over this time period. Wow! You

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