Twilight Tries to Steal Queen Novo’s Pearl – My Little Pony: The Movie [HD]

“Yeah! Whoo! Ahaha!” “Ooh! Ahaha! Tehehe! Hahaha! Yeah! “Well, I guess there is one small thing we can do.” “A-ah!” “Ough-!” “The pearl alarm!” “Oh no! The pearl alarm! “Mmh.” “Argh-! Eeh-! Ow-! Teh-! Eeyah-! Ow-! Ugh-! Mmh-!” “Grrr…” “No! Please!” “All of this so you could sneak in, and take the pearl?” “Ungh-! Aah-!” “This is why we don’t bring strangers into our home!” “You don’t deserve to be one of us…”

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