Treating PORES! How to Clear blackheads and make pores appear smaller!

Hi guys, welcome back to my channel if you’re new here, my name is penny I am a certified advanced esthetician in Portland, Oregon And today we are gonna talk about pores and what we can do to make them look smaller how we can really address kind of large pores Now there’s two things that cause primarily large pores one is age and the other is overproduction of oil Now these take two different kind of protocols to address. So I want to start with oil first of all a pore is simply put the opening of skin where your hair follicle where your hair comes out we have about 5 million of them on our entire body and Attached to that is something called a sebaceous gland the sebaceous gland is responsible for producing something called sebum Sebum is an oily substance that you know, it conditions that hair follicle It conditions our skin are important in our you know general skin survival now Sometimes some of us have overactive sebaceous glands. They produce too much oil some of that oil gets clogged up inside the pore along with that hair and Can harden up and when it’s exposed to air in the environment it can turn dark That’s when you see blackheads now How do you treat that over time as as that stuff builds up in your pore? It can just and it can stretch the pore So it’s important that we keep those pores clean clean pores are able to look smaller so there’s one ingredient you guys that is so so important that you use if you Suffer from large pores due to oily skin and that is salicylic acid It is a beta hydroxy acid And the reason why this one is real orden is that it is oil loving salicylic acid is able to dip down into that pore and dislodge the debris from the kind of lining of the pore it Likes that oil So it’s able to get in there loosen up debris in your pores so that it can be then removed really want to look for washes that contain 2% salicylic acid or salicylic acid lipo hydroxy acid one of those things Super-important now I have talked about this one before this pigment Claire from LA roche-posay This one is excellent for congestion for oil This one does not dry out your skin attend either So it’s excellent if you have blackheads, but you don’t have oil another one. That is really really good You guys is by Neutrogena 2% salicylic acid wash you can get it at the drugstore and it’s stellar product for under ten bucks now the next thing that you’re gonna want to do step two is you’re going to want to exfoliate and It’s super important that you don’t over exfoliate your skin with harsh scrubs So what you want to do is you want to look for a scrub that has really fine grit and hopefully also combines a cocktail of acids as well one that I really love you guys is by Dermalogica and this is the thermo foliat now. This one has lactic acid It has salicylic acid and it has retinol in it along with super fine Grains that really gently exfoliate your skin and I love that It combines the chemical with the manual so it’s probably like a top-three Exfoliator of mine now another one that I love very much is the Clarisse de this is an excellent retexturizing scrub This is not an acid but because it’s a keratin soluble laser It’s able to kind of get rid of that excess debris on the surface Which kind of just keeps it clear from getting clogged into your pores. This one is excellent as well now one that I wanted to mention that it is a really good price point and it’s just an excellent scrub is By my shell now. This one is a fruit enzyme scrub now this has jojoba beads in it and bamboo and it is excellent because it also uses Enzymes and it’s gentle this is an excellent post wash with salicylic acid Exfoliator love this one very much and it’s somewhere around 10 bucks. Just a really good exfoliator at a great price point Now what you want to do with treatment is you want to look for niacinamide? now niacinamide and salicylic acid are your partners in crime when it comes to treating overproduction of oil and large pores Niacinamide is so great for helping with your barrier function Regulating oil production and with collagen stimulation. It is an excellent vitamin it’s a vitamin b3 and I cannot emphasize enough how much it can help you with your large pores and With your oil it’s just excellent. Now, there’s a couple of products that I really like that contain. Nice in mind One of them is the elta MD UV clear. This one’s excellent because it also protects your skin, which is important It’s an SPF 46, but it contains high purity niacinamide This is great. If you have rosacea, if you have oil product issues, it’s great for acne it sits Well under makeup, it does not feel heavy. It’s an excellent sunscreen, but that high purity niacinamide is what is in here? That is super important If you have oil problems, or you have large pores now The other thing that is excellent is by Misha now This is called time revolution the first treatment essence intense. This one is a lot like the SK 2 Treatment essence only this one is a fraction of the price it contains those fermented properties That is so well loved and so great for your skin. But this one has nice in amide in it and it just excellent you guys I think that this is just a power couple when it comes to combating oil and when it comes to combating large pores Really really great couple now. Also Paula’s Choice does make a Ten-percent niacinamide booster that one looks amazing as well. You just want to remember that 10% or higher Niacinamide is something that’s a booster Typically, you would add that to some other product 5% nice and Mike can go directly on your skin. No irritation now the last thing is protecting your skin and it’s super important to do that this Checks that box, but if you don’t want to use this one you want to look for one that says non-comedogenic You definitely want everything in your arsenal Non-comedogenic so that it’s not clogging your pores now when we want to flip over to pores due to age the main thing that you want to do is reinforce that collagen framework that collagen and elastin so what you’re really going to want to do is incorporate some retinoids to help stimulate collagen and really just help to kind of bolster up that network that is protecting and keeping our skin youthful as long as possible so that it doesn’t stretch and sag and Also nice and amide hugely important because it helps with your skin barrier and it also helps with collagen production So if you are suffering from pores due to age really considering adding in a retinoid and niacinamide Now there are a couple Extras that I want to tell you about that really can make a big difference in your pores that you can do at home Number one is invest in a skin spatula this one I have I use here in the treatment room and this one puts out like 28,000 Oscillations a minute or something like that I put it onto wet skin and you push all of those vibrations literally push the water that’s on your face or the mist Through your pores and help to really push out debris out of your pores Using a skin spatula after you have done a cell silic acid wash to loosen up The debris can clean out your pores very well without doing anything crazy harsh to them You really don’t want to pick and poke at your skin as much as you can. Avoid it So a skin spatula is an excellent choice for keeping those pores super clear The other thing that you might want to consider and this goes for both age and this goes for oil production is LED Red LED light not only helps stimulate collagen production you guys, but it’s also anti-inflammatory And it definitely helps to regulate oil production and helps to shrink the sebaceous gland and in turn the sebaceous gland produces less oil you suffer from overactive sebaceous glands really consider LED therapy at home or going and getting an in-office Series of treatments of LED it really can make a great difference Not only on your sebaceous gland activity, but on the collagen in your skin Which only helps down the line with your pore size. I really hope that this was helpful you guys have any questions or Certainly, if you have any suggestions if there are products that you have tried that everybody else needs to know about Please comment down below. I hope that this was helpful I will answer any questions that you have in the comments and you are always welcome to email me at penn Smith skin care at I love to talk to you guys I hope you guys are having a great week and I will talk to you again very very soon

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  1. I have used Niacinamide every single night these last two years and recently started using a spatial. I think the Niacinamide has made a huge difference in my skin/pores! Happy Weekend Penny!

  2. Do you happen to have a recommendation for a physical exfoliant that doesn't contain a chemical exfoliant?

    Upon your recommendation, I have been loving the La Roche Posay pigmentclar wash. It works great all over in face. I use a glycolic acid toner or lactic acid serum (2-3 days a week). However, I don't use it around my nose bc it makes me flakes…. Like all the flakes. Occasionally , I think it would be nice to physical exfoliate my face (esp my nose since it's neglected in the exfoliation department), but I'm worried a scrub that contains a chemical exfoliant might cause nose flaking.

    Thanks for the awesome video!

  3. Hi Penn! Yes, this video was very helpful. Thank you! I just started incorporating products by Peach & Lily into my skincare primarily because Niacinamide is 2nd or 3rd in the list of ingredients. After researching all the ingredients, I found these products are made from ingredients we'd like to be adding to our skin. My Colorscience that you recommended a couple of videos back finally arrived (Sunforgettable). I LOVE it! Best sunscreen I've used in a long time and it plays well with my skincare and foundation. Thanks! xoxo

  4. I am one of your biggest fans/subscribers. You've helped me combat my hyperpigmentation on my face and so much more. I love your videos. I must ask though, where do you buy your cute long sleeve shirts at? I'll have to it was in one of your 'GREAT SKIN | Affordable Skin Care Favorites| video? Those are such cute tops and I absolutely LOVE your attitude and approach to your videos. Keep up the great work, you have a subscriber for life.

  5. Hey pretty Penn!! I have started using Niacinamide (The Ordinary) and notice a difference!! Always wonderful recommendations. I hope you have a great weekend!!
    Xoxoxo 😘😘😘

  6. Would all these tips and products be helpful for white heads (clogged pores) as well? I tend to get clogged pores on my forehead but I’m not really oily. I have fairly normal skin and my skin everywhere else is smooth and basically pore-less. I have a good skincare regimen, but they still seem to pop up. Maybe I’m not using a strong enough chemical exfoliant? Any suggestions?

    I also wanted to begin to incorporate a retinol into my skin care. I see that you suggested the Mad Hippie one – is this non comedogenic although it has multiple oils in it? Do you have any other suggestions? I was considering the Retinol Reform by Shani Darden. Do you have any thoughts on it?

    Sorry for all the questions! Thank you for your insightful videos! ♥️😊

  7. Hi Penny. I'm 51, have skin on the dryer side with larger pores in the T-Zone. The blackheads tend to be on and around my nose area. I have larger pores around my mouth, chin and the tip of my nose. I use Niacinamide, Retinoids, Salicylic acids but nothing seems to help. I am. Religious about keeping my skin clean. Can you please give me your advice on what to add or change? Thanks so much! I simply adore you and your advice!!

  8. This is my problem, I had oily skin when I was young, now is more normal to oily in T zone,m it I do have large pores on my cheeks. Thank you for all this great info, hugs, Clara 💓

  9. I don't have oily skin or blackheads but, as I love your vids, I thought I might as well give this a watch!
    Oh boy, have I learnt a LOT. My daughter has acne and I'm going to invest in a lot of the products that you mentioned, especially the red LED light therapy.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you xxx 💕💕💕xxx

  10. I love your channel! Thank you for all the videos you provide to us with such interesting and informative content! Take care, Ginny 😘😘😘

  11. Good evening Penn. My daughter and I both watched your video. So this was so helpful. Especially with teens it’s so important to start early with our skin. Hugs 🤗 and Aloha 🌺…Ranalynn 💋

  12. Absolutely LOVE your videos!!!! And you are gorgeous! Can you recommend a vitamin C serum that has a pump(good for travel)??? Can you do a video on Vitamin C? I want to try it so I’m wondering what your thoughts are on it! Thx

  13. Hi – new follower here. Love your content. I just started using the Dr Dennis Gross Peel Pads to my PM skincare routine. Have you tried those ? I also purchased an at home light therapy face and neck mask – @ellelearyartistry suggested it and I cant wait to receive it and start using it.

  14. I'm new to your channel. I'm 45 years young and still suffer from acne. I guess is hormonal acne. I've been to the dermatologist and try several treatments including accutane. But the accutane gave me secondary symptoms and I had to stop using it. Dont get me wrong my acne is not very bad. But when i get a flare of acne the area gets very red and they hurt. Can you give me advice on what products or regimen to get to combat my acne please. Thank you for your time and by the way I love your channel .I wish I had found your channel a long time ago.

  15. What are your thoughts on the Tarte Tingling Toner ????? I have been using about a year now and I really think it’s a wonderful product?? I am now on the hunt for a good retinoid to apply at night. I trying the ordinary at this time and I hope it’s a good one. 😄😄😄

  16. Penny~ what would you recommend for a 16-year-old boy who could care less about his son? Simple is better to get him to do it. Something he can do in the shower.

  17. Love it Penn…you are such a wealth of great info. I love my LaBelle spatula SO much 😀 Have a great Saturday! xoxo

  18. Love all your videos! I have bought sooooo many of your product recommendations, and love them! You had talked about red light therapy, and was wondering if the Revive light therapy would be good to try? I’ve been looking at the hand-held device for awhile now. 😊

  19. Great information my love!!! Love the clearista! I’m interested in led! I think. Is that more effective than my skintyte? Great video my gorgeous skin guru chop!!!😘😘😘

  20. Thanks so much for this video, and for the list of products! You are helping me create a skincare program for me and my 4 girls.

  21. Can i use niacinimide and vit C in the same morning routine? If so how without the cancelling effects they have on each other

  22. Hey Penn, I really took notes on this video as I have huge pores and oily skin! I found this so informative and you really explain things well. Thank you for your wonderful expertise! Much love xoxo Shaz

  23. I use all of the ordinary products and direct acids. I just ordered the salicylic acid and am wondering how you feel about it. How do i incorporate it into my regimen. I wash with cera ve sa cleanser at times, otherwise just do my double cleanse with an array of products. I alternate the use of the glycolic and lactic acids only bc i can't take the burn sometime's, if i use both and i dry out horribly, i also use my home made vit c that i make with the LAA powder from the ORDINARY. I make a 30% mixture. I get confused as to when to and how to and which ones. I actually made a concoction with equal parts lactic and glycolic, mixed with a CeraVe facial cream and some Marula and argan oil, was thinking about adding some salicylic to that! I use that as a serum, daily if i can tolerate it. I'm also using rx retin-a .1% every night. I also made a cream with retin-a and glycolic incorporated together, with squalane. I use that on the nights i went over board with the retin-a prior and my face is really cracking and dry. So you can see where I'm overwhelmed! I could use some guidance. I put so much moisturizer and oils on my face that i can sometimes literally peel hydrated skin off! So i don't know if I'm doing any good or not but i have noticed a big improvement in fine lines/wrinkles, pore size, and texture but there is always room for improvement i believer. I just ordered the niacinimide also. Can i make a cocktail And just throw all of them, minus vit c + retin-a, together for a dailynightly serum? lol! r u confused yet! Lol. Where does the buffet Come into play and is the copper peptide buffet better than the original? I need recommendations for super hydrating moisturizers also. Affordable versions please. HELP!!!!!!!Lol
    I LOVE your channel andv the content. Where have i seen you before? I know I've seen you on television! Help me out here! lol. Thank you for All the knowledge. I appreciate it. BTW…I have dry, maturing skin normally.

  24. Just stopped at Ulta to get the dermalogica multivitamin thermafoliant! Wow this seems like an excellent product! Thank you for your recommendation! What about good Vitamin C serums??? I want to try one! Thx

  25. Hi Penn,
    Salicylic Acid has been a game changer for me unblocking pores/blackheads. I have been using one from The Ordinary on my T-zone, alternating with lactic acid and retinol for 6 months now. Amazing results. I saw the spatula you recommended on Nathalie's channel – what a great idea! It seems so high tech compared to a manual tool. Niacinamide (applied on its own) tends to irritate my skin so I add 2 drops to Cera Ve pm moisturizer. Thanks for the tips!
    😚 Alli

  26. Why have i not heard of you!!!??? You are so informative (and I wish my blue/grey eyes were as big and awake as yours! goodness! Beautiful! Anyway, my husband and I are both in our 40's. I spent my 30's really sick and in deep depression as well. I am finally doing a little better at 43, and have just started playing with makeup, because when I "woke up" from my brain fog, it looked like I had aged 20 years. My hair had turned duffenly grey (it really did after a difficult surgery and steroids), and with playing with makeup, comes a closer look in the mirror, lol. I need to know everything, and on a budget. I don't wear much makeup. I feel claustraphobic with anything more than playing with eyes a little and a lip cream or gloss. (my lips have cracked and pealed since I was a baby, and thats another issue I need help or a recommended video for). Anyway, first, bless you for giving recs that I can get at Amazon!!!. next, do to hormonal issues, I get a lot of ingrown hairs on my chin. And of course, it causes painful acne. I do have large pores around my nose, but am wondering if the same things that help pores would help thisproblem on my chin? I remove the hair with tweezers, because I am terrfied of growing a full beard. My husband also has folliculitis and has trouble everywhere- including his beard. We'd love to know what to do for this. So…Would love any help or reference to videos that might help??
    1. inflamed infrown hairs (for both of us)-the skin (his folliculitis esp. he also has shingles, and it seems to have begun after his first outbreak)
    2. Anything I can do safely and without irritation for my facial hair- affordably?
    3. lip care for lips that have pealed and cracked since babyhood (mom made me wear this vasaline and it still didn't help)
    4. calming eye care that helps the newly discovered wrinkles there, lol
    5. He also needs gentle skincare for irritation on his face due to a respirator he wears at night. So he breaks our badly where he shaves, some where hair grows- anywhere, and around face mask area)
    Please point me in the right direction, and thankyou so much for your deeply informative videos. I have only had time to watch a few, but am fascinated. Bless you and happy holidays!!

  27. Salicylic acid is the only thing that works for me, and that I can afford. My pores are unfortunately very deep, so it's something I have to use every day. I wish I could find a face wash with a higher percentage. New subbie!

  28. I just found you here on you tube a few months ago and really enjoy you! Can you recommend good Korean/Japanese skincare products for large pores?

  29. I’m almost 60 years old and I use a Curology tretinoin with 5% azelaic acid and 4% niacinamide. I’ve been using it for 6 months and have seen a big difference in pore size. I’ve also changed my skincare routine to add Biologique Recherche P50 1970, Masque Vivant and Creme Dermopurifiante. I’ve only been using those products for 3 weeks but I’ve seen lessening hyperpigmentation and reduced oil production.

  30. Hi penny!! Wondering if you are familiar with The Truth Treatments brand? If so, is it worth the money you think? I heard great things about their vitamin C because it Tetrahexydecyl Ascorbate. Would love to hear your thoughts!!!!!

  31. GREAT video Penny!! I’m 60 and STILL have oily skin! I’ve used Neutrogena 2 % salicylic acid wash for as long as I can remember. My skin has to have it. I’ve also used Retin A forever (probably since they invented it!) and I can’t do without it. Sometimes I even “overuse” it – to cause “expulsion of comedones” (as it says on the med info insert). IT WORKS!! Regular medium depth in-office peels that contain a cocktail of acids (including salicylic) are my best friend also – I get a peel maybe three times a year. Since I’m retired (from medical field), I do not wear makeup every day. I avoid silicones especially when I DO wear makeup. When I worked every day I would use the Neutrogena foundation that contains salicylic acid ( and they STILL make it – I would HIGHLY recommend it for those of you who have oily congested skin and want to minimize clogging of pores!) I love your channel Penny and have learned so much! I’ve had three dermarollers for about a year now but have never used them because I’m too afraid!! BUT – since I’ve been watching your channel and learning so much about it, I’m about ready to start!! I’ve got the right kind of dermaroller (the right metal) in various sizes and I already use the products you recommend to use afterwards (HA, etc). I’ve been using Skinmedica’s TNS serum after I feel that my skin is as clear of dead skin and debris as possible. Do you recommend this growth factor serum? I would love your opinion on it! Thank you for passing all of your valuable knowledge on to us!!

  32. Hi Penn, i recently found your channel, i am binge watching all your vids. MY 12 year daughter's face is all clogged up with blackheads, can you suggest a regiment and products please?

  33. Thank you so much for all this wonderful information. I have one question:Since the dermalogical exfoliate has salicylic acid in it, can that used in place of the first step, which is washing with salicylic acid? Thank you so much for your knowledge!

  34. Hi what about removing hair around lips and eyebrows. I believe that it should not be removed by max or twiecers specially super lip and eyebrows.

  35. Can you tell us more about LED light therapy? I have considered purchasing one of the mask. I’m not really sure what the differences are between light colors.

  36. Hi Penny 🙂 You are educating me every day!! Can I ask you: can I use the elta MD and for example Mad hippie Vitamin c serum together (in the morning) ? As I've understood it, vit C and niacinamide doesn't go together, right?

  37. You are costing me so much money😂 started listening to you just a few days ago and I am so grateful to have found such a credible honorable knowledgeable person. 🥰

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