Top Remedies for Reducing Stress – Herbal Footbath Remedy

when most of us think of the top herbs
for reducing stress we think of drinking an herbal tea or reaching for an herbal
tincture but there are other ways that we can incorporate herbs into our lives
to help us feel calm and balanced even during times of great stress a great
effective remedy is an herbal foot bath not only does it require you to pause
but it’s relaxing just to feel the warmth of the bath and smell the aromas
of the herbs actually the primary way herbal foot baths work at stress
reduction is by moving the energy from our heads downwards for many of us
stress and tension is primarily concentrated in our heads foot baths are
especially good for stress headaches I’ve chosen three herbs that help do
this there herbs that I almost always have on hand in my kitchen
the first one is ginger which is very heating and circulating it helps bring
the blood flow and the energy down into the feet from the head I’m using fresh
ginger but you could certainly use dried powder ginger as well sage and
especially rosemary really helped to increase the circulation and they also
help to reduce mental tension and even help with those stress headaches again
you can use them either fresh or dried and you can use all of the herbs
together or use whatever you happen to have on hand to create the herbal foot
bath we are going to simmer equal parts of the herbs for five minutes in a
covered pan if using dried herbs use one heaping teaspoon of each or if you’re
using fresh herbs then use two tablespoons of each herb so I’m going to
put those in my pan cover that let that simmer for five minutes and once that is
ready I’m going to pour the water the herbs everything into a large low pan
appropriate for soaking feet and I’m going to add some cold water so that the
water temperature is very very hot as hot as you can stand it
but not too hot enough to burn find a cozy chair to sit in while you soak you
can cover your feet with a towel to help keep in the heat this means you also
have a towel handy to dry your feet when you’re done you’ll find this truly
deeply relaxing calming and quieting for the mind for my free herbalism mini
course go to you’ll get quick access to my favorite
herbal remedies for cold and flu first aid herbs for energy and natural
medicine found right in your own kitchen look forward to seeing you there

3 thoughts on “Top Remedies for Reducing Stress – Herbal Footbath Remedy

  1. What a great idea to put towel over to keep the heat in. I read French herbalist Maurice Messegue books and he primarily used foot and hand baths for healing his clients. He wrote we can reuse the same herbal decoction for several times, if we keep it in the fridge and rewarm next day.

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