Hey guys, welcome back to my channel so today’s video is going to be all about best selling products that are available at Ulta Beauty that I think are worth your money I did film a Sephora version a few months ago so I’ll link that video in the description box below. In today’s video I mainly focused on Ulta Beauty exclusive brands that you can’t find at Sephora but a lot of the Sephora best sellers that I included in those videos can be found at Ulta so if you want to check out those videos and hear more of my recommendations, I’ll link them in the description box below but let’s jump into it. I’ll go through the products and of course, we’ll start with eyeshadow palettes The first thing I want to mention is the Dose of Colors Desi X Katy Friendication palette I’ve talked about this on my channel so much at this point, so I don’t want to be it too repetitive but I love this product it’s probably one of my favorite products that I can get at Ulta because it’s such a high quality palette you do get ten shadows and it is a high-end palette so the price tag is a little bit higher but I do think it’s worth the money because the matte shadows work so well and they complement the metallic shadows in here now I think if you aren’t really drawn to the metallic shadows in this palette, I would probably skip over it but if you like a good glitter infused metallic shadow that’s just very light catching and reflective you are going to love this palette. Now if you’re looking for a little bit more of an affordable palette Juvia’s Place makes amazing palettes so many of their palettes are under the bestsellers section on the website I think this is the best eyeshadow formula that I’ve ever tried It’s just so high-quality and the crazy part is that the palettes are pretty affordable so two that I recommend are the Warrior palette and the Masquerade Mini palette the Warrior palette is going to be a great option for you if you tend to prefer neutrals you get some great neutral mattes, but you also get some like warm golds some bronze tones and it’s a very intense neutral palette so it’s not just like your typical lackluster neutral eyeshadow palette it’s really interesting really fun to use and you get nine different choices in here but I really recommend the Masquerade Mini I like this one because it comes with sixteen different options and you get a nice mix you get some colorful shadows but you also get some neutral toned shadows as well these are some of my favorite colorful shadows to wear on the eyes because they’re just so easy to work with so if you like interesting color combinations or you just like very richly pigmented or saturated shadows I do recommend Juvia’s Place they have some great palettes and great options and I just love the brand as a whole. So the ColourPop Super Shock cheek highlighters are one of Ulta Beauty’s best selling products and I definitely think they’re worth the money the texture and the formula is so interesting. I don’t typically go for cream cheek products I usually prefer powders, but I’ve always loved the Colourpop Super Shock formula it’s kind of like a creamy powder and you can use your finger to apply them like I barely put my finger in there and look how intense and gorgeous this looks this one is in the shade of Flexitarian this one is in the shade Wisp. I will do a close-up swatch for you guys as well Flexitarian is definitely more of like a cool toned pearl shade and Wisp is a little bit more of like a golden bronze but still on the lighter side, they also have other shades available as well these are just two of my favorites If you guys are into cream cheek products then you’ll definitely enjoy these because they’re just really easy to work with but even if you’re not these are a nice option because they go on so easily and even though they are more creamy, they kind of dry down to like a powder finish, but not a dry powder they don’t look like powder on the skin they sit so beautifully on top of makeup, even if you want to use them alone they’re something that I reach for a lot and I use a lot I actually need to use them more often so they will be going in my everyday makeup drawer soon at some point because I do love the formula So I’m sure you guys know all about the Butter Bronzer from Physician’s Formula this is a best-selling product and I’m sure you guys have heard people rave about it so much at this point it’s been a favorite of so many people for years and years that they finally expanded the shade range so I believe they have six different shades available I have the shade Bronzer which is the lightest shade but this bronzer is just so beautiful. It’s very soft it’s very blendable it just looks very natural on the skin I kind of feel like I could use the next shade up but honestly, it’s just as good if not better than a lot of my high-end bronzers so this one is going to be a great option if you just want more of a natural bronzer. It’s not too intense it’s not overly matte, but it also doesn’t have shimmer in it it just looks really natural and soft and beautiful on the skin. It is very strongly scented so if you are sensitive to scents, I would skip this one because it’s pretty strong but I do love it. It kind of has like a coconut beachy scent to it and I definitely enjoyed this as well I only have one lip product to share with you guys in today’s video weirdly enough there weren’t a lot of lip products and cheek products under the bestsellers section at least like at the top of the list, but there was one that I wanted to mention these are the Buxom lip glosses now these are sold at Sephora as well but you can find them at Ulta Beauty and they have such a large selection I think they have like a hundred shades, but I love that because you can totally find your perfect lip gloss my favorite is the shade Dolly, which I don’t currently have because I did use it up but I do have two so I will swatch them for you. I have the shade Brooke and also the shade Claire right now I just have two mini versions that I got as part of a holiday set and if you can ever get like a Buxom mini set I totally recommend it because these mini lip glosses will last you such a long time and that way you get the chance to try out so many shades before committing to one full-sized gloss I don’t typically advocate for spending like 21 dollars on a lip product because there are so many good drugstore lip products but I find that the Buxom glosses are really worth the money. They’re very beautiful very natural-looking on the lips and they do give you like that tingly feeling because they have like a slight plumping effect to them and I find that it really does work for me but it’s not so intense that it burns your lips or it’s uncomfortable I just feel like they’re very effortless lip products and they go on easily they wear really beautifully I have two concealers and two foundations to share with you in today’s video. The first one is the Tarte Shape Tape this is a super full coverage matte concealer so if you are looking for something that stays in place all day long and covers everything whether it’s dark circles redness acne scarring really just anything this is going to be the one for you now like I said it does have a matte finish a pretty strong matte finish so if you have dry skin I really wouldn’t recommend this one because it can have a tendency to look and feel a little bit dry on the skin, especially under the eyes but if full coverage and matte is what you’re going for, you will not regret this. It really does work so well now more recently to face actually released their Born This Way multi-use sculpting concealer and this one is definitely my favorite between the two because the Too Faced one is still really full coverage it stays in place really well, but it’s not as matte as the Tarte concealer this one is going to be a good alternative for you if you prefer more of like a soft satin finish my favorite foundation in the entire world is the Catrice HD liquid coverage foundation I raved about this all summer last year and I can only really wear it in the summer time because the lightest shade is too dark for me Katrice expanded the shade range last year and I read that the expanded shade range is coming to Ulta Beauty early 2019 I mean, we’re in March right now so hopefully that is right around the corner. The expanded shade range is a start for sure they came out with like maybe 20 shades but they’re also working on even more shades for I believe they said a 2020 launch so I’m mostly looking forward to that because the lightest shade’s still too dark for me so they’re going to come out with lighter shades and darker shades but all of that aside the formula is so high-quality it is the best full coverage matte foundation that I’ve ever tried because it’s very liquidy it’s very lightweight and blendable on the skin, but it still gives you amazing coverage it stays in place well it looks matte without looking dry and it doesn’t look heavy or cakey I’ve honestly never tried another foundation that I like as much as this one the Fenty foundation comes close but I still prefer this one a little bit more so I am looking forward to you know summer when I can actually wear this again because it is my go-to foundation my skin never looks as good as it does when I use this foundation a foundation that is somewhat new to my collection that I just love and I cannot get enough of is the Smashbox Studio Skin fifteen hour wear hydrating foundation. Now this is also sold at Sephora. I wear the shade fair actually it’s 1.05 Fair Warm Olive I’ve actually used up about half of this product I use it so much I usually mix it with my Fenty foundation but I also wear it on its own everybody is always saying they want like a full coverage hydrating foundation this is it if you guys haven’t tried this yet and you are looking for a hydrating foundation that gives good coverage stays in place well and looks really on the skin you are going to love this so much It really does look so beautiful and so natural but if you’re the type of person that doesn’t have to set their foundation you’re going to love this even more because it just gives such a beautiful hydrated finish, but at the same time it gives good coverage it stays in place well and I just enjoy it. It’s very comfortable very easy to wear. So this one is totally worth the money as well and the last product that I want to mention is something that I should have washed before I filmed this video but I’ll wash it and do a close-up for you guys. It is the Real Techniques beauty sponge ever since I discovered this product I have not purchased a Beauty Blender because I like this one better. I think it works really well I don’t typically use a beauty sponge every single day. But when I do this one is a great option because it’s very soft I like the shape of it I like the texture and I think it does a great job whether you’re blending out your foundation your concealer or applying powder it’s a lot more affordable than the Beauty Blender and I just prefer it to the Beauty Blender I think it does such a great job. So of course I had to include it in today’s video. Okay guys thank you so much for watching. I really appreciate it. I hope you guys enjoyed today’s video make sure you leave me a comment below letting me know which products you love to buy at Ulta Beauty because I would love to hear from you guys. I will see you guys very soon with a new video. Bye.

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