Top 10 Anti-Aging Foods

Hey, guys. Dr. Josh Axe here. Welcome to “Ancient Medicine Today.” I’m going to be going over the top 10 superfoods
that support anti-aging. If you want to look younger, feel younger,
if you want to have healthier skin, thicker skin, hair, and nails, then I’m going to be
going over, again, the top foods and herbs. They’re going to help you do just that. And I’ll tell you I notice a lot of people
who start to age faster than they should. Now a lot of that’s emotional stress. Some of it is due to not getting the right
type of foods in your diet. Have you ever seen anybody who was in their
60s but you could swear they were 20 years younger and vice versa someone who are in
their 40s that looks 60? There are reasons for that. A lot of it has to do with diet toxicity,
the things you’re eating on a daily basis. And hey, help me spread the word. Today’s episode I’m going to be talking about
how to use food as medicine for anti-aging. Take a second right now. Punch your share button. Click your love button. Help me spread the word on how to use food
as medicine. All right, I’m going to dive right in and
start talking about these top 10 foods. Number one are figs. Now figs are incredible. And figs in Greece and in Israel we’re known
to be an anti-aging food. Now figs, specifically, you can see this reddish
color in there. Those are flavonoids and different types of
antioxidants. And the largest amount of antioxidants that
are found in figs are actually on the skin, okay? On the skin area, figs are incredible for
their health. Even those little seeds you’ll see in there
are full of omega-3 fats. But the biggest benefit of figs is that they
contain a proteolytic enzyme called ficin. And ficin actually reduces inflammation throughout
the body and supports anti-aging. It’s good for so many things but it’s loaded
with antioxidants, some omegas in the seeds, and also these proteolytic enzymes. So figs, when you can get them fresh or dried,
one of the best anti-aging foods out there today. And I’ll mention, as well, another great fruit
to go with figs to be pomegranates. Pomegranates contain similar antioxidants
and flavonoids which help with that anti-aging process. So again, get figs in your diet to support
anti-aging. The next thing in here is collagen protein. You can take a collagen protein supplement
or a bone broth collagen protein supplement on a daily basis add a scoop to a smoothie
and the benefits are tremendous. We know when your skin starts to sag, it’s
because your body isn’t producing as much collagen. As you age your body produces less collagen
over time. And remember this, collagen is the glue that
holds your body together. It’s the glue. It’s that adhesive that tones and tightened
your skin. When your body produces less collagen and
when you get less collagen in your diet, it’s what will start to cause premature wrinkles
and sagging. If you’re getting sagging in different areas
of your body, collagen can help that. Collagen help support firmness and tonus in
the body, and that’s why two of my favorite protein powders are a bone broth powdered
protein and a collagen protein on a regular basis. So again, make sure you’re getting plenty
of straight collagen in your diet every single day. And you’ll notice this in anti-aging creams. Many of them contain collagen. Some of them contain hyaluronic acid but they
contain compounds that help tone, tighten, and firm the skin. You got to get collagen at least one to two
servings in your diet every single day to support anti-aging benefits. Number three superfood is chaga. Chaga is the prized medicinal mushroom from
China. Now there are many beneficial medicinal mushrooms. Reishi would be the other one I would put
on this list. Now reishi is prized in Chinese medicine as
being the mushroom of immortality. It extends the life. It does that because Reishi and chaga actually
helped in working as adaptogen. So they helped reduce stress on the body. Also another key factor you’ll find with a
few of these is they actually support stem cell production. Another really advanced treatment people are
using for anti-aging is getting stem cell or PRP. That’s platelet-rich plasma done on the skin
as a holistic treatment. But listen, internally, chaga and reishi help
your body produce more healthy amount of stem cells. They help reduce stress on the body. So what I would recommend is drinking a chaga
tea daily or supplementing with reishi mushrooms but doing one of those or both in combination
or alternating, an absolute must for anti-aging. And also chaga actually helps support your
body’s own collagen production. So not only can you get collagen in your diet,
your body can produce more collagen with chaga and with reishi mushroom. Number four here, wild-caught salmon. Salmon is loaded with fat soluble antioxidants
that help protect the body from aging. In fact, the antioxidant found in salmon,
you’ll see if you find that bright, like sockeye, salmon or king salmon has this bright reddish
orangish color, those antioxidants are called astaxanthin. They’re actually really strong what are called
carotenoids. So they’re fat soluble antioxidants that specifically
help reduce aging in the body. And remember this, you need both water soluble
antioxidants and fat soluble. You know a water soluble antioxidant would
be something like a vitamin C or flavonoids that are found in fruits. Fat soluble antioxidants are going to be things
like astaxanthin, is going to be a big one or turmerone found in turmeric oil or different
essential oils are going to have more of those fat soluble antioxidants, like cinnamon is
another good example of one. But salmon contains astaxanthin, amazing producing
aging. And then the other big one is salmon is really
high in the omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA. And I can tell you, the EPA and DHA are incredible
for reducing inflammation in the body but also for hydrating the skin. Remember this, your cells are made up of mostly
fat. You’ve got to have healthy fats in your diet
and omega-3 fats are the most fats, in terms of clinical studies that have been shown,
to increase lifespan and fight disease. So get more of those omega-3s in your diet
on a daily basis. Now number five here are berries. My favorite being blueberries. I’d also throw raspberries up there. Raspberries contain ellagic acid which has
been shown to actually fight skin cancer and help your body look more young. And blueberries contain bioflavonoids and
resveratrol. The same antioxidant found in grape skins
are also found in the skin of blueberries. Blueberry’s one of the ultimate superfoods
because remember this, if you want to age slower you need more collagen, you need more
antioxidants, you need to reduce inflammation, you need more stem cells. Those are some of the key factors your body
needs in aging slower. Berries, one of the kings of antioxidants
in terms of an overall fruit. And let me mention this, wild and organic
blueberries tend to have three times the antioxidants as conventional blueberries. So again when you’re buying blueberries or
buying fruit, going organic is actually definitely worth the price of it as triple the amount
of antioxidants in certain circumstances. So again berries but especially blueberries
followed by raspberries. Blackberries are actually really great too
in terms of their antioxidant content. They can really slow the aging process. You know one of the recipes I love to do every
morning, I’ll tell you even what I had for breakfast this morning. I had one cup of blueberries. I had one scoop of bone broth powdered protein
I put in a smoothie. I also put in a scoop of collagen. I did a little bit coconut milk, some cinnamon
but I was getting all of these things in a single smoothie. So again berries are great. Number six here is turmeric. And turmeric actually contains two compounds,
curcumin and turmerone. Now curcumin is the one that is getting so
much press today. So curcumin is one of the top selling supplements
in the world today. And curcumin helps reduce inflammation in
the body. So that’s a big benefit of turmeric. Did you know though that turmeric essential
oil or . . . turmeric has both but you can also buy turmeric essential oil that actually
has a compound called turmerone, as this turmeric, and that’s been shown to increase stem cells
in the body and actually protect your body. So whereas curcumin is a really strong anti-inflammatory,
it also fights cancer–that’s curcumin. Turmerone helps more with tissue regeneration
and with your body producing its own stem cells–incredible. So again when you’re doing turmeric powder
you’re getting the best of both worlds. Also turmeric oil is going to have more turmerone,
but in general add turmeric to a burger meat, add it to a taco mix, add it to some hummus. Get more turmeric in your diet. You can also get it in supplement form but
again turmeric, one of the ultimate anti-aging foods because of curcumin and turmerone. Number seven here is bone broth. I love doing bone broth. In fact today for lunch, I’m going to be doing
a turkey bone broth that I made at home in my slow cooker at home. I mean for breakfast I actually did two scoops
of a chocolate bone broth powdered protein that I had this morning. So doing bone broth and powder form incredible
as well. But either way, here’s all the benefits of
bone broth for anti-aging looking younger. Number one, it is your number one source of
collagen. And I want to mention this that there are
many different types of collagen. There’s collagen Type 1, Type 2, Type 3, Type
5, and Type 10. The most important types of collagen for anti-aging
are Type 1 and 3, all followed by Type 2, Type 5, and type 10. When you’re buying a collagen or a collagen
supplement, you want to look for one ideally that comes from bone broth and that contains
multiple times of collagen. So Type 1, 2, 3, 5, and 10. You want to get a collagen that has all of
those but the same thing goes with bone broth. Bone broth has multiple types of collagen
which helps with the skin. Also, bone broth contains hyaluronic acid
and today there are anti-aging clinics that actually go and inject hyaluronic acid into
the skin to actually help people look younger. They’re even doing this in joints. They’re doing it knees that are arthritic. Hyaluronic acid has so many benefits. The number one food source in the world of
hyaluronic acid is bone broth. So again it’s great whether you make it yourself
at home, or order it, or take it in a powder form, whether it’s liquid or powder, bone
broth has incredible benefits because of all the collagen, all the hyaluronic acid, not
to mention all of the other benefits from having glucosamine, chondroitin, and a whole
lot of other nutrients, and actually even potassium which is great for toning and firming
the body. Number eight here is the adaptogenic powder,
maca. Now maca root is actually known, especially
in certain areas of Asia, and in fact it’s typically stands for or is called the strength
of the stallions. So this is used as a libido booster over the
years. Also, maca is known to naturally increase
your energy levels, but maca because it helps work as an adaptogen which, again, helps lower
those cortisol levels, helps reduce stress on the body, is really powerful. And I’ll say this maca works great as a powder
or a food because remember, I’m talking about foods today. Maca is typically used as a food. I do want to mention though a couple herbs
that are probably just as beneficial or more than maca. Now these are known more as pure herbs but
ashwagandha is probably even higher up on that list for anti-aging as are holy basil
and rhodiola. So those herbs are very powerful but maca
is pretty powerful as well. And maca is typically added to smoothies in
powder form. So again, get some maca in your diet to age
slower. Number nine, avocados. The thing I love about avocados is, again
remember, if you want to age slower, you need to hydrate your skin, you need to get more
fats, you need more antioxidants, you need more collagen, and you need your body to produce
more stem cells. Those are the things your body needs to age
slower. Avocados, great source of healthy fat. Also great source of minerals like magnesium
and potassium. Magnesium and potassium actually help your
body with your fluid ratios. Most of us today get way too much sodium in
our diet. When you get too much sodium that’ll cause
your body to hold excess fluid which can also be inflammatory versus if your body can have
the right amount of fluid in your cells, it actually will cause you to look leaner and
have more tight and toned skin. Avocados, because of their high levels of
potassium and magnesium which helps with muscle tone, absolutely help do that. So an avocado a day will keep the dermatologist
away. Remember that saying, all right? So avocados, great for your skin, great for
your cellular health. One of the truly great anti-aging foods. And number 10 here, this one might surprise
you, animal fats. Okay. Now I’m not saying that you want to get a
very large amount of animal fats in your diet, but some animal fats, if it’s from grass-fed
organically raised animals. Because remember this difference if a cow
is eating grains, a lot of grains or GMO corn or soy for instance, their fat tissue is full
of more omega-6 fats and other different types of fats so it changes their body. So those fats, more omega-6s and others, those
are going to become really inflammatory to the body, okay? So very inflammatory. If a cow eats grasses, it has more CLA, more
healthy saturated fats, more omega-3s, so that’s the important thing to remember is,
you are what you eat, what they ate. If cows are eating grasses and greens and
things like that, they’re healthy. If they’re eating a lot of grains or GMO,
they’re not healthy. But that goes for animal fat. If you have a healthy, healthy animal fats
that come from grass-fed animals, they’re very high in the right types of saturated
fat. And here’s how this can help you age slower. A lot of you today are using oils on your
skin that are plant-based. Those plant-based oils don’t necessarily match
the exact same types of fats or oils that are found in your skin. Did you know that animal fats, if we’re talking
about chicken fat specifically or tallow, a clean tallow, which is beef fat, if we’re
talking about chicken or beef fat, those oils have the exact same type of membrane, the
exact same type of fat ratios that your own skin and body have? Did you know that our ancient ancestors would
have rarely used plant-based oils for moisturizers? Now, yes they may have used some olive oil,
so they may have used them some, but if you look at the Indian tribes, for instance if
you go to certain of the areas of the country or look at our ancestors, they actually would
use tallow and schmaltz or chicken fat. They would actually use that to hydrate their
skin. They would mix those with essential oils and
other things. So actually animal fats are the ultimate body
moisturizers. If you really want to hydrate your skin perfectly
with the exactly . . . really with the thing that gives your skin the exact hydration it
needs, you get those from animal fats. So again, the place that I love to get animal
fats is through bone broth. If you’re making bone broth that fat that
settles at the top, that fat, if it’s from an organic animal, can be very, very healthy. And again, I’m not saying you need a lot of
this fat, but a small amount of animal fats in your diet, from grass-fed animals, can
actually give your body great health whether you take them internally or even get some
of that oil, a healthy clean tallow or schmaltz, and rub it on your body topically as a natural
moisturizer. Now I know, I’m probably getting comments
and that’s surprising some of you, but I’m telling you, it’s the exact same fatty acid
ratio that you have in your body, in your skin that you’re going to get from some of
those animals. And so guys these are the top anti-aging foods. What I would encourage you to do this week
is take this list, write it down right now or type it out, and really focus on getting
these foods in your diet. You know maybe the first thing you change
is your breakfast smoothie. So I get it for breakfast. What I would recommend is a scoop of bone
broth powder, of a protein bone broth, maybe a scoop of maca, a cup of berries, and you
can do a little collagen protein in there too. But start making this healing smoothie for
lunch. Start doing a big superfood salad with salmon
and avocado on it. Get some more herbs in your diet like turmeric. Do a chaga or a reishi tea for breakfast. Implement these things into your diet this
week. I know it’s going to help you get healthier
and look and feel younger. And if you want to learn more about these
principles of anti-aging, also feel free to check out my website. Do a google search for Dr. Axe anti-aging
foods. I have a whole article on this that goes in-depth
as well. I want to hey, thanks so much guys for watching
remember. I’m here every Monday through Friday 10:30
a.m., Central Standard Time. Have a great week, guys. I’ll see you tomorrow at 10:30 a.m. Hi. Dr. Axe here. I want to say thanks so much for checking
out this YouTube video, and also don’t forget to subscribe. If you want to get more great content on things
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