Tonks Travels to Houston for the Anti-ageing Medicine Conference

okay guys people don’t like walk around at the
when he level entirely is too humid we’ve got like six or seven miles worth of tunnels so if you ever wondered what it’s like
to live in a weird underground you’re probably wondering what I was
doing in Houston I was at a conference with a for M as you might know I’m doing
my second master’s degree which is at George Washington University in
integrative medicine and there was a Clinical Endocrinology symposium in
Houston with a forum covering stuff like hormone replacement for women and men
hyperthyroidism insulin resistance cortisol circadian rhythm euro
psychopathology brain injury cardiovascular system labs got nutrition
blah blah blah basically how not to die stuff which at
some point I will endeavour to follow myself okay guys so here I am in Galveston
which our way from Houston it is a completely separate island it’s like I
know two miles across or something like that about 26 miles long something
apparently it was the second largest port where people used to come in to they had a massive hurricane and it’s
very much like destroyed everything so what is there to do in Galveston well we
went on a boat we did see a dolphin although admittedly only about five
percent of it you know being the fin there are lots of little like touristy shops I ate the most
disappointing seafood food I’ve ever had in my life so I’m sorry to say that
garrison but your food sucks just a curiosity have you guys ever
actually looked at the lunar landing module it’s basically made of tin foil
and in my opinion there’s just no way that that thing landed on the moon I
think it’s a big conspiracy and if I ever meet any of you in person I will
tell you all about my conspiracy theories should you ask
speaking of which thanks so much to everyone who came along to the meet-up
in Houston it did get a little bit messy thank you very much mark
for buying me all those cocktails early on so my memory of the event is
extremely shonky

32 thoughts on “Tonks Travels to Houston for the Anti-ageing Medicine Conference

  1. Welcome to my hometown Houston! You have got to have some real Texas BBQ and some good Tex Mex with a frozen margarita! You’re welcome! 🥰

  2. Welcome to Houston. The country music is fine, but it’s only part of the Houston music scene. We have excellent ballet, opera, and symphony, as well as many other forms of music. We’re one of the most diverse cities in the US, and that is reflected in all the wonderful food available.

  3. I totally adore you, respect your work and I certainly share your views on NASA lunar landing. ❤️❤️❤️❤️👏👏👏👏👏

  4. So sorry you didn't like my home state. What you needed was a proper Texan to show you where the good food is. The bar-b-que and Tex-Mex food cannot be beaten. As well as some very good places to sight-see

  5. I live in Texas! Wish I had known you were here! Yeah, you gotta have a Texan show you were the good seafood places are.

  6. Just to clarify this video is supposed to be a bit of fun, I am definitely not saying I didn’t like Galverson, or that I don’t like Texas, or that I hate America cos I clearly don’t having made 3 videos about my travels there so far 🇺🇸

    It’s supposed to be funny; people say British food is bad, but now this explanation rather takes what little humour there was out of the rather thin joke. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!

  7. You should do more travel blogs!! are super fun and I love your geek part (Nasa, futurism, etc).

    Love ya

  8. I found this video to be very well done.  That being said, I would like to offer a few suggestions that, I think, could make it delightful.  First, I would add subtitles where the sound quality is poor.  Second, although the flow of it was great, perhaps more information about why you were there and how it will add to your knowledge and abilities in you and other physicians who are as properly qualified as yourself.  Making the point to all those people who may be  thinking about doing some (or all) of these procedures should look for extremely well-qualified physicians to look after their care.   Hope you do not mind the suggestions.  They were only meant to encourage.

  9. Whoa, dr tonks is a conspiracy theorist? Who knew?! Also, it’s not fair to compare fish and chips to whatever it was you had in Houston…nothing can compare. Next time try what Texas is known for, BBQ, Tex-Mex, Steak… 😉

  10. Ha ha ha ha… stayin' alive, stayin' alive. Great video record of a very interesting and stimulating visit. Thanks for sharing the fun, especially NASA mission control – flippin' legend. Hello from the Moon ; – )

  11. Actually the tv images of the moon landing came from a satellite dish from Parkes, NSW, Australia. There is a funny Australian film about it called The Dish.

  12. Yeah, I’ve noticed that Texans can get a bit touchy about, well, Texas things. That meal looked awful. I’m so sorry to have missed the Tonkfest. Also thanks for the lunar landing info. Pretty sure you’re onto something. ⭐️⭐️❤️😘

  13. Here in Toronto we have much of the downtown connected by an underground tunnel system. It is called The Path. It's a lifesaver in the cold weather. 🙂

  14. You're such a personality! If I become rich one day, I'll travel to get some treatments from you. Meanwhile we could have discussion on conspiracy theories 😀 Love from Finland 🙂

  15. Laughing…this was too funny ! I ought have been there…I exhibit almost every issue you mentioned. So happy to hear you are a fellow conspiracy theorist ! Thanks for sharing ! Dying to hear what you think happened in 911. 🇨🇦

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