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However old you grow, you don’t want your skin to look aged. Some people look older than their age. Try these tips. Who knows even a married man could pass off as a college boy! Requirements – Gingelly oil ( 2 table spoon), Seeyakai or Acacia concinna (1 spoon) & Hibiscus flower (4 or 5) Mix powdered hibiscus flowers & seeyakai into a paste. Apply gingelly oil on the face. Massage well for 10 mins. Apply the mixed paste on face and leave for 5 mins. Massage again for 5 mins & wash it. Repeat this twice a week. Sounds familiar? Yes..the same old grandma tips! Practiced regularly earlier but not now because of our busy lifestyle. Once you start doing this twice a week… …your skin begins to glow Seeyakai removes dead skin cells & skin gets vitamin E from gingelly oil. Result… shining cheeks! …and shiny skin tends to appear young! To know more skin tips subscribe to say swag channel & comment below.

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