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If one were to tell you: “Time is a flat circle,” you may rightfully say:
“What is that, Niezsche? Shut the f**k up.” Perhaps the phrase, “Time is a flat circle”
means that the universe is cyclical— that time loops back on
itself over and over and over again, like a snake swallowing its own tail. Or perhaps it refers to Nietzsche’s concept
of eternal recurrence, which, contrary to how it may sound, is not a theory
on the nature of the universe at all. Rather, eternal recurrence is a thought experiment
that asks: what if every moment, every minute detail of your life is destined to
endlessly return exactly as it is now? Referred to by Nietzsche as the “formula for human greatness,” the eternal return is a test of one’s strength of character. Allow me to explain. Nearly blind and tormented by constant migraines— Nietzsche thought that existence was endless suffering, like dropping onto deadly spikes, plummeting to your doom, or being pressed to death. Not only is the world brutal—the universe
is radically indifferent to human existence— and that means, for Nietzsche,
that our suffering is utterly meaningless. When faced with the harshness of reality,
people tend to be dejected or angry— and delude themselves into thinking
they can evade their own suffering, or they blame someone else for their fate
and seek revenge for their lot in life. To Nietzsche this hatred of existence is called “Ressentiment.” But no amount of revenge changes the reality
of the inevitability of suffering and death. Given this, the eternal return can be understood as a test of a person’s strength in the face of a nihilistic world. To see if they can aspire to the heights of what Nietzsche calls the Übermensh- A person strong enough to revel in tragedy and suffering and love life for its beauty and its ugliness. It’s a sort of Dionysian principal
that affirms life as it is. Nietzsche asks: What if in your loneliest
of… lone-lies a little demon flew up to you and told you that this world as it exists—
this lonely moment… would return for eternity. If your reaction is to curse the thought—
you have succumbed to ressentiment. However, if instead, for you, nothing would be more divine—then you exhibit the qualities of the highest type person: The Übermensh Trust me, this is not what Nietzsche intended. So now the question becomes, how would you have to live in order to desire repeating every moment endlessly?

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  1. we being the key and the flat circle of existentance moving thru experiences in which our minds create (use of key)opening the doors we walk thru The choice is our own no matter how much engery pos or neg is directed towards us by others to influence our reality its ours ultimately experienced how we choose to with an openness of excitement at the prospect of learning or closed up full of fear and thats how i see it and deal pretty much thats the short .

  2. I actually experience something called 'psychogenic deja vu', which is basically a condition in which i feel extreme deja vu, sometimes triggered by stress. In a way, I've experienced eternal return. For the longest time, this condition just destroyed me as a person. Even at the best of times, the thought and feeling that what was happening would recur over, and over, and over for the rest of eternity terrified me. Like, Lovecraftian horror, mind-destroying revelation terrified me. I guess I'm just not an Ubermensch yet, because it still does.

  3. a snake eating its own tail is an occult symbol ouroboros it's like the Phoenix it's reincarnation, rebirth the never ending cycle… us

  4. I don't get the part at the end when he says, "Trust me, this is not what Nietzsche intended." What isn't? To become the ubermensch?

  5. "I don't care what you think as long as it's about me.
    The best of us can find happiness in misery"

    My god the members of Fall Out Boy became Übermensch years ago.

  6. The Ubermensch.. The greatest possible version of themselves that any human can achieve? So basically a Buddha, right?

  7. One of those quotes (from Twilight of the Idols) seemed t break down into nonsense: "armor fail"? "armor fat 1"? "armor fat i"? And what followed lacked context for me. The rest of the video is really good, from my view, but that one part is very distracting.

  8. this question, as i understand it, is moot. If im able to perceive that each moment is repeating endlessly, then every sequential repeat is slightly different due to my own perception. If i am not able to perceive it, then it makes no difference because i am no more able to experience eternity than a rock.

  9. Wow, being an Übermensch sounds like my kinda-goth-view-of-things:
    revelling in the beauty of a cute little rat, but being equally astounded by its intestines conserved in formalin…^^

  10. I don't really get the relevance of the video game references. They seem to only distract from the content. Apart from that, thanks for the summary.

  11. What if this is exactly the purpose of reincarnation (if you believe in it)? To learn to cherish and make the best of existence as it is, both the good and the bad, and humans' souls are destined to return to life until we do just that? So the idea of heaven and hell isn't something that exists outside of us after life, but is what each individual decides what life on Earth will be like for him or herself. But what happens to the human soul once it has accomplished the task of cherishing life? dunno.

  12. can you do an episode on nihilism i would like a video to show people it isnt as depressing as it sounds after finally getting out of an argument with a lady who thinks shes a special little snowflake and how we are all special little snowflakes, btw the argument was me trying to tell her why slut shaming is evil, she didnt think so

  13. Absolutely love this channel. It's what Game Theory orginally was, but better by hitting the actual hard questions of life. Love it!

  14. So I'm just gonna throw this out there: All megamen are übermench.
    Rock,X,Zero, & even the ZX guys. their antagonists all try to do the stuff wily is shown doing in the vido down to even blaming their nemesis &/or the world for their suffering. And to top it all off in a really retroactively crazy way that blew my mind: the red doughnut looking thing from X6's volcano level looks like a snake biting it's own tail upon closer inspection. Kinda funny, seeing how the boss is a Phoenix of all things. Much like how some form of megaman always comes into action each time things go wrong, a malevolent force of some kind (wily, sigma, especially weil, serpent, master albert…) starts the mess, sometimes due to influence from the one before them. Freaking rebirth of the two sides every time. Weil takes the cake on this one as his will & wrath lived on somehow in a bunch of biometal called model W that makes people go crazy/possessed & guess what it creates when all of them are put together? A floating fortress. shaped like a snake. Biting it's own tail. called… oroboros.

    Ho-ly. Shit.

  15. your videos are very good and detailed but it seems that it does satisfy me because it is to short that it does not cause of an orgasm of satisfaction. For me you should put more detail on the video long until every inch of the detail is put on a video maybe 1 hour on every topic is good or orgasmic I may say. Thanks for the videos its good btw. I only feel every 8 bit philosophy lacks something. 20 min minimumn is good.

  16. I'd be content to living in suffering for my life to repeat itself forever if my cat or zuyrnfomx jax would stop being annoying. Also a gf would be nice too. Then we can suffer together

  17. well it is magnetic so maybe we circle along the magnets. another thing is, the big bang shoots out like a star. the eternal 2 energies exyrovert and introvert. male and female. so if the big bang was extrovert, maybe before it was like a introverted supermassive black hole the was unstable enough to explode. hence, eternal recurrence.

  18. Bro your videos are so good but your dumb fucking music needs to stop.. it's very distracting. and i can't hear a damn thing your saying… like i can't hear you at all!! the dumb "retro video games" in the background completely take away from the realness and the seriousness of the subjects your speaking about on your videos.. I can seriously guarantee you that if u came up with something more adult like and something that doesn't lower the quality of your videos.. you would see some huge you tube growth,and your channel would be taken seriously and not like a waste of time resuting in a massive migrane… I'm just being real.. I do like your video subjects just not the bull shit in,the background

  19. its an easy way for a collective to deal with problems only a few migth have.

    People tend to think : "One blaming others is the easy way out." but try to think on it like this: "how ez is it for all to blame one?"

    belittle the problems of others until they break or falsy accept their suffering, because it makes it ez for the rest.

  20. If given an infinitely long amount of time, any situation will occur, so if time were an infinite loop, eventually something different would occur, making it not an infinite loop, but an infinite line.

  21. But if you repeat every moment endlessly, then your knowledge of the repetition of moments can't exist, therefore it doesn't matter whether or not it repeats?

  22. What if there is no ubermensche and what if Nietzsche was wrong, and that the true motivator to any human motive is fear? Not that time isn't a flat circle. It's that human existence is an on rails program designed to avoid negation and pass dna to the next iteration. Faced with negation, the primary motive is fear. It's hardwired. It's in every cell and governs every form and function of the human corpus.

  23. dude, i love your videos. very precise, very simple. truly great.
    at 2:20 quoting Nietzsche in Ecce Homo.
    it's "AMOR fati"… not "aRmor fati"

  24. Gita tells the same fact in " Akshar -Brahma " chapter.

    Remember what porcupine tree said ? " Ever had the feeling that you've been here before?"

  25. my personal take and modification to this idea is that we live our lives again and again until we become conscious and awaken as to make better decisions day to day and ultimately perfect our lives over time/many replays. The only things that are the same in every replay are your parents, where you're born, your name, etc. Things that you can't change in this current life. The rest are all variables and subject to habit and awareness. Every time we fail we bring some unconscious wisdom with us into the next life, until our lives as who we are become so light and joyous that there's nothing left to do in said life.

  26. Despite what the video says, eternal recurrence is a theory on the nature of the universe. Nietzsche believed you will go through your life an infinite number of times.

  27. If everything has been on repeat, when was it ever the first time? And if nothing we think is choice can be changed by will alone, then if freedom is an illusion, then do we accept everything and nothing as fair?

  28. It's the same argument that Camus makes in Sysiphus.
    If the universe is indifferent to your struggle and suffering, then it wouldn't think anything of making you live out your existence over and over. Being "happy" then becomes a bandaid or a superimposition over the facts. Ultimately useless.
    You're mindwiped at birth/death every time; so there is no way to even know you're in an iteration of a life lived countless times, and there would be zero way to affect the outcome.
    The only way out is immortality, and we aren't there yet…so…

  29. if the charmed witch could freeze many moments, she could put these into a line n the people in the freeze would circle-through. really.

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