Hello everyone. Hi Hi Hi Hi Welcome to my channel FairyASMR I’m Federica and what you are about to watch it’s a new ASMR video a relaxing one This time it will be a show and tell kind of video a special show and tell Since I am collabing with YesStyle A company that sells lots of products, especially products for your skin care a in particular, Korean skincare products , that as many of you may know, is amongst the most advanced skin care in the world As usual, I suggest you to watch this video with your headphones on and to get comfy, to lie down and to let me guide you to sleep with my whispers and the sounds made by the object that I will use And as usual if you like this kind of video, let me know by leaving a thumbs-up and subscribe to my channel if you didn’t do it already click on the bell and choose to receive all my channel’s notifications so that you will always be notified when I upload (a video) Good, I can’t wait…let’s start So, as you may see the box I received is pretty big it contains loads of products that I can’t wait to show you I suggest you to look in the infobox, where I will leave a discount code for you, to use on the website so click on the link and use it to receive a discount on your purchase Let’s see what we have here First pruduct I choose Moreover, everything arrived perfectly packed I already knew the YesStyle website because a friend of mine told me about it She loves it and she is constantly buying stuff on it And she was the one that intrduced me to the Korean skin care with direct experience and I soon got very curious so, The first product is the Peach C pr pox Can you see? Peach C Beauty by Peach And it contains products that now I am going to show you Here they are So, this is the box and these are the products inside it As you can read here, the tube contains a sort of primer for your makeup While these are cushion, and they come in three different shades and these products’ name is Peach C honey glow cover cushion with SPF 50+ and Peach C and peach glow makeup base I will go and use the lighter shade, which is Ivory 01, then there’s Beige 02 and the last on is Sand 03 So, there is a little mirror and it comes with a protective covering this is a little cushion, shaped like a peach! look how cute it is! let’s see if it makes a good sound Oh, yes! It’s very soft! You use it this way, right? to apply the foundation on you face and then you open it like this So you have to remove the sticker before the use and and close the lid once you have used it there you go can you see? Now, I won’t put it on my face because I have another foundation on but I will swatch it on my hand it a sort of foundation and concealer together and this shade is a bit too dark for me, I think I will need the other one (02) unless this one oxidizes it’s not exactly a foudation because it’s not high coverage but it’s rather a sort of BBcream if you like These cushion are rather famous abroad in Italy we don’t use them much anyways, super cute this bottle let’s see if it has some pigment No, it hasn’t it’s a sort of primer Can you see? It’s white it smells so good It smells like peaches, maybe sweeter than peaches The scent is not too strong, it smells like peaches and vanilla I hope it’s relaxing for you to look at this kind of stuff, I love these kind of videos so, this one is fantastic it’s another top product that I choose, it’s a peripera product and it’s a mini fridge it’s a limited edition and it’s written on it dal dal factory I choose to get the pink one but there’s a light blue one too. Look how cute! you can already tell it’s beautiful even if it’s still in the box I will now show you (how it looks) without the box obviously inside it there are some products peripera Ink Velvet 16, Vivid Coral Red So basically it contains some tint lipsticks in different shades then let’s see…Vivid Tint Water 2, Peach sqeeze Vivid Tint Water 6 pink lemon sqeeze So, let’s see them Always remember to look in the description box below oh, what are these things? These are some stickers and it says pericola, icecream chocolate strawberry milk Look how cute! to stick on these little objects What you are seeing here are some cans some tins, now I will try and build it it should not be very hard. Look how pretty! Look peripera so, oh yes, and once you open it you can find this tints and I don’t really know if you can also use them for your cheecks or just for your lips, I will have to check anyhow, on this other side you insert the shelves I guess It will take me a while but I will do it later But look how cute these tints are! vivid water and ink chick. Oh, yes yes! ink velvet, ink chick and ink multi I think this one can be used as a blush also This one as a lip tint and it maybe has a velvety consistency. I don’t know! and maybe this one for contouring your face Amazing! But let’s move on because it’s not over yet! I am going to say it again, if you have never visited this website you should absolutely do it! It’s full of interesting things. I asked a friend of mine for suggestions so that I could buy things from the best brands and also so that I could get the most interesting products So, I got this bag! tell me if it doesn’t look wonderful?! it obviously has a strap, so that you can wear it in different ways it’s shaped like a camera. look at this eyelashes and lens The lens has a zip So this is another pocket Inside (this pockets) there are the products that I choose Let’s see what I have in here What is this ? so, yes! it’s Innisfree, one of the best! canola oil lip balm so a oil lip balm made with honey I don’t know why I am smelling it with the cap still on as If I could smell it this way! Maybe it would be better if I opened it! It actually smells like honey! It makes you want to eat it Look! this will be very very useful for the winter wonderful! I am very excited to use it! Like when you are a child (and you are excited to try something new) then, they sent me this thing here, which is the mini sized LANEIGE – Glowy Makeup Serum This Was not closed well enough, in fact the cap it’s a little bit damp not too damp, but still it’s a mini mini mini size, but LANEIGE it’s a very good brand it’s basically an illuminizing serum I can tell from the product that came out and that it’s now on the cap that it’s very creamy it seems to be very nourishing and it also has a dropper I can’t wait to try it, if I like it I think I will buy the full sized one If they sell it, but I think they do! Look how cute! It makes a lovely sound We need a video using just this one trigger! So look how fashionable is this writing style! this is how it looks on the back side There is another pocket. Let’s see Let’s open the main one! What do we have here!? I don’t know how to read it This is basically another serum made with green tea It says that it’s a serum which contains a reviving and hydrating mix of organic green tea water, that helps restore skin clarity and suppleness. it locks moisture right next to skin’s surface and boosts skin’s natural ability to produce moisture. The bottle looks like this! Can you see? It has a pump here closed obviosly and it’s secured This product makes me very curious to try it. then, then, then…let’s see This is a BBcream It’s from MISSHA I think that MISSHA, I don’t know if you are supposed to read it like this, it’s a more popular brand than INNISFREE But I was drawn to it because of this little bear Can you see? Look how cute! and now I am going to show you the packaging Here it is! Look at it Obviously this is a 50ml BBcream bottle it’s the number 21 and I think it exsist in other 3 shades and I think I got the intermediate shade If I don’t get wrong I go crazy for this bear with the cheecks shaped like kisses I think this is a limited edition Can you see? Even this shade is very very light! But I think it’s the right one for my skin tone It smells so good! It smells like wet wipes, the ones that you use to clean you hands the ones you use for kids, it’s a very powdery smell I am obsessed with scents in general…sorry! Can you notice the fact that you can almost not see it! It blends so well with one’s skin tone Very good! I have wished for a BBcream for so long! I can’t wait to try this one! especially, I am curious about how long it lasts Because usually the effect of BBcreams doesn’t last as long as the foudations’ one So, I really want to test it out Then, This one I think is the last product No, that’s not true, there are another two in here. so, This is Elizavecca, another more popular brand I think But super interesting anyway in my opinion! and the packaging is fantastic! it’s written here And basically it’s a…Hum…no, maybe Maybe this one wasn’t amongst the most the very popular brands Because that friend of mine suggested it to me, but anyway The product is a mask It’s made out of clay, so it should be dark. and it makes little bubbles when you apply it Look how cute this packaging is! here it is and it’s obviously sealed Here it is! On the website you can find all the instructions I was curious to try it so I got it, I think it’s a purifying mask and I don’t know, I also think it whitens the darker sposts you have on your face (if you have them) Also very cute! Then I also choose this peeling powder, for a very deep cleansing ibiscus tea bag, so It will smell like flowers basically On the back you can find all the instruction on how to apply it etc.. and it reacts with water it’s the same colour as my background! I love it and the last one We got to the last product It’s another INNISFREE product, it’s an eyecontour cream, I have heard only amazing things about it! can you see? It’s an eye cream it’s made out of Orchid from this place that I don’t know how to pronounce. Please let me know how to say it in the comment It’s spelled: J-E-J-U I don’t know! It seems that this is a very nourishing and moisturizing cream And also, a good antiage cream! and it prevents Anti-Dark Circles, it has lots of properties this is its packaging This is also very cute! Purple Sorry If once in a while I look at the camera’s mirrow, but I am in love with this colours and I love to see how they look on camera oh, it’s obviously sealed I don’t want to open it because I still have to finish mine But this one has already been tested by friend, so I am sure this is a good product Especially for people over 25 Well I really hope that you liked all the products that I showed you and please leave me a comment and tell me which one was your favourite or maybe which one is the one the relaxed you the most and which one made your favourite sound and don’t forget to tell me if the video was relaxing and why not interesting by also leaving me a thumbs-up and what else? thank you for watching my video. Also don’t forget to check out the infobox for the website link and for your discount code If you want, we will see each other again in my next video fairy kisses Now it’s your turn! Did you already leave a thumbs-up? Subscribe and click on the bell button, so we won’t lose track of each other! or extra subscribe to be part of our fairy crew! and if you want to keep on relaxing, click on one of the videos I have left you here! I think you will like them! Good night!

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    Comunque voce spettacolare come sempre 💕

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