Thyroid Massage to Look 40 Years Younger? – Massage Monday #426

Hi everyone. I am Yasuko and it’s time for Massage Monday. Last week I showed the Reflexology for thyroid. As I was researching about thyroid, I came
across a thyroid massage which was very interesting. It was about a story of Ninon de L’Enclos. I think I’m butchering the French name. I’m sorry. She lived in France in the 17 century under
Louis XIV. She had a very interesting life as a courtesan
or a high society prostitute. She was rebellious yet philosophical smart
lady, and also she was very beautiful. Supposedly, she looked 30 when she was 70. That’s 40 years younger than her age. Luckily, before she passed she revealed her
beauty secrets to few people. And her long time assistant published it after
her death. And one of them was very simple neck massage
around the thyroid and face massage. So this week I’m going to show you the thyroid
massage and face massage that Ninon did to keep her beauty. Thyroid is located just below the Adam’s Apple. First, rub your hands 20 times to generate
heat. Put your warm hands on your thyroid and caress
the neck towards the back using the entire palm. Do this 50 times. I’m going to time this. The key is to do it lightly. Some people say you must use the good quality
oil as a lubricant so it won’t cause too much friction on the skin to cause skin damage. I think it’s ok if you do it lightly as long
as you don’t have a dry skin. If you have a dry skin then definitely use
a good quality organic oil as a lubricant. As I mentioned last week, thyroid regulates
growth and metabolism. It also helps with skin and hair. So maybe it’s true that her thyroid and face
massage routine contributed to her eternal beauty. And maybe also her longevity because she lived
till 84 which is pretty amazing when the life expectancy was only 35 at that time. Or maybe it’s because she had a policy of
never getting married and keeping her lover for no more than 3 months. Who knows. What do you think? I would love to hear your comments on this
below. That’s 50 times and if took 81 seconds. If this is not easy you can do this one side
at a time but it will take twice as long. Next, put your hands under the chin and caress
upward along the face line towards the temple. Do this 50 times. Do this once a day if you have that much discipline
and dedication like Ninon did. After doing these 50 times my arms and shoulders
were burning and very sore. I tried it lying on my back and it was much
easier because you can use the gravity to glide and don’t have to lift upwards. You are welcome to add this to the anti-aging facelift massage that’s very popular on this channel. I’ll put the link below. Since I’m still busy beautifying my face,
here’s one story about her. She had a son with a wealthy man. The father of the son raised him with an agreement
that she would not reveal her identity as his mother. But when she was 60, her son visited her because
he was madly in love with her. She brushed him off at first but he would
not give up and kept coming back. Since he was so persistent in wanting to be
in a relationship with her, she had to tell him that she was his mother. The son left and committed suicide the same
day. So that was 50 and it took another 81 seconds. So neck or thyroid and face massage was one
of her beauty secrets. The other secret was a beauty tonic that she
used as a moisturizer for her face and I got some of the ingredients here. These are my Christmas gifts to myself for
the eternal beauty. I will try this and share it with you later. My ultimate goal is to look like this in 40
years. So in 2058, I hope we’ll both be here to witness
it. Thanks for watching. I’ll see you back next week. Make it a great week. Feel free to comment below and please don’t
forget to subscribe. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

100 thoughts on “Thyroid Massage to Look 40 Years Younger? – Massage Monday #426

  1. Oh dear I'm almost 50 that means if I Do this 100 time's instead of fifty times I'll completely disappear myself off of this earth and just get rid of EVERYTHING including my fat !!!

  2. Hey Guys
    Many negative thoughts about marriage life! Healthy relationship are blessings. Looking after ourselves skin and health is our responsibility, so please take full responsibility don’t blame your partner, you will look good and your partner would feel good to see you happy and healthy πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

  3. 40years younger???
    soo what if i was like 39 years then after masage i would look like embry or what???? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  4. Of course no toxic husband or boyfriends may you live longer
    We women are told that we are napier being in love.
    I decides teo yeats algo to try yo be free of men for a whole…and my healthy has improved a lot.

  5. Thanks I Loved It !!!
    Will do Every Day on My Beaty Journey. I want to Always Look 30 Years Old !!!!!!
    Going to My 50 Years !!!!!!!!!!!! CLASS REUNION !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. What rubbish you people come out with, none of it works, do this do that if any of these things work every one would be walking around with faces years younger, every one is so hung up on youth some of you out there decide to bamboozale people into thinking they just have to wave a magic wand and they will be younger. Eat right sleep well have no stress in your life and age gracefuly aging is a part of life if people dont want to age there is only one thing can stop that from happening I feel sorry for people who spend their lives chasing their youth old age is a fact

  7. No face massage will be in much help without changing your diet to at least 70% raw and Vegan,meat is acidic and ages way faster

  8. Do she changed her lover every 3 months at max, call girls change they's every few hours, doesn't seem to help them much. Guess they didn't know the thyroid massage, πŸ€”πŸ™„πŸ˜‚

  9. A much easier process is getting a can of bondo. Auto body putty and apply to face shape and smooth and ta da the new you……

  10. Life expectancy has nothing to do with what you think it does. Living to 84 means exactly what it does today. Life expectancy was longer mostly due to childhood mortality. Nothing to with aging. People are aging worse now.

  11. Take collagen tablets my favorite is by β€œYoutheory” it’s sold on amazon and eBayβ€”it works as a hair, skin and nails protein.

    Basically as you age, your skin loses collagen (resulting in elasticity, smooth texture) but if you take collagen, especially at a young age, it won’t happen like that…

  12. .Orgasam a day keeps the wrinkles away.. sex is great for stress and toxin release and enhances energy flow throughout the body

  13. Yasuko Kawamura Just subbed to your channel! Great video and super informative. The best part was the love story – sad and unbelievable at the same time. Can't wait to try the massage myself and shed off a few years to look eternally young 😊

  14. Thank you for both the history lesson and massage information. Sad story about her son committing suicide though xxx

  15. Thank you very much for posting this. After my first massage, my face skin feels AMAZING… tight and strong πŸ™‚ thank you

  16. oh by the way, there is a tip i could give you guys called Youtube channel Anti Agining Subliminal lazer Sound of Relaxing Music just lclose your eyes using headphones breath in & out if you want you could Meditate though you don't have too. Just close your eyes do i as i told you. It served me a Miracle on my date since the woman though i was 23 though i am already head on 38 hahaha right? True That..

  17. That really helps good. And one thing that I think that helps very most important is eating a good healthy diet

  18. besides the almond oil, what are the other ingredients. Thank you once again. Such s humble Lady

  19. I think she kept her beauty by staying stress free and both contributed. Thyroid massage and revolving lover.

  20. Another little miracle, is pure Shea Butter.
    Got this tip from a carribean lady 15 years ago, who looked 20. Been loyal to it ever since β€οΈπŸ‘. This was a cool vid. Thanks for the beauty hacks πŸ˜‰

  21. Even without the Ninon de L'Enclos cream it is helping my skin feel and look better and softer etc… I'm guessing it exercises and tones the face muscles and stimulates the collagen production to name a couple of things. Thank you so much for sharing this beauty secret. πŸ™‚ Many blessings to you.

  22. Mam you are really excellent
    Your knowledge, is superb
    And your way of presenting is excellent
    I learned a lot from your videos
    God bless you

  23. Nooo, the story is the copy of a legend in our country πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ But l like your video. Thank you.

  24. Definitely she preserved her beauty because she never got married and had active sexual life. It's scientifically proven that women need sex even more than men for their well being..
    What women get instead? Married a women get into domastic slavery, stop getting sex and get thousands of obligations which force them to forget about her own needs.
    Women must change paradigm that each of them has to get marry and have children. This is the social conditioning which does not have to be our reality..

  25. My aunty never married and never had kids but she looks very old, so i dont think he youth was due not getting married

  26. Thank you for the information…. so basically the lady who gave this information up was basically a pretty whore.. I'm amazed at how people try to make prostitution sound special and seductive… none of the less I'm grateful for the information

  27. Keeping a lover for only 3 months and sleeping around is not why this lady lived to a certain age…. stinking thinking

  28. i’m 53, when i was in 3HO community of America in July-Aug, i was often asked who old i am. and i was always embarrassed to answer as they thought i was 25-40. i think my age stopped since i left my family and took care of my self with Kundalini yoga practice.

  29. I have a total thyroidectomy but I would love to do your massage every day. Do you suggest that I bother since I have no thyroid.

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