Things Meghan Markle Can’t Do After She Marries Prince Harry

With all eyes on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s
upcoming nuptials, it’s pretty easy to forget about all the things that will take place
after the big day. Marrying into British royalty is a bit different
than becoming a Disney princess. By that we mean there are rules. Here are some things that Markle will be barred
from doing after she says “I do” at St. George’s Chapel in the spring of 2018. No more autographs As an actress, Meghan Markle has likely signed
her fair share of autographs. As a soon-to-be royal, however, those days
are now behind her. The reason for this is understandable: royals
are prohibited from signing autographs due to the risk of signature forgery, as explained
by Express. But, what fun are rules if you can’t break
them — or at least bend them — from time to time? When asked to sign autographs, Prince Charles
usually defaults to an apology and tells the public he is unable to do so, according to
The Telegraph. Be that as it may, when visiting Cornwall
after major flooding, a man whose home had been badly damaged asked for his John Hancock. Charles, feeling moved, obliged by writing
“Charles 2010.” Markle did something similar in January of
2018 for a 10-year-old fan. According to Time, instead of signing her
name on the paper provided, Markle simply wrote “Hi Kaitlin.” Voting is out Meghan Markle is far from apolitical — she’s
been vocal about a number of issues over the years, and has a history of activism. Robert Lacey, a historian and biographer of
Queen Elizabeth told The Guardian this might be an issue, “I can see that this is going to be a real
problem in the months and years ahead for her, an existential problem. I don’t imagine the Queen will be in a rush
to have Meghan at the royal family’s vacation house in Scotland when Trump visits.” This poses a bit of a conundrum for Markle
as a soon-to-be member of the royal family because they are expected to stay mum regarding
politics — including their thoughts on specific politicians. Per the official website of the British royal
family, the Queen must “remain strictly neutral with respect to political matters.” This includes voting in elections. Although the Queen is the only one explicitly
prohibited from politics, members of the royal family abide by the same policy. No bare legs for Meg When pictures surfaced of Prince Harry and
Meghan Markle announcing their engagement, your eyes may have fixated on the ring immediately. But Markle’s legs were what actually stole
the show that day. Specifically, her bare legs. Royal expert Victoria Arbiter explained the
situation to Business Insider, saying, “You never see a royal without their nude
stockings. I would say that’s really the only hard, steadfast
rule in terms of what the Queen requires.” It could be that Markle didn’t know the pantyhose
policy at that time, as she now appears to abide by the Queen’s preference, at least
at royal events. New bedtime In an interview for the book The Royals in
Australia, the Queen’s private secretary told of Princess Diana’s agony while sitting through
long royal dinners. He explained, “There’d be an hour or so in the sitting room
of everyone sitting around making conversation, and nobody felt it right to go to bed before
the Queen did.” Eventually, Diana got so sick of the pomp
and circumstance that she’d excuse herself and go to bed anyway, despite it being considered
bad form. If Markle is looking to stay in Queen Elizabeth’s
good graces, she probably shouldn’t follow in Diana’s footsteps. No more acting When someone marries into a royal family,
their careers don’t often come with them. Grace Kelly, who was an actor prior to marrying
Prince Rainier III of Monaco, left her Hollywood career behind. Markle has decided to follow suit — by quitting
USA’s Suits after seven years. “I don’t see it as giving anything up. I just see it as a change. it’s a new challenge, It’s a new chapter.” “Whatever we have to tackle together or individually
will always be us together as a team.” Her final role may just be a one-off: as a
royal bride at the much-anticipated and widely televised royal wedding. Traveling solo is a no-go Meghan Markle’s days of being able to travel
solo are already becoming a thing of the past. According to Express, the royal-to-be was
issued royal protection officers in the wake of her engagement to Harry. According to royal expert Gordon Rayner, royal
tours around the globe may look effortless to an outsider, but they can actually take
six months to plan. He added that their site visits are hardly
ever longer than 40 minutes at a time and they likely will not travel to that same location
again. Thankfully, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
will at least get a real honeymoon. Well, as real as you can get when you need
to be guarded 24/7. Thanks for watching! Click the List icon to subscribe to our YouTube
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100 thoughts on “Things Meghan Markle Can’t Do After She Marries Prince Harry

  1. What are they going to do if she doesn't obey? Annul their marriage? This country can't even brexit properly.

  2. Some of the rules are senseless and ridiculous, totally unnecessary, and only make the royal family look like snot-nosed jerks which I highly doubt must be the case. They’re only there for tradition and it’s normally run by a government similar to the U.S’s. It’s ridiculous. Is that supposed to make you look more dignified? Because it doesn’t. It makes you look lower and ridiculous. You may as well not even have a life.

  3. If she can't sign autographs she might as well just give up her acting career. I understand the signature forgery thing but why not use a different signature for legal documents vs fan based memorabilia

  4. Lol thats to much controlling shit Basically turning you into how she want you to be…..Them smiles look fake. She's not going to be able to do shit she want to do, then it seems they can get much privacy lol she probably starting to realize a little idk but that comes with that Royal Life. She wanted to marry a prince & live in a 🏰📖 dreams-bullshit right lol so she got her wish most girls dream of lol

  5. yeah they're royal but they can't take any of that to the grave so :/
    congrats to them for being restricted…

  6. I prophesied that this young woman would be in for a rude awakening on that so called Royal norms. I likened her acceptance to marry Harry unto finding oneself in the midst of a gargantuan ANT nest and the sharp nibbling of ants ALL over her body. Now that she has married and became Duchess of Sussex, she WILL HAVE to abide and suffer accordingly. What bloody and dumbfounded a thing such as NOT being able to go to bed BEFORE the so called queen does so! Per adventure that the queen is suffering from insomnia for whatever reason, must the tired duchess just keep waiting? What about the presence of delusion, hallucination or something illusionary that would keep her from even entering HER bedroom! God created ALL humans; shrewd and deceptive humans created so called Royal Family and norms that would seemingly make the appear to be different by their demanded mark of SUPERIORITY. RANCID baloney and Bum fucking bloody shit … ALL THE WAY!!! The aphorism, IT IS BETTER TO REIGN in the GUTTERS than to SLAVE in a PALACE still holds its didactic value … even NOW!

  7. Marriage is difficult enough but with jealous women everywhere, the media & much commentary, I pray they have a long marriage and may God bless them with many children

  8. I can’t help but notice how she seem to try too hard to be sophisticated like Kate. Kate is just a naturally sophisticated woman

  9. I love my bf more than anything on earth but never would I give up my studies, my life and everything to please my mother-in-law
    this is totally crazy
    I hope Meghan will stay happy and healthy

  10. To be honest, I think there's too many restrictions. The younger generation of royals are different as are other royal families. Some do have a blog, twitter or Instagram. I mean, there's a dark side to social media but by the same token, it allows people to interact with others when they are unable to meet face to face. I'm probably not the only one who wishes Meghan still had her blog, Instagram and twitter accounts. Social media has also proven to be helpful when it comes to starting businesses, helping people in need, receiving news updates and tracking down long lost relatives, to name a few. Times have changed!

  11. I would never allow my son to marry a woman like her and if he did anyway both he and especially the woman would face some serious concequences

  12. She won't be able to suck off hollywood producers in order to get roles as an extra in a c-list drama series. The Royal family said that was a no no.

  13. Of course the queen can’t accept the hoes venom got a royal king..🤦🏻‍♂️
    Dude, u r the clean up doctor but be aware ur royal roots are aware u r an idiot…😂🤣
    Hoes do get lucky..🤷🏻‍♂️😅🤷🏻‍♂️

  14. Why does she keep posing with her sex face in full anashamed view in magazines? Why does she still wear her white shoes? All this would be fine with me if she wasn’t married to a British prince. She’s unashamed about styling herself after Diana! Diana was patrician. Darling May-g- Hahn is a common flower girl. She’s Catholic too! In other words if I may – she’s part of the riff raft of society. The great unwashed and a social climber. She says she’s proud of her mixed race ethnicity but she looks like she’s trying hard to leave her black in the hood and display her contrasting raven coloured hair with alabaster white skin. She’s wishy washy, flakey. I’m only being a harsh critic because I don’t like her as a nouveau royale. The wedding looked more like a rap music video or fashion week than a union between two people. I would prefer it if she’d include more ethnic respresentation in her wardrobe stylings. Be proud of it you ungrateful twit! But it’s as if she’s drawing attention to reaching out to the poor blacks of Brixton wearing colonial white- ass Chanel. She’s belittling that community. As if she’s saying , you’re so lucky to have me the fabulous meee! I can’t stand her. She’ll never have class. She’ll always be the pig in Malion

  15. Its a man, have children! A women's shoulders never extend beyond the width of her hips, that's a man, waken up.

  16. i don't really see it that extreme tbh a lot are normal rules to me especially the bare legs even in daily society it's asked to wear tights when you work, for the autographs well like most human beings, for the bed time i guess some of us were raised that way too i mean my family isn't strict at all but we clean and help our elders before going to bed so usually not before our elders do, also this generation is very different to diana's so we shouldn't compare at all for example kate has way more freedom that diana so within years it will be more loose i think especially when the Queen will die.

  17. Yankee Feminist marries Ex British Army playboy??? Can't wait for the divorce lol!!..She will cry and scream oppression and want Million££££££$$$$$ He will get drunk and live on an island…………Britain!!

  18. If its important enough to this untitled society, they will pressure and persuade their own members to take the road of peace. They will protest and chant if necessary. They will find a way to do it. If it is important enough?

  19. "No more wiping her butt hole with her right hand. Meghan must know adhere to royal standards and either wipe with her left hand or have someone of lower standards wipe it for her. It will be a dramatic change in her life but marrying into the Royal Family comes with giving up your right to do whatever the fuck you want."

  20. Have loud screaming echoing orgasms in the castle, waking the queen, and Harry's brother. Is that allowed… proper Brit protocol, bit you're upper lip during sex, page# 78 I think….

  21. It seems that she makes many things against the royal rules. Luckily her husband loves her so much that he doesn't mind.

  22. I have a feeling that Megan will abide by the rules at official royal events, but she and Harry will deviate from things like the no bare legs rule (I saw a photo of William and Kate with with their son George and Kate wearing a skirt with bare legs with no stockings in that photo) and the no autograph rule at non royal events.

  23. Women are not supported by sweatyold hose which went out in the 70' s. I suppose the Queen is still wearing a corset. Is that a rule too? and how about that alcohol at breakfast, tea and bedtime. The rules suck and are nor realistic but are there because of aCONTROL FREAK.

  24. I'm betting there are a whole lot of things she couldn't do before she ever married the prince. Not doing things should be easy for her!!

  25. she's telling the queen and the UK suck you I'm going to do what I want to do and there's nothing you can do about it that's what she's telling him and that's to all of her actions in her behavior,And she doesn't give a damn what you think. Don't you see that it shows and everything that she does. Lights camera action.

  26. How and why royals live this way is not a modern necessity it’s old and out dated and was from a time much different than today game of thrones shows the stupid type of reality that once existed

  27. she does not see this Gingernut????? but what she has access to???? just wait & learn??? All women are Same>dd

  28. Meghan is clearly a vile manipulative money grabbing trashy ghetto whore – twice married before with disgusting lewd and lascivious nude photos of her everywhere still over the internet. The mother is EX CON ghetto trash and the white trash father inbred and lives on welfare in a Mexican trailer She may attempt to change procedures in the Royal family but being a junior new member and NOT blood royal this simply will not work – protocol must be followed. Courtiers and senior royals will ensure this to her detriment if needed! Megan needs to be very careful not to upset the senior royals as fatal 'accidents' could occur – again! The fact that she has got pregnant and dropped some quadroon (probably it will be birth defective) will not protect her; far more powerful influential people before her have tried and failed miserably.

  29. She has to get rid of her male friends.
    No more texting.
    No traveling incognito.
    No more swearing.
    No wearing thongs in public.
    No talking to inhumans like Donald Trump.
    No watching xxx movies.
    She has to get rid of her dildoes.
    No going out without make up.
    No going out without shaving the legs.
    Don’t use credit cards.
    Don’t encourage Paparazzis.

  30. The royal family is over-privileged because their ancestors murdered and stole from peasants, whose descendants now pay taxes to support suspected pedophiles like 'Prince' Andrew. They care so little about the planet that Harry and Charles fly in polluting helicopters and private planes to give talks on environmentalism. Meghan Markle went to a dating company to help her find a rich man before she met Harry, and now they made taxpayers pay 3 million to refurbish their house even though they are millionaires. Wake up people, we live on planet Hell.

  31. Meghan is an opportunistic and parasitic former ghetto trollop and has used men all her life. She has now hit the jackpot with Harry who is unfortunately not the brightest in the bunch and is emotionally fragile. Meghan THINKS she will be still able to say what she wants and go wherever she wishes but that is not the case. Like all minor royals, and certainly all those NOT of blood royal, she will be very closely controlled by the palace staff (courtiers) and simply not permitted to do as she wishes. Sadly, Meghan is quite unsophisticated, being far too uncouth and brash, with 'ghetto' attributes to comprehend her trashy slut like actions are not ladylike. Although it's understood she is finally being given “extensive etiquette, deportment and elocution lessons" the constant vulgar sexual 'touching' of herself ‘rubbing’ and 'scratching' (her ghetto EX CON Lesbian mother also demonstrates this – probably as a result of infestations) are particularly disturbing and repulsive. She's only black when it benefits her and all the ignorant ghetto trash many drug dealing criminals and prostitutes like her black blood relations from filthy primitive backgrounds (shithole countries) delude themselves and actually believe this twice divorced Meghan whore and piece of diseased ghetto shit is something special – the sooner she is ‘taken out’ the better! If Meghan continues her nonsense she could find a fatal 'accident' occurs – best to stay away from fast cars, tunnels and avoid Paris completely!

  32. Harry is happy, why are so many ppl unhappy 4 him? The kid with all is millions hadn’t had everything in his life easy. Hopefully Archie will be an awesome combo of mum & dad.

  33. Harry is not a Prince she is going to marry Harry Hewitt as his father is captain James Hewitt he was conceived when his mother Diana had her 5 year affair with James Hewitt in the early 80st

  34. I thought she’s black.. until now.. still not sure thpugh🤔 she looks like cardi b but prettier ofcourse and the daughter of Lenny Kravitz

  35. I think british so arogant. They implisitly draws Kate and meghan are not balance. The media Made Kate like a sweetheart… And meghan is the opposite. They are too afraid meghan become so famous and lovable compare to Kate. Poor you. Since the royal wedding they're always push meghan aside, pull back actualy. Are they a real family????
    They suppose walk togather when the royal events, meet the people together, smile, bla3…. When we saw the ceremony of royal wedding members..meghan and harry are never and ever walk side by side with kate and her man…. why…. because meghan and harry are always and always the spotlight. Both of them are the Cinderella story. Scandal British media n royal rude rule. Gb menghan n Harry. They want to rutin meghan reputation. People all around the world love meghan and harry more than the other couple.

  36. The more money/power you have the more rules you have to follow regarding your behavior, until you become stiff from following so many rules.

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