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Hi everyone welcome back to my channel
this is Gadgetlily today’s video I am going to share with you a few products
that I discovered either I’ve been using them for a while now or they are recent
discoveries so I hope you stay tuned but before I start I want to first tell you
about the sunscreen that I’m wearing right now is by Colorscience
SunForgettable Total Protection Face Shield I received this product
complimentary from Colorscience I was excited to try this out because I heard
so many good things about Colorscience sunscreen products this is a 100
% mineral sunscreen it also has iron oxide which is a great
filter for blue light actually I’ve been using this for quite a few weeks now
I’ve been testing it out and I really enjoy it
it applies clear and it also is very complementary to different skin tones
because it applies clear and it doesn’t leave any white cast also the best thing
I like about it is that it doesn’t burn my eyes people that are have sensitive
eyes 100% mineral products usually are very gentle around the eye area so you
don’t feel any stinging it feels light and comfortable on the skin it’s SPF 50
broad-spectrum PA3 +++ I think it’s important for me to remind you to use
sunscreen even in the winter months as we approach winter and the colder
weather and it applies nicely it doesn’t leave a cast it does give you a kind of
an evenness on the skin tone without coverage so it’s very natural so thank you Colorscience I really
enjoyed this product. The products that I’m going to be sharing
with you now are purchased by myself and they’re available on Amazon that’s where
I got these products and they’re it’s not sponsor or anything these are
products I actually have been using and enjoying and that’s why I want to share
them with you I have links in the description box for your convenience for
your quick reference if you are interested in them I think all these
products that I’m mentioning in this video today have one thing in common and
that is they’re all beneficial to skin and skin health and there are also good
products to incorporate into your skin care you know it gets really dry in the
winter months here so I been wanting a humidifier but I really didn’t want to
you know a big machine or anything I wanted something simple easy to clean
and then I thought of diffuser and humidifier in one and I thought that
would be something I would really enjoy using so I was researching and found
this by Asakuki and it’s called premium essential oil diffuser but it
also is an aroma humidifier so it has it releases cool mist and which I like and
it also has a LED changing mood light I don’t use that very much but it’s nice
to have and it comes in different colors I enjoy this because I was looking for
something that is easy to clean easy to use easy to fill and especially I want
something that’s quiet so this is what it looks like and the operation is
really simple you just turn dis controls the lighting you could
switch to get different lights and this one these two buttons control this the
cool mist and also the the length of time so you could just keep it or keep
it running all night and it’s really simple to use just take the top off and
it comes with a little filler cup you put the water in there’s a measuring and
I would put I feel drops off my essential oil in there and I I think it
recommends like 10 drops and then you just put the lid back on and there is a
you could adjust the direction this is where it releases the cool mist and you
could kind of spin this around to adjust the direction and it’s just so simple to
use it comes with a plug you know you plug it in and just put it you know set
it on a table nightstand or you know whatever a flat surface and what makes
this really nice is that it’s so quiet I keep it on all night and it releases
this moisture so it makes it comfortable it adds humidity to the air and I find
that when I wake up in the morning I don’t feel as dry or that my throat
doesn’t feel as dry so I really enjoy having it and what’s really fun is is
that I get to find all these so there’s all these different ones you could find
there different blends and I love this one that’s um it’s calming which is
mainly lavender this one is a pure lavender and you
could just mix mix and match this one is tangerine oh this one is lavender which
is my favorite I always enjoy lavender more than anything else
so it’s very calming I love that scent and this one is frankincense so and and
you could give that a try but I really enjoy not having that dryness in the air
so it actually helps my dry skin on the body as well you just don’t feel as dry
overall I think a good thing about the diffuser
is when you’re relaxed and you get a good night’s sleep you know I think it’s
also beneficial to your skins of course getting a good night’s sleep
is super important for your health so I really enjoy using the diffuser for that
this is really easy to clean too you just take the you just take the cover
off and pour out whatever is left inside you rinse it out and then you put a
teaspoon or a tablespoon of vinegar in and then you fill it with water again
and then you just run it for five minutes and then just pour that water
out and that it cleans the humidifier or diffuser unit so it’s made by Asakuki it has really good reviews on Amazon
this isn’t sponsored on anything I’m just glad I found this because I really
liked this unit and I did a lot of research to find the one that I like and
this is very reasonably priced so the next thing I want to talk about these
vitamin C sprays this is made by Garden of Life and it’s called MyKind Organics
I mentioned them or I mentioned this product in my pack for Paris video I
think that’s about a year old now there every time I travel I use them it boosts
your immunity and I just feel like I could handle the crowds and you know
much better I I don’t know that psychological but I enjoy using this and
and then I started using it at work like in a place where there are lots of
people and then I started using this every day now because I know that
vitamin C is also good for your skin and so I just
um you just it’s simple it’s a spray it’s a vitamin C liquid spray I just
spray three times I just heard good things about it and
and I bought it and I really enjoy it so I it comes in two different flavors it’s
um that I know of it’s orange tangerine and
cherry tangerine and they are sugar-free that no sugar added and they are organic
certified organic this is probably something I can go without I been using
it for you know a couple years I start traveling with it and then now I I use
it everyday I even got my husband using it he would spray a couple squirts in
the mouth so easy and it doesn’t taste bad at all it’s a citrus flavor and it’s
not sweet or anything so I enjoy using it the vitamin C is known to boost
immunity to strengthen your immune system and also it’s great for skin and
tissue health in my frequently asked questions video I mentioned about my
strategic water drinking and that is I always have a glass of water by the
nightstand so that in the morning when I get up I can first thing I do is have a
glass of water and so I got these glasses because they are they it fits in
the hand really nicely and when in the morning when you’re kind of groggy and
you know you’re half you still half asleep it’s nice to have these grooves
these finger holes kind of to really grab onto the glass and another good
thing about it is that the base is kind of heavy so it’s not it’s not going to
it’s gonna sit nicely on the nightstand without having the fear of tilting it
over and also another thing this is a double wall insulated glass so that it
doesn’t create any condensation there are times when I don’t drink as much
because I just hate having the condensation and that ring of
condensation on the table or even on a coaster it’s this big puddle of water
and so I loved having these glasses and these are available on Amazon we found
them on Amazon and they come in different sizes this one is sort of a
groove and these are glass there’s a there’s a lot that are plastic but these
are glass like glasses as opposed to plastic cups
you could put hot or cold drinks and these so like here this one is this and
a two in a box and these are called double wall thermal glasses and they’re
inexpensive and well made and this one is the the small ones I think with these
it I really enjoy drinking water more if they’re they’re ice cubes in here
there’s no condensation on the outside my French friend Sylvie had told me
about this line of body care products it’s called Rituals I’m sure there are a
lot of people that are already using Rituals products I’m just a little
behind in the time I picked up a gift set and in it has a hand wash it also has a
lotion and this one is the foaming shower gel I really like this product
and the scent is the Ritual of Dao is in the green
packaging and also I have been loving this mindful body scrub also in
the same scent the Ritual of Dao this is pretty amazing shower gel it’s it’s a
very clean yet woodsy but for but a little floral you know so I like the the
balance in the scent it’s not strong at all and it comes I don’t know if you’re
supposed to shake it or not but it comes out quite like a gel but then as you
massage it starts to foam up so it feels really nice to use on on your body in
the shower and smells so nice it’s non-drying and you know it just feels
really nice to wash with this it’s very luxurious smelling and I enjoy this
product a lot I’m going to go wash up rinse this off very nicely but it leaves
behind a very soft clean scent so I really enjoy it and this one it’s a very
thick cream it’s a body scrub you could smell the cocoa butter in it but also
has a nice scent and you can you can feel a little bit of the up to scrub in
it but it’s not it’s it’s very fine it’s not harsh at all on the skin and it
gives you a good exfoliation I wouldn’t use this on the face it’s it’s a body
scrub the body scrub really gives you a very moisturizing feeling after you
rinse it off nice and soft and leaves behind a very soft scent I don’t
like it I like it a lot it’s quite moisturizing not drying so I
am glad Sylvie introduced me to Rituals and am i enjoying this these products
again for the winter months your body gets so dry and sometimes it’s just nice
to have you know even if you don’t use it every day just to have something kind
of luxurious without spending a lot of money and these are very reasonably
priced for the the kind of luxury that you can get out of these products and
available on Amazon so I am a hundred percent cotton person I enjoy using 100%
cotton bedding but I find that sometimes the pillowcase when I use a cotton
pillowcase when I sleep it would create creases on my skin or
leave pillow marks on my face so I started using a different type of
pillow case this is not silk it’s I guess you can buy silk pillowcase but
this is actually synthetic fabric it’s probably polyester or something
synthetic but I find that material like this that’s more silky and has a slip to
it actually feels good on the skin and it doesn’t create the lines and or leave
any pillow marks on your face so I’ve been using this and really enjoy it I
still use a hundred percent cotton sheets and blankets and things like that
but for the pillowcase I’ve switched over to something with this like a sheen
type of material and I find it’s much better on my face
I don’t wake up with any marks and especially for people that like to sleep
on the side or on you know on your stomach with your face in the pillow
this is really nice and they’re inexpensive you find them on Amazon and
easy to wash so I’ve been using pillow cases that will help with your your skin
so we have a little visitor Luigi’s visiting and I guess that’s it for my
video today and I hope you enjoyed it I am happy to share these products with
you that I’ve been using and enjoying and and they all have one thing in
common they’re they’re helpful to your skin so thank you for watching and I’ll
see you in my next video Want to say bye bye Bye

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