The wolf prepared for the jump. The boy closed his eyes and burst into tears

What can you expect from the Wolves If you
meet them on your way? You never know beforehand. A similar incident occurred with one of the
hunters. But he saw a little abandoned wolf cub. The hunter felt sorry for the animal and he
took it with him. at home such a find was ambiguous. The wife nearly fainted. But the son, on the contrary, was greatly
pleased. He liked the Little Wolf And he decided to
tame it. Training was given with difficulty the puppy
did not want to carry out the commands. It is understandable because a wolf is a wild
animal and has other charters in life. Gradually the Wolf got used to the new owners
and even began to go out into the yard. Even his wife became good to him, she sometimes
fed him. The boy spent time with wolf only in the morning
or after school. Parents saw the change. Son began to study better. So the days and months passed. The wolf grew up and often made a mess in
the house. The wolf had to be put in an aviary. But in one day an unpleasant incident occurred,
the wolf disappeared. How he managed to escape is still unknown. The boy was very upset, but his parents reassured
him. They brought him a puppy dog. However, the boy went gloomy and even at school
he had bad grades. Parents understood his concern but could not
do anything. Once, on a day off, the boy went sledding
downhill. The hill was not far, 20 minutes to walk. In addition to him there were still children
and also enjoyed riding. The boy did not notice how time flew by and
began to get dark. The boy was afraid of the dark and was about
to go home. But before reaching the top of the hill, he
heard the howl of wolves. Ahead he saw a flock of predators and one
main Wolf in the center. The boy began to cry and closed his eyes,
it seemed like an eternity had passed. But in fact, he was in that position for only
2 minutes. The boy noticed how the main wolf prepared
for the jump and approached him. But when the beast was very close then the
boy recognized his missing wolf. Fortunately, the wolf also recognized the
boy. Joy knew no bounds and together they climbed
the mountain. At the top of the mountain were the rest of
the wolves. The main Wolf growled and drove the wolves
to the side, then the boy was able to pass. The wolf stood and watched the boy until he
disappeared around the bend.

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