The Vampire Facial | Anti-Aging Treatments for Flawless Skin

Traditional facials are out and treatment
facials are in. What is a treatment facial? A treatment facial marry’s the traditions
of the blackhead whitehead removal and the massage with the latest gadgets and the latest
technology. One of my most favourite, newest trending
facial is the Vampire facial. I’m sure some of you’ll have heard about it
and I’m sure you’re very curious about it. It’s one of those facials which is not only
trending in Hollywood with people like celebrities like Kim Kardashian writing about it, but
even in Bollywood and certainly in our clinic – The Ageless Clinic So what is this Vampire facial? The whole concept behind it, is that our blood
has the ability to heal. So say you fall down, you get a deep cut on
your hand. You will bleed, the bleeding will stop and
within two days there will be no trace that you even had a cut over there. The whole concept is that our platelets have
the ability to heal. So in the vampire facial, we take a regular
blood test, remove your platelets out of it and put it in the areas that we want for them
to get better. So the certain indications that we could use
it for would be scars, so certain acne scars or post
wound or post injury scars, open pores, fine lines, wrinkles,
people who just want a fresher appearance, a more well rested appearance
or for those who want help get a really nice glow even before their wedding. It also works for certain types of pigmentation
and rejuvenation. With regards to which age group is suitable
to have it, there’s no such age group. Today if you have an acne scar when you are
19, no problem, we can do it for you. Or even somebody older who just wants to have
a very fresh look, can have it done. Because it’s your own blood, you don’t have
to worry about any sort of side effect, any sort of thing that can go wrong or any
sort of burn or any chemical injury. So it’s a very safe, very effective and a
superb treatment to get done. Let me go over the steps of what this facial
entitles. So, you come to the clinic,
whilst you’re waiting, some numbing cream is applied on your face
and at the same time, like a regular blood test, that you would have at any lab, your
blood is taken. That is then put through a machine which removes
just your platelets which is all the good stuff that we need and
that is put back into your skin to give you those wow results. So, I hope after all this you’re not scared
about the vampire facial and you’ll definitely give it a go. It’s not going to stiffen you, it won’t make
you look fake. In fact, it will make you look really fresh
and very well rested and will actually slow down your ageing process. So think about it.

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  2. Those Needles literally scare the hell out of me!!! I totally agree with the fact that skin should be allowed to naturally heal on it's own.- even if it's acne or some other kind of spots. I suggest girls to Prefer natural home remedies over such 'Treatments'. Ageing is a natural process and has it's own beauty and charm. plzzz embrace your natural beauty and stop following "beauty trends" our so called "celebs" opt for(We already have seen how these celebs look post such "treatments"). To have a healthy skin one should first of all avoid applying all sorts of chemicals on their face – Trust me this is the BEST thing you can do to your skin. Next, go for natural products – natural moisturizers, oils and face packs to heal the sunburns, acne, dark spots and so on …. Remember our skin has the natural ability to heal itself, old skin cells die with time and get replaced by new ones. Let your body decide what's best for you.Shine on girls!!!!! Much Love <3

  3. Waoww very informative video
    Where we can have it in bhopal and what will be the estimated cost
    Btw you look gorgeous as always

  4. I love the way you speak.. so calm and poise you are.. a doctor in its true sense… doctors really need to stay calm and composed while treating their patients.. keep up the good work.. Can you come up with few DIY anti aging remedies?

  5. near about 20 thousand ..acc to research and result Last for 6 -7 months only..then again…go for it…

  6. Its an amazing way for skin care treatment and one can definitely try this for a flawless experience. One must try this anti-aging technique to get better results. Another way to get rid of premature signs of aging is to apply after applying this one can see the changes in their skin tone. For a smoother skin experience its a must try!

  7. I believe there exists a great method to find out more about beauty tips. Just go to google and type: "Blast4beauty". You will get lot of new ideas to enhance your beauty.

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