The Untold Truth Of Queer Eye

Netflix’s Queer Eye is the reinvention of
Bravo’s Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, with all the life-changing makeovers and ugly cries
you remember, updated for the current decade. Premiering in February 2017, the heartwarming
reboot quickly became a pop culture phenomenon, earning millions of fans and making instant
stars of its new cast. Filming in Georgia instead of the Big Apple,
this refreshingly positive take on the makeover reality genre premiered with a lofty goal:
to fight not just for worldwide LGBTQ tolerance, but acceptance. With a third season set in Kansas City on
the horizon, here are a few things you may not know about Queer Eye and its talented
“Fab Five.” Casting call The stars of Netflix’s Queer Eye sat down
with Vulture in June 2018 to reveal how they learned about the reboot and how they secured
a spot as members of the new Fab Five. “Food and wine expert” Antoni said he used
to work for Ted Allen, the original “food and wine connoisseur” on Queer Eye For The
Straight Guy. And he’s still friends with the Chopped host
today. Antoni said a “manager friend” made the connection
and called him to tell him the show was being rebooted, sparking his interest in auditioning. “Fashion expert” Tan said he was found by
“a friend of a friend on social media” and said he never thought he would get the chance
to audition, much less make it on the show. “Culture expert” Karamo was lying in bed enjoying
Watch What Happens Live when guest and original Fab Five “Fashion Savant,” Carson Kressley,
announced the series was coming back. “So I called my agent immediately and was
like, ‘I have to be one of those gays!” The casting was technically already closed,
but Karamo said his agent talked Queer Eye producers into still giving him a shot. “Grooming expert” Jonathan said he found out
about the reboot online, and was “power walking” to his NYC salon when he asked himself, “How didn’t I know about this? I was, like, born for this.” “Design expert” Bobby said he was “sweaty
and disheveled” during his initial Skype interview with the show’s producers, but he still got
a call two weeks later to meet in person, and the rest is history. All for one and one for all The new “Fab Five” started their TV journey
with a bold declaration of solidarity, insisting that they all make the same amount of money
per episode. Talking to Metro, beauty guru Jonathan said
the guys fought for matching wages. And if Netflix didn’t agree, they could find
another cast. He explained, “We’re homies. We’d all feel resentful if one of us was getting
more than the others. It would create a very, like, not cool work
environment.” Back in 2003, Entertainment Weekly reported
that the original “Fab Five” used the same bargaining technique to negotiate a collective
salary, ensuring that all five members would always bring home the same amount of bacon,
even if one of them became a breakout star. Tan’s man You wouldn’t expect a gay, Pakistani, Muslim
immigrant from England to find love with a Wyoming-born Mormon cowboy, but Queer Eye’s
fashion expert Tan France and his husband, Rob, have been happily married since 2007. The couple, who live part-time on a ranch
in Salt Lake City and met on a dating site, started going out because their religious
upbringings gave them a lot in common. Tan told the New York Post, “I don’t drink alcohol, I don’t smoke. We practice some of our religions’ practices. We don’t practice them all. We practice what works for us.” Formerly a pediatric nurse, Rob now works
as an illustrator. In a 2015 interview with Salt Lake City Weekly,
he revealed that’s he’s into fashion as well: “I’m passionate about women’s fashion, oddly,
and horror/sci-fi films. I married a European, which is the best thing
that ever happened to me, and though the world still intimidates the small-town kid in me,
I try to get out and travel often.” Coming out During press rounds before the show’s premiere,
the guys of Queer Eye sat down with Bustle to discuss their coming out stories and how
they’ve come a long way to be the confident and proud men you see today. Bobby talked about how he ran away from home
at 15, Tan revealed he faced bigotry in the Muslim world, Jonathan said he was called
every name in the book, and Antoni revealed that it was only the second time he’s talked
about coming out publicly. But Karamo Brown had help coming out from
an unexpected source: drag queen superstar, RuPaul. Talking about his experiences growing up in
a Jamaican family, Karamo recalled how his father subscribed to the homophobia he said
is prevalent in the Caribbean island nation, but seeing RuPaul allowed him to come terms
with his sexuality and slowly start to “test the waters” with friends and family. “It was something about seeing this African-American
man be confident and talk openly about being part of the LGBTQI community.” Credentials So, how qualified are the “Fab Five”? It’s a question most asked about “Food and
Wine Expert” Antoni, since he mainly sticks to teaching people how to put together simple
salads, whip up easy avocado dips, and, in one episode, teaching a firefighter how to
make better hot dogs. An article on Junkee called, “Does The Incredibly
Hot Food Guy From Queer Eye Even Know How To Cook?” is just one example of the internet
calling into question Antoni’s cred. Antoni is largely self-taught, but he revealed
in a March 2018 interview with the New York Times that he worked in the restaurant industry
for several years. He was a busboy, a waiter, a sommelier, a
manager of a sushi restaurant, and, when he worked for Ted Allen, he was his personal
assistant-slash-chef. As for the rest of the cast: Tan founded his
own women’s fashion line, Kingdom & State, in 2011. Jonathan runs his own hair salon, Mojo Hair,
in Los Angeles. “Culture expert” Karamo worked as a licensed
social worker for almost a decade after his stint as the first gay black man to appear
on MTV’s The Real World. And Bobby has helmed his own interior design
agency for more than a decade. So these guys definitely know their stuff,
in addition to charismatically fronting an Emmy-nominated reality TV phenomenon that
shines a much-needed light on the dark world of toxic masculinity. “Let it shine, let it shine, let it shiiiiiiine”

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  1. I love the original.

    I have gay friends.

    they and I along with my crush all watch this show together.

    I miss the old show though.

  2. ………..And Overly Triggered Snowflakey Putin Cocksuckers and Russian Jizz Guzzlers whining, bitching and crying about this Video which has 100% absolutely nothing to do with them whatsoever (while they're on their knees mouth wide open, Ironically) in 4,3,2,1…………………. #HahahaLMMFAO

  3. I much prefer the original However I do like the reboot cast just not the shows' new format its weak and the editing sucks !!!

  4. i love the originals bit this is a new generation so the newbies are great i love them is a diferent enviromen so i wish them the best 🤔😊🙏👍❤️🤣

  5. Is it really “untold” if you got half of these from interviews and other videos they’ve done with other media outlets?

  6. Honestly, folks who thought Antoni can't actually cook probably can't cook….. because if you watch him you can tell he's actually very skilled and simplifying everything for the person he's teaching. Like do people think he's gonna teach these people how to make complex michelin star meals? So dumb lol

  7. Those other guys can be happy then settled for pay equity because we all know JVN is the breakout star. He and Karamo are the main reasons I watch the show

  8. well, of course, Antoni is gonna show how to make simple dishes because if he showed how to make very bougie dishes there is a chance that not a lot of people would like it. Every candidate is an everyday person and doesn't care for extravagant things. The one thing I like about this show is how they take into consideration how much the candidate can afford, like the guy who had a lot of kids and lived in a messy house, they took him to target to buy new clothes because the guy mentioned he didn't want to spend tons of money on himself because he had many kids to think of

  9. The only reason I don’t watch this tv show is because of Johnathan… girl we get it you are gay. Calm down Beyoncé !

  10. Wow, Thanks a lot for making this video about the new casting for the show Queer Eye. I was a major fane of the old show (Queer Eye for the Straight Guy) and I truly miss seeing that show. This video has really made me reconsider looking at the nw show!

  11. I like them all. Great show. Big fan of the original show. Antoni is cute, theres a resemblance to John Mayer and he has really great recipes too.

  12. I'm all for equal pay and all that but like… one of those dudes has to redesign an entire house each episode. As awesome as the other 4's work is……… like think about it lol. Johnathan gets paid the same for a haircut as Bobby gets paid for an architecture project?? How is that fair?

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