The Pearl by John Steinbeck (Summary and Review) – Minute Book Report

This is a story about a man named Kino, a
poor pearl diver who lives with his wife, Juana, and their newborn, Coyotito. One night, a scorpion stings Coyotito as he
is sleeping. Despite Juana’s attempts to suck out the poison, the baby screams and needs
medical attention. Kino and his family walk to the nearest doctor
to request aid, but the doctor refuses to help them because they are poor. To help pay for the doctor’s services, Kino
goes pearl diving in hopes to find a pearl that will get them the money they need. As he dives, he sees a large oyster and brings
it back to his boat. After opening it, he discovers a large pearl, which he deems “The
Pearl of the World.” The town quickly celebrates this discovery,
but then Kino becomes paranoid and suspicious of his neighbors. In fact, at night, he fights
off intruders who try to steal the pearl. Kino walks into town to sell the pearl to
the pearl dealers. However, the pearl dealers try to lowball him, saying that the pearl
is so big that no one will want it. Kino begins to doubt the pearl’s worth, but decides to
sell it at the capitol himself. That evening, Juana tries to dispose of the
pearl, but Kino stops her. However, there is a mysterious attacker that tries to steal
the pearl. In the struggle, Kino kills the man. Returning to the village, they find that their
home has been ransacked and destroyed. Panicked, Kino decides they must travel quickly to the
capitol before more people try to attack them. They go through the mountains, but realize
that they are being followed by three men, two trackers and a man on horse with a gun. Realizing that the trackers will eventually
catch up to them, Kino decides that he must kill the men. He sneaks up on them, but then
hears Coyotito crying in the distance. The man with the gun fires a shot in the direction
of the crying and Kino takes that opportunity to attack the men. He kills them all. In the end, Kino and Juana return to the village
with a dead Coyotito, who suffered a gunshot to the head, and toss the pearl back into
the ocean. First, readers will discover that the characters
in the story are connected through music, not just to each other, but to nature. Kino
and Juana note that everything has a song. And while there are physical things in this
world that create sound and music, like birds, not everything makes sounds, yet Kino still
can “hear” their songs. So it seems that the music or song that each thing resonates is
more figurative than literal. People can often create connections on an emotional level with
objects and people, a parallel similar to the connectivity of music. As demonstrated through Kino’s own struggle
with greed, readers, too, must wrestle with this vice. The author sets forth an interesting
idea: It is human nature that if we are given one thing, we will always want more. That
the greed to consume is in our nature. However, the author also suggests that it
is perhaps this greed that truly separates humans from all other animals. And it is this
commentary on our appetites, both for sustenance and material things, that is noteworthy. Perhaps
greed is good? Lastly, there is an emphasis on the power
of reading and education. Throughout the story, Kino hopes that his son will be given the
opportunity to learn to read because he recognizes the disadvantage of being uneducated and ignorant
in a society where knowledge is power. For their poor town, anything that is told
to them must be taken as the truth, as there is no way for them to confirm or check if
what they are being told is true or not. If the pearl buyers say that the market for pearls
is bad, the pearl divers must believe them and sell their stock at lower prices. So too, readers should recognize that ignorance
is more detrimental than for its own sake. Without access to knowledge, whether through
self or others, the world becomes a dark place.

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  1. @Andi Meow
    I've never heard of text-to-text connection before, but after looking it up, it's an interesting concept.  I would say that a good text connection to this story would be the parable in the Bible about the man who discovers a pearl or jewel in a field and sells everything to buy the field. 

    Btw, I can't reply directly to your comment since it's not enabled.

  2. The baby received medical attention from his mother; he did not need medical attention.  It was perceived that the baby needed colonial medical attention – that it was better.  Moving from the cultural beliefs of their heritage toward the cultural beliefs of the colonizers, the protagonists lose everything.

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  18. Full summary:

    This is a story about a man named Kino, a poor pearl diver. Who lives with his wife Juana and their newborn Coyotito. One night a scorpion sting Coyotito as he is sleeping, and despite Juana’s efforts to suck out the poison, the baby screams and needs medical attention. Kino and his family walk to the nearest doctor to request aid, but the doctor refuses to help them, because they are poor. So to help pay for the doctors services Kino goes pearl diving, and he hopes to find a pearl that will get him the money that he needs. As he dives he sees a large oyster, and he brings it back to his boat. As he opens it, he discovers a very large pearl, he names this pearl “The Pearl Of The World”. The whole village celebrates Kino’s find. But he quickly become paranoid, and suspicious of his nabougers. That same night he fights of thiefs, who try to steal the pearl, which he buried in the ground. the next day Kino walks in to town, to sell the pearl, the whole village follows him. By this time, the pearl buys, have heard of the great pearl. So when Kino comes to them, they try to lowball him, saying that the pearl is so big that nobody will want to buy it. Kino doubts the worth of the pearl, but he decides to try to sell it at the capital himself. That evening Juana tries to get rid of the pearl by throwing it in the ocean. But Kino stop her by grabbing her arm, as she is just about to throw it. He punches her in the face, and kicks her as she is laying in the sand. However there is a mysterious attacker who tries to steal the pearl, and in the struggle Kino kills him. Returning to the village, they find their home ransacked and burning. Panicking, Kino decides, that they must quickly go the capital. They go though the mountains, but realise that they are being followed by three men, two walking, and one on horseback with a gun. Realising the men will eventually catch up to them, Kino decides that he must will them. He sneaks up on them but they hear Coyotito crying in the distance. the man with the gun fires a shot in the direction of the crying. Kino takes this opportunity to attack the men, he kills them all. In the end Kino and Juana returns to the village, with a dead Coyotito who suffered a gunshot to the head. And they throw the pearl back into the ocean.

  19. Not completely like the book. Kino never doubted the pearl's worth until Coyotito dies. Also, you left out the part where Kino hurts Juana. Good, but also forgot some important stuff. The book was probably the best book I've read after Chains by Laurie Halse Anderson. And it is pronounced Wanna, not you-wanna. And Coyotito is pronounced Coyote-to. Good job tho.

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