The Human Eye Anatomy – Structure & Function

Right, Today we are going to talk about the basics structure of eye ball Will Start with is very very concept as if , We don’t know anything eye ball eccept that you know eyeballs are on the sockets of the orbits right? let’s take a moving eyeball from the orbit and put it here… after it every part of the eyeball one by one, right? first we’ll talk about the general concept and then every part of the eyeball we will discuss into detail if I put an eyeball here first of all we wiil discuss is the outher layer one of the way, one of the best ways to study the eyeball is that we must know what are the walls of eyeball and what are the structures inside it it’s so simple what are the walls of the eyeball and what are the structures inside so first we’ll start studying the walls of the eyeball. right? Then we talk about the eyeball, it does three layers. It does three complement The outer most layer, the outer most layer of the eyebrow

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  2. I'm amazed on your knowledge in eye anatomy and most importantly you are an awesome teacher who explains the concepts very clearly and detaily 🙂

    Thank you, Dr.

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  4. Can anybody tell me…that which books should study for knowing Anatomy of eyeball…which language is very easy

  5. God he is damn perfect in explaining things…. Lack of sufficient teachers like him is absolutely a big blunder over here in India

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  9. Hello! I LOVE this lecture, it's perfect for me as I'm starting optometry! I'm a little hard of hearing though, so the subtitles stopped somewhere around 2:30 mark I think. I had to strain to make notes, but thank you ever so much for uploading!

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  12. Very nice video…..i am just became fan of this dr…thanku sir for providing us such a nice lecture….

  13. Even I am not medical student but I can understand each and every concept the most beautiful thing I saw that your teaching style and also personality

  14. oho sir superbbbbb explanation… is very clear n your is very clear. awesome n clear explanation. thank you sir for such a nice video. may God shower his blessings upon you sir

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  19. Sir if the retina is no more sensitive to light after rod and cons in it But the i have studied that pigment is the one which absorb some wavelength of light so the pigmented part exceeding the rod and cones should absorb light sir please explain me a lite bit

  20. Sir you done a awesome job of teaching about the different components of the eye, if you spoke a little more clearly it would be even better. I’m going to see if you made a video on the subject of Histoplasmosis, it’s cause, it’s effects to the eye, and how histoplasmosis relates to an eye infection and it’s relationship towards an eye injection of medicine for the histoplasmosis. I hope to find out more about this subject, even though it’s a rare occurrence, one that I am a recipient of unfortunately.

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