The Fastest Way Dentists Whiten Teeth

Caroline Aghajanian: I am obsessed with having my teeth be pearly white, and about eight years ago I tried those drugstore whitening strips, and I think they did a really good job whitening my teeth. The only cons were that
it took about two weeks, they stung my gums a bit, and
they left my teeth feeling very sensitive a few weeks after. I’ve never tried any
professional whitening service, but I know a lot of dentists use this service called Zoom Teeth Whitening, and it’s supposed to
be an hour-long service that gives you instant white teeth. So, today we’re in Beverly Hills visiting dentist Kevin Sands, and he’s worked on
countless Hollywood smiles, and today he’s working on mine. So let’s see if Zoom is worth it. Right when you walk in, you see the office decorated with magazine covers of the many celebrities
Sands has worked on. First, like any medical office, I had to sign important paperwork. Then I met with Sands to
hear all about the treatment. Kevin Sands: So, what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna apply a layer
of the bleach to your teeth. The Zoom is a UVA, UVB light
that activates the product, and it whitens the enamel of your teeth. Caroline: How is this
different from, like, regular whitening strips? Sands: Well, first of all,
regular whitening strips, you know, they do work,
but they don’t have as much of the active
ingredient to whiten, you know, to really whiten your teeth
the way people want them. Caroline: That active
ingredient is hydrogen peroxide, which is about 25% of
Zoom’s whitening product. After some research online, I found that common
drugstore whitening strips, for example, Crest Whitestrips, have hydrogen peroxide levels ranging from about 6% to 14%. How many shades whiter can you get someone’s teeth with Zoom? Sands: OK, well, depending
on each individual, you can get one shade lighter up to, you know, five to 10 shades lighter. It just depends how much enamel you have, your lifestyle. People that drink a lot
of coffee and red wine aren’t gonna get as good of a result. And also patients that don’t have a lot of enamel don’t get the
best results either. Caroline: At Sands’ office, he offers the service for $750. However, he mentioned it doesn’t work on veneers, crowns, or decaying teeth. The results usually last about six months, but that all depends on your lifestyle and cleaning regimen. Once I knew what I was
getting myself into, Sands brought in his assistant Megan to perform the treatment. First, we examined my teeth
to find the best shade. Megan Robertson: No, you’re
definitely not there. And you’re not there. You have really nice shade going on now, so you’re already in
the bleaching category. I would put you about a BL3 or a BL4, so you’re already in the
category of being really light. So hopefully we can get you
to somewhere around here. Caroline: [gasps] Yeah. Robertson: OK? Caroline: Yes, that one. Robertson: We wear these
glasses. These protect your eyes from the UV light that we’re gonna use. We’re gonna apply some
vitamin E oil to your lips. All the Zoom kits come with this. It’s just a nice way so that your lips don’t get dehydrated during the treatment. The next thing I’m gonna
do is put this retractor. It’s gonna expand. It
looks a little intense, but it’s not really. So, I’m gonna have you
open as wide as you can. So, it’s also important we
keep everything really dry. So I’m gonna insert some cotton here, and then we’re gonna apply this towel. It just protects your skin. This is a protective ingredient that we’re gonna put on
your gums to protect them so none of the bleaching
gel will touch your gums. And now we’re gonna apply the
actual bleaching solution. So, it’s 25% hydrogen peroxide, OK? So it’s really strong,
so you want to make sure you don’t put your
fingers up near your teeth while this is going on. Caroline: [muffled] It kinda,
it feels really relaxing. I didn’t feel discomfort. Like, I don’t feel the LED light, and I don’t taste the gel or anything, so it’s good. The solution is removed
after about 15 minutes. For my teeth, we did a
second round of whitening. Some teeth require three or
four rounds for best results. [muffled] It feels a
little more sensitive now. Robertson: A little tingly?
Caroline: Mm-hmm. Robertson: On the lower front teeth? Caroline: Oh, yeah. Robertson: That’s the most common area to start to get sensitive, and it’s just because
the teeth are dehydrated. Caroline: Once those 15 minutes were up, my teeth had to be cleaned
before I could see the results. You don’t see, like, the little yellows that I used to have around, like, the rims of the teeth, like the gum. Robertson: You got a beautiful result. Caroline: Yay! I love it! Wow, so what were my teeth like before? Robertson: So, before we started, you were in this shade range, BL4. It’s a nice shade, but we definitely increased
your shade dramatically to a BL1, which is the
lightest shade possible. And you just want to, you know, avoid dark-colored foods
and liquids for 24 hours. Caroline: OK. Robertson: And after that, back to normal. Caroline: I’ve had my pearly white teeth for a few weeks now, and
I’ve been enjoying them. But here’s the thing. In real life, I can see the difference, and I’ve had a lot of people
compliment on my teeth, but when I look at the
before and after pictures, it’s a little hard for me to tell. I think it’s because I started with pretty white teeth already. But the major change I see is whitening around the edges of my teeth; that’s the areas I
should be flossing more. Overall, if you have stained teeth, probably a little bit more
yellowish than what I had, and you have zero time to wait and you want instant white
teeth in under an hour, then I think it’s worth trying Zoom and seeing how the results last. For me, I’ve realized
that it’s probably smarter to stick with the more
affordable drugstore options, even if it takes some
time and I might feel some sensitivity a few weeks after, but I think I’ll see similar results while saving myself some cash.

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  2. So was there no sensitivity after Zoom? I can not do the drugstore whitening due to the sensitivity pain. Also, is there a way to measure hiw much enamel you have on your teeth? I would hate to find out my enamel was too thin to make much difference after spending hundreds of dollars!

  3. lol her teeth are too white. people don't get that that is a thing. the whitest part of your body should be the whites of your eyes. once the teeth are whiter they make the contrast between the whites of your eyes and the skin lower thus making you appear sick, older and sallow. humans were not meant to have teeth this white. it just looks so out of proportion – colour wise.

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