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  1. Just saw your poster yesterday when I checked out at ULTA. Just wanted to let you know. I was so excited… I said “hey I know that girl! “, and made quite a ruckus. Hope that poster brings you a ton more followers!

  2. Yes I have been wearing sunblock since I was 20.Presun 1983 I'm 56 yrs old. Hat sunblock shades. Every Day! But you have not mentioned SLEEPING. LINES I HAVE THEM SLEEPING ON MY SIDE. SLEEP ON YOUR BACK.

  3. Thank you! I love Australian Gold botanical sunscreen face, spf 50 but will try some new ones you have shown.

  4. Best way to remember difference between UVA and UVB is U-Vill-Age and U-Vill-Burn 😉 U are vellcome 🙂

  5. Great Video Erin! Colorscience makes some wonderful mineral sunscreens as well. My favorite is the 3 in 1 for under eyes… it works as a concealer on my no makeup days.

  6. Image skincare prevention + daily hydrating moisturizer. Light and smells like candy. This and all of the coolant product are favorites

  7. Great video Erin
    I use CeraVe Sunscreen Face Lotion SPF 50 with Zinc Oxide, Niacinamide and Ceramides for Broad Spectrum Sun Protection and love it
    Great under foundation

  8. Great video!! There are so many great sunscreens these day. Could you do a video on cute and comfortable rash guard swimwear please

  9. Ulta also makes a tinted sunscreen for the face that’s pretty good. Ty for compiling all of this and especially good to know that Ulta is offering a great selection on sunscreen now. How did we ever live without alter or Sephora 😀

  10. Thank you Erin, that was very informative. I loved that mineral powder touch up brush you can throw in your purse. That has always been my biggest question. After you make up and have applied sunscreen, how can you possibly touch it up several hours later, if you already have your face on for the day? Well, you answered that. Thank you so very much!

  11. Australian Gold tinted face sunscreen SPF 50 is great!! It’s mineral-based and looks great under makeup! Ulta carries it. Great video, Erin!!

  12. The BEST inexpensive mineral sunscreen for my acne prone face & body is ThinkBaby. SPF 50, water resistant for 80 mins, non-greasy, smells great, non-comedogenic, NO toxic chemicals and Non-nano zinc oxide (if the particles are too small the body can absorb the zinc oxide, in nano form it isn't necessarily safe).

  13. Great video! Ur like Dr. Dray, but in plain English!-lol
    I would like u to review rash guards, and self tanners . Also, there is a hair line(Helium) that protects the hair.
    Would also like a little attention in the how to protect the hair on a resort vacation, pool and sea water. Thanks so much!

  14. Don't forget the tops of the ears, and the part of your hair.
    The best for my face in the heat is … Banana Boat Kids Sport Sunscreen Stick (UVA/UVB broadspectrum 50+) the main reason is all other sunscreens that I have tried, and there are many, burn when they inevitalbly melt into my eyes. So this one is great for extreme situations. It's not zinc oxide but I believe it it mineral. Avobenzone 2.7%. Homosalate 9.0%, Octisilate 4.5%, Octocrylene 9.0%. It isn't zinc oxide so it isn't whiteish.
    I use this on the upper part of my face and a generic stick on the lower part of my face and decolletage, that has zinc oxide in it.
    In the summer I apply a thin layer of lotion face screen, then the stick on top of this, then my powder makeups.
    I do the same for my arms and hands only using a regular sunscreen lotion underneath.
    Another important item to mention is arm shields, they work as a barrier, they are stretchy clothing that cover the arms, and sometimes the hands in a fingerless glove sort of way. They are very inexpensive and can be found in a wide variety of colors, including ones with sleeve tattoo decorations (kinda silly, but fun) They are popular with golfers.
    This is SO IMPORTANT. This is an area I know A LOT about. I am 52 and live in Phoenix. I drive at least 20 hours a week during the day. Also, because of bad practices in the tanning beds in my twenties and thirties I had to treat several basal cell carcinomas (skin cancers), and did so successfully. I used a pet product called Amazon Black Salve (formerly Cansema) I actually think I will make a video about this because I have so much to say about it.
    I happened to meet a woman who was my age who had been driving for a couple of years, and although she was attractive she had major sun damage on her face and arms. I immediately upped my sunscreen game and feel that I am keeping some of the effects of the bad crazy sun at bay. I am seriously considering wearing some sort of veil. Lets make that and gloves a cool trend, eh?
    Thanks for bringing up this topic, Erin! I love your channel!
    Keep on, keepin' on
    P.S. From the thumbnail, I thought that you were going to say that the best anti aging secret was… YOUR SMILE. 🙂

  15. Thank you for this valuable video. I use Laroche-posey anthelios and am now trying EVER tinted moisturizer mineral SPF 32. I have a mineral powder tube and never thought of using for reapplication. Great tip! I love sheet lip protection with 15 SPF by Elizabeth Arden 8-hour line Lip Protector Stick. Has several lovely colors plus clear. Finally, I like using a body sunscreen that doesn't rub off on the upholstery or car leather. Some products lust lay on the surface and easily rub off. Neutrogena ultra dry works for me.
    Ps. Solbari, an Australian company, makes terrific sun protection clothing. I started protecting hands when driving last year. Hope it helps prevent sun spots.

  16. Thank you Erin, I am African American and will try the LaRoche-Posay, I have found sunscreen to be greasy, yuk. I will also try the Lip Balms. I appreciate you for sharing.

  17. I am suffering from Sun Allergy since more than 30 years. Tried out so many different products over the years. It is important to apply enough of the sun cream on the skin. Very informative video Erin, thanks!

  18. This video is a nice initiative, I’d like to add that Dr. Dray (dermatology doctor in Houston), and Angie Hot & Flashy have great videos about sun protection. With that said, my two cents, Elta MD UV Clear broad-spectrum SPF 46, DRMTLGY Broad Spectrum SPF 45 (also clear), and MyChelle sun protection/sun shield liquid SPF 50 (tinted) can all be bought from Amazon. Colorescience total eye is SPF 35 PA+++ is perfect for the under eyes, sometimes it can be found on Amazon, if not it can be bought from their website.

  19. I have used Josie Maran moisturizer with spf 47 for years under my makeup and love it. It’s all mineral and very moisturizing – for my skin, that’s a very good thing. Maybe not so much if you tend to be oilier.

  20. I love how your channel has grown. As a woman, I feel that you really have our well being in mind. I truly trust your opinion.

  21. Great info !
    My fave is the mineral formula made by Blue Lizard. It is a bit heavy, but works great to prevent my freckles popping up.
    I use the mineral types and supply my kids and grandkids with it often.
    It's one of the few I feel comfortable recommending as a pharmacist.
    AND the mineral types are coral safe too !!

  22. Elta MD is my favorite! It's super lightweight, very smooth to apply and not greasy at all. I don't mind putting a lot on my face and it's great under makeup too. They have several varieties, even for acne prone and they have tinted versions too.

  23. Hi Erin. Very useful topic! However, as you mentioned for the real protection one needs a separate spf. Foundations etc can be used to reapply over the make-up but on their own they are not enough (it's just not possible to rub enough to get to spf mentioned). Same for drops. Don't know how they are tested but there's no way to guarantee a good protection with drops. Love your yellow top.

  24. Great info Erin!! I love the Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen under makeup. Works great as a primer also!

  25. For me, the biggest challenge is finding a sunscreen without endocrine disrupting ingredients that also protects as well as its claimed SPF and that doesn't leave a white cast. I have found a great one for the face (Replenix Sheer Physical Sunscreen Cream SPF 50 Plus) , but not for the body.

  26. Great informative video. Any recommendation for the eyes? Can the face sunscreens work for the eyes as well?

  27. Great info. I used to think it odd my grandmother wore long sleeves and a hat to work in the garden.

  28. Make sure you put sunscreen on FACE AND TOPS OF HANDS…I am 58 and have NO AGE SPOTS…..I do let my legs and arms get tan, but use SOME sunscreen on tops of arms to prevent age spots…cover neck and chest also!!!!

  29. SPF booster drops is an excellent idea. I like the regular IT CC and I mix it with something glowy if I’m dry – I like being able to control the dewiness.

  30. Thanks Erin. Do you know of a sunscreen spray that is mireral? The two ones you featured are quimical, right?

  31. Spray sunscreens are nice just make sure you're not spraying around other people who don't feel like breathing it in.

  32. You should definitely check out Dr. Dray on YouTube if you don't already. She's an extremely knowledgeable dermatologist, I have learned so much from her. She states that sunscreen is safe for our skin including chemical ones. No one uses the proper amount of sunscreen so it's best to go with a higher spf because at least if you use a bit less, you're still covered with more spf. I would burn in 20 minutes if I used spf 15 on my face and although I'm light skinned, I'm not super fair. I always go with 50 for my face. I love elta md uv element tinted sunscreen. This was a great video to do, so many people just don't know all about sunscreen and how important it is.

  33. I didn’t think of my lips and I’m not sure why.. I really really need to get better at this . Now that I’m in my 40’s I have noticed it a lot more!!!

  34. Great explanation Erin and thank you for listing your product recommendations! I just worry about mixing sunscreen the sunscreen into moisturizer because I fear it will dilute the potency of the protection. You’re the BEST!!!😎

  35. Another great video, Erin! Your channel is soaring!! As far as sunscreens…p:rem UV defense me. Maybe give it a try. xo Diane

  36. I love Australian gold mineral lotion for the face it is a tinted matte sunscreen that workers for deeper skin tones

  37. An excellent guide to the best sunscreens to buy can be found on the website ewg.org (Environmental Working Group).You'll find sunscreen safety ratings on many products. Such valuable and educational information on the website. I encourage everyone to check it out!

  38. Aveeno sunscreen for the face is great and very affordable. I try to save the bees and don't use aerosol sprays. Plus creams work so much better.

  39. Brilliant informative video! I learned so much. I love Nutragena for my face plus FSA insurance through work pays for sunscreen. No excuses!

  40. Great video, anything involving my health does not bore me! Use 50 SPF Clarins foundation. I used the shade light for around my eyes and shade medium for the rest of my face. It works out well. Also my moisturizer, powder, excetera all have SPF in it. I like reading outside in the sun.

  41. Love your video ! Even if I have been watching dr Dray for a year now, I still learned something today. Well done video with sort of product categories.
    Finally, to answer your question, my fave one is Clarins tinted combination suscreen. 🤗😉💖

  42. I hope that everyone listens to this and heeds this warning. I am fair and I never miss sunscreen. I avoid the sun and stopped tanning at age 17. I missed putting on sunscreen ONE DAY, which would have taken only seconds to apply. We had a company picnic and I got a sunburn on my chest and cheeks in my early 40s. As a consequence, I now have 2 large age spots on each spot were I burned that no amount of makeup covers or it takes ages to build up with coverup. Yep, a few seconds would have saved me these awful spots. Luckily they are not cancerous, but please take heed, use sunscreen, religiously, every time you go into the sun.

  43. Always important to hear this message. My current occupation involves capturing cancer incidence data.
    Deadly Melanoma is on the rise!!! ☠️ So are Basal and Squamous Cell skin cancers.
    They’re not as deadly but can be disfiguring since first line of treatment is WIDE excision of the cancer to make sure margins are negative. 😕

  44. I love Exuviance tinted facial sunscreen SPF 50. It’s not heavy or stinky. Doesn’t clog my pores. Wear with or without makeup.

  45. I've been using Make PREM SPF 50, bc it works well under all of my foundations, it's light/easy to apply, doesn't irritate my eyes, no perfumes and no white cast. Great video. Tks!

  46. This was really great! I'm 52 and since we had no idea about sun damage when I was a teenager we used to put a bunch of suntan oil over over our body and face and just lay out in the sun as long as we wanted. We spent most of our time outside. To be honest I've never paid much attention to sunscreen but I have never heard it explained before. I spend most of my time indoors but now I'm going to pick up these products. Thank you so much for sharing this information. I've been watching all of your videos over the last couple of months and find them to be very helpful!😁

  47. I have a question. Given the different way chemical and mineral sunscreens work, is there also a different way you should apply them? For example do you rub the chemical until it's absorbed but leaving the mineral one, form kind of a film on top of your skin?

  48. Volition, Prem, Australian Gold, and Paula's Choice are the only sunscreens that work well on my skin as well as under makeup. A lot of the others do not lay well under makeup even when I give the sunscreen time to set fully. Ty for your content

  49. If using the spf foundation, how do you reapply spf over it without messing up your makeup and not starting all over again?? That was something I never learned. Advice?

  50. This video is so informative,I really liked it
    Can we build up the spf What i mean is use the products with the spf in the primer, foundation and the powder at the end?

  51. Australian Gold is the best . I have oily to combination skin. Tinted for face (olive skin) & regular for hands & body. Best protection plus it is blends beautifully under makeup. I also love the Derma-E sunscreen powder for touch-ups during the day

  52. I was hoping for more information on whether chemical sunscreens are harmful, as they absorb into the bloodstream.

  53. Dear Erin, what a perfect timing ! I just started looking into this category of products a d felt so overwhelmed and lost 😨 You definitely spared me a lot of headaches with this one, thank you so much ! 💓

  54. You definitely didn't loose me. You have been given great info to give us…thank you. This is great. …I wish I had this much info when I was a teenager. I'm now 27. And I wish I knew things then that I do now.

  55. I love Soleil Toujours spf 45- mineral broad spectrum sunscreen for your face. Great under your foundation-no piling!!

  56. I wish I'd seen a video like this 5 years ago. My skin is so sun damaged and I need to start looking after it properly. Thanks for this!

  57. I was 23yo when a random woman working at the Guerlain counter told me I was too young to start using their anti-aging products and to get sunscreen instead. Not only did she save me +100$ that day because I didn't get the cream I was aiming for 😂 but 20 years later, I wish I could find her and thank her. I don't use any anti-aging creams, only a good moisturizer and sunscreen every day, and I don't have a single wrinkle or sunspot (even if my mom has a ton and I've been told it's genetic). My dermatologist told me recently she has clients under 30yo who's skin is so damaged by the sun, they are starting to have deep wrinkles that you usually see on +50yo women. Take care of your skin, ladies! ♥

  58. I wear sunscreen on my face every day, but in the back of my mind I'm always remembering that European medical study that showed 35 of 36 removed breasts from breast cancer patients had sunscreen chemicals in them. I never know which ones are safer for my body.

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