100 thoughts on “The Battle of Bremule 1119 AD

  1. Just out of interest, why did 24 people (as of writing this) feel the need to dislike this? Brilliant video as always guys. Keep it up.

  2. Poor Henry. 20 Years of conflict, betrayal, political maneuvering, and with his blood, sweat, and tears pouring all to be ruined cause his son wouldn't stay in the house and play Fortnite.

  3. near an old Roman road. And all the Roman ghosts were facepalming there so hard:
    "500 is the cavalry. fine. archers? artillery? legions? skirmishers? damn, how are these noobs many centuries AFTER us??"

  4. Very nice couple of episodes on a periode of Norman/English/French history getting far too little attention. I for one have never before heard of these battles or the interesting intrigues and politics. Well done!

  5. Some say that beating an English king in battle, going on to a successful Crusade and being crowned king of Jerusalem is just a fluke…but in reality, it's just Fulk…

  6. This was a great video.

    Every time i see one of these videos about the history of Normandy, it drives home the fact that the degree of integration of the Norman nobility with the Frankish Kingdom was absolute, and it makes clear that the English revisionist argument that the Normans were not a French people completely untenable.

  7. fucking fulk sold his daughter to Henry and then used the money to travel to Jerusalem to commit more atrocities, hope his ship sank before he made it to Jerusalem.

  8. The only good king is a dead king. The very idea of being such a cuck & kissing some monarch's ass is repulsive. They put their pants on just like everyone else.

  9. So Louis just watched his cavalry fight twice and never tried to double envelopment the enemy with his remaining forces?

  10. Батя так старался. Даже на мамкины похороны не поехал. А сынок профукал всё…

  11. Calling the son of William the Conqueror "English king" muddies the waters no end. It would help to call him the Norman king of England – doing that explains everything.

  12. Why were they doing this? Didn`t people supposed to learn from their mistakes instead of constantly charging cavalry into shieldwall of heavy infantry? This wasn`t the first or last time commanders do this.

  13. You shouldn't use the stupid "House Capet" formulation invented by Frank Herbert if you want to seriously discuss European history. It's correct to say "the House of Capet" (or otherwise, the Capetian Dynasty).

  14. 8:12 Kinda funny he commands the most back troops when he is called Louis the fighter and asks for duels to settle shit.

  15. I'm confused every battle which pits the French vs English is French Cavalry charging, getting whupped by a stalwart defence by the Englishmen either using bows or pikes. Don't they have an military analyst in France, they seem to keep repeating their mistakes right upto the 1940's.

  16. I love these battles I've never heard of because I can try to guess who wins 😀
    I play a game where I try to call the outcome as early as possible.
    In this case I was at first inclined towards the french purely on the byname of Louis "The Fighter", but I called it (correctly) the moment Henrys forces dismounted.
    Anyone else try this or am I just weird? 😉

  17. Henry I: After all these years and bloodshed, I've finally secured the succession of my son
    William Adelin: Party Boat Time!!

  18. I believe you have the prince sailing in the wrong direction. He was crossing from Normandy to England, not vice versa. Great content as always.

  19. Ahh the dreaded white ship incident which killed the heir and left England in turmoil for years. Matilda, his daughter wasnt accepted as queen, tihough she was called empress by some.

    Another male rival, Stephen, claimed the throne, many years of civil war raged which went both ways and eventually Stephen agreed that he would allow Matildas son to be king upon his death, hence the last Truly Norman king died, to be replaced by the first Plantagenet, Matildas son Henry Ii.

    Whom, through Marilda was a direct decendant of Edmund Ironside king of Wessex back through the Scottish monarcy line. Henry 1 son was very popular because of this fact and was much grieved by all after the white ship, he was even called the aetheling, a name used by the Anglo Saxons. The last was his great uncle, Edgar aetheling who failed to take the throne after 1066 due to lack of support from the church (he was the grandson of Edmund Ironside) and had only recently died after an amazing life that deserves more credit and a few movies. I strongly recommend reading up on the life of Edgar aetheling.

    Edgar sister was rescued by Edgar and they fled to Scotland, the Scottish king fell for Margeret straight away and they married. She became Saint Margeret of Scotland and her Grandaughter Matilda married Henry I, their only surviving child after the white ship was also called Matilda, i think about 6 generations from Ethelred the Unready.

  20. So a bunch of people died just so a king could have his son recognized by another king? That's why monarchies suck!

  21. and they did some pillaging. and then some more pillaging. in their free time they did more pillaging. And this is why, kids, single rulers and war mongers should be instantly death with.

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