The 5 Best Homemade Moisturizers And Face Washes

The 5 Best Homemade Moisturizers And Face
Washes There is nothing better than healthy, smooth
skin without any wrinkles. Unfortunately, most of the commercial skin
care products that are available contain toxic, dangerous chemicals that not only cost a fortune
but also are dangerous for your health. The good news is that we’re going to tell
you how to wash your face and get rid of those wrinkles and saggy face skin. But what if we told you there was a cheap,
effective way to detoxify and clean your skin? Well, we’ll get right to that, but first… But first, before we begin this video, don’t
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at the end of the video! Alright, so let’s get down to business. You want an affordable face wash that works. Luckily for you, we’re experts on how to wash
your face. If you want your skin detoxified and cleaned,
you only need two ingredients to make this anti-wrinkle and anti-aging cream and moisturizer. The ingredients that you need for a clean
face are coconut oil and baking soda. According to the DAILY HEALTH POST, baking
soda is amphoteric. This means that it will neutralize the ph
imbalances by acting as a base or acid because it’s an alkaline substance. It also contains anti-inflammatory and antiseptic
properties according to HEALTHLINE. Essentially, it’s a great tool for detoxing,
cleaning and a great way to wash your face. Secondly, the DAILY HEALTH POST explains that
can be an incredibly nourishing moisturizer because of its antibacterial and antiviral
properties. Those properties can help heal skin conditions
such as dry skin and eczema. According to TED LAIN, MD, a dermatologist
in Austin, Texas, coconut oil is an excellent moisturizer and a great anti-inflammatory,
so its use for treating eczema is on the rise. WHITNEY P. BOWE, MD, a dermatologist at Advanced
Dermatology PC in Westchester and NYC, agrees that the combination of anti-inflammatory,
antioxidant and anti-bacterial and hydrating products that coconut oil and baking soda
contain, makes this anti-wrinkle and anti-aging cream unique. She adds that the saturated fats and medium-chain
fatty acids that coconut oil contains are what hydrates the skin and repairs the skin
barrier. To make this natural recipe, you’ll need
two teaspoons of organic extra-virgin coconut oil and one teaspoon of aluminum-free baking
soda. Take the two ingredients and mix them together
in a small bowl. Ensure that when you’re mixing them they
form a paste which you will gently apply to your skin in a circular motion, says the DAILY
HEALTH POST. Leave it on your face for five minutes and
then rinse it off with warm water by massaging your skin in a circular motion again. If you do this correctly, you should be left
with a detoxed, clean face thanks to this face wash and moisturizer mixture. One thing to remember is that these two chemicals
can be harmful if you are allergic to them. Also, they can also irritate your skin if
you have sensitive skin so be careful when applying it. If you feel any burning sensation or develop
a rash from this, remove immediately. Remember, no clean face is worth any kind
of pain. But that’s not it, there are plenty of other
affordable mixtures that you can make in order to wash your face! Let’s go over some of the other face washes
that you can use and create to achieve a really clean face! Keep in mind however that all faces are different. Some may work for you, others might not. There is a fair bit of experimentation needed
to find the right face wash for you. The important things to remember are not to
give up and to watch out for allergies. The last thing you want when you’re trying
to get a moisturized, detoxed and clean face is a bunch of hives! 1) The Lavender Face Wash. Ah yes, lavender. One of nature’s finest plants in terms of
smell and looks. Of course that this natural face wash that
uses the beautiful would be the perfect thing for turning your dry, broken out skin into
a clean, brilliant face. The ingredients for this homemade face wash
are 1 table spoon of baking soda, 2 table spoons of oatmeal, 1 tea spoon of dried lavender
and a bit of honey. First, you’ll take all the dry ingredients
and grind them up together. Add the bit of honey to your palm, then add
in about a tea spoon of the dry ingredients. Mix it all together in your palm, then wash
your face with warm water and the mix. This should leave your face feeling clean,
moisturized and most of all, detoxified. Probably smelling a bit of lavender too, which
in our books is a plus. 2) Homemade Honey Cleanser. Speaking of honey, we should explore a face
wash that takes advantage of honey’s incredible power of power absorbing and retaining moisture. This one comes to us from the people at RUBIES
AND RADISHES and it’s a little bit complicated, so try to keep up. The ingredients you’ll need for this cleaning
mixture are 1 table spoon of honey (the people at RUBIES AND RADISHES recommend that it be
local and raw), 1 ounce of vegetable glycerin, 2 ounces of castile soap, 5 drops of lavender
essential oil and finally, distilled water. You’ll also probably want to get an 8 ounce
soap dispenser, which you can find at a lot of dollar stores. You’ll want one of these so that the mixture
is easy to get onto your hands and then onto your face. Just a couple pumps and you’re ready to go! To make the mixture, heat up your distilled
water in a pot and when it’s hot enough for your tastes, place a measuring cup in the
pot. Next, you’ll want to add your raw, local honey
alongside your glycerin. Whisk everything together. Finally, add your castile soap and your lavender,
then transfer everything into your 8 ounce pump bottle. You can fill the rest of the bottle with some
more distilled water if need be. Using this mixture is just as simple as making
it. Pump a small amount of soap into your hands
and massage your face and neck. Rinse off with warm water and pat your face
dry. And that’s it! Your face will be “a buzz” with shining beauty
when you’re done using this honey based face wash. You’ll “bee” very pleased once you’re done
using it. That was a bee joke, you see because it’s
a honey based face wash. Moving on. 3) Apple Face Cleaner. An apple a day keeps the dry skin away is
a remake of a famous saying we just made up, but in a way, it’s pretty true. Turns out this doctor repellent is also great
for repelling dry skin. Huh, who knew. Here’s what you’ll need to make it: 2 peeled
apple slices, a half cup of plain yogurt, a half table spoon of olive oil and a half
table spoon of our old friend honey. To make it, you just toss all the ingredients
into a food processor and blend until it’s smooth. Gee, that’s probably the easiest face wash
to make we’ve featured in this video today. And applying it is just as simple. Like with many other moisturizers and face
washes, just massage it onto the dry parts of your face, leave for five minutes and rinse
off with lukewarm water. And there you have it! A fruity facial fluid for a fresh face! 4) Frugal Face Flush. Speaking of F alliterations, here’s a face
wash that you can create at home that won’t break the budget. Sure, raw local honey and plain yogurt all
sound good, but the former is hard to find and the latter can turn out to be expensive. Luckily, if those both sound like problems
you’d run into, we have the solution for you. For this mixture, all you’ll need is 2 teaspoons
of liquid face soap or baby wash, 2 tablespoons of water, 2 tablespoons of glycerin, a 1/2
cup of olive oil and finally, a clean, empty pump bottle. Like the face wash we discussed before, making
this dry skin defeater is easy as pie. Just toss your ingredients into a food processor
or blender and mix until it’s smooth, thick and creamy. Then, dump it all into your empty pump bottle,
turning it into a full pump bottle. The creators of this recipe, PRAIRIE COTTAGE
ROSE recommend quadrupling this recipe to make enough for six months. Imagine that– six months of having a clean,
washed face! Definitely sign us up for that one! To use this stuff is also really simple. First, you’ll pump a quarter-size amount of
cleanser into your hand. Gently massage into your neck area, face,
eyelids, and eyelashes for about one minute. Remove with a warm wash cloth. Rinse the wash cloth in warm water and gently
remove any remaining dirt or makeup off your face. And oh yeah, there’s one more step– enjoy
your clean, moisturized and detoxed skin! And that’s it! What did you think of our list of do it yourself
moisturizers? Did we miss any of the most important recipes? Do you have any face washing techniques that
you’d like to share in the comments? Maybe some home made recipes that you’d like
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  1. What did you think of our list of do it yourself moisturizers? Did we miss any of the most important recipes? Do you have any face washing techniques that you'd like to share in the comments? Maybe some home made recipes that you'd like to let the world know about? Finally and most importantly, did we forget about any good bee related puns? Let us know in the comments section below what we may have forgotten! If you enjoyed this video, please give it a like and share it with your friends! 😊

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