That would be enough [Pearl/Rose Rough Animation/Animatic]

We don’t need a legacy We don’t need money If I could grant you peace of mind If you could let me inside your heart Oh let me be a part of the narrative In the story they will write someday Let this moment be the first chapter Where you decide to stay And I could be enough And we could be enough That would be enough

100 thoughts on “That would be enough [Pearl/Rose Rough Animation/Animatic]

  1. okay being honest, even tho its a rough draft, it already looks smooth and beautiful; I bet it will look perfect in the finished animation. anyone agree?


    ITS SO SAD especially for us hamil fans and s.u. fans AND PEARL IS JUST BEGGING ROSE AND IM CRYING AND

    JDKSNSNSNAJA 。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。

  3. The frames you put in here made it so GOOD AHH!! HOW ARE YOU SO GOOD?? And the art style wow

    How have I not seen this before??

  4. Before she says, let this moment be the first chapter, you should change the angle. Did a pane to the other side and down some so it's more dramatic and shot from below when she reached up. Just a suggestion! Looking good <3

  5. Oh my god, this is so perfect. This fits everything about Pearl and Rose's relashionship so well *-*. We can picture Rose staying silencious after this, then Pearl running tearfully away and crying as we see her do in "a single pale Rose".

  6. My heart- I didn’t need to have emotions today, and every single other time I’ve watched this- nope everything is fine-

  7. This is really good, for a rough animatic! Though the lip syncing is a bit off, especially at 0:22. I suggest that you don’t include every syllable in the word, in real life, we tend to skip syllables when speaking, and it simply gets fused with others… I’m not good at explaining… for example, "chocolate", we don’t normally say "cho-co-late" we say "chak-let"… hope that make sense XD but anyway The animatic/rough animation is very impressive 🙂 I’m excited for the actual animation if you decided to make it 🙂

  8. I'm so obsessed with this animatic. I wish you could make the full song someday but it's so lovely just like that

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