Tai Chi Chuan for Beginners 02a “Balance and Flow”

Hello and welcome
to Taiichi class.>>I’m Dr. Daniel
Hoover and assisting me is
Veronica Hoover.>>In today’s
class we’ll be focusing on
balance and flow.>>Remember, Taiichi is a healing martial
art will be focusing on the
healing aspect as well as the internal
martial arts aspects. Lets get started. We want to get back into
our horse dance. Feet about shoulder
width apart. Lengthen your
spine, shoulders down and relax and
waste opening.>>We’re just
going to gently turn from side to side.>>Allow your hands too
gently tap your body. And remember you want to tap your kidneys
in the back. In traditional
Chinese medicine, the kidneys where
we store essence or our longevity energy,
also known as she. Just a few more times, going a little
farther each time. Really open up and relax. Loosen up the shoulders,
loosen up the waste.>>Alright, that
feels good.>>Let’s bring our
feet together. And now we want to take
care of our knees. Remember, you take
care your knees. They’ll take care of you. So nice warming of the
needs with your hands. Now when supporter
needs, make sure your feet are
close together, needs together and circle. So pick a direction,
start to rotate. As you see, Veronica
is modifying. Find a range of
motion that works for you and other direction.>>When I say find a range that works for you, I mean find one that challenges you
but doesn’t hurt.>>If it hurts, you
need to back off a little bit and then
we’ll work towards that range later
on. Very good. We want to stimulate a very important
acupuncture point in the back of our knees. Take your middle
finger and you’re gonna press firmly in
the back your knee. So I’m going to turn
here so you can see in the very middle point in the crease or the
Popplet teal fossa.>>There’s a point here that ought to be
a little tender.>>Press firmly
until you feel the tenderness and we’ll just hold for
a few seconds. This is a great local
point for the knee as well as a master
acupuncture point for the low back.>>Perfect back to
our horse stance, but let’s make it a
little wider this time. And we’re going to open up the hips a little bit. This is a modified drag and drink
from the river.>>Shift your weight
to the right, straightening
your left leg, bringing the hips back. And we’re going to go
in one big circle.>>Make sure you push
the hips forward, stretching the ligaments in the front of your hips.>>Again, you see
Veronica modifying.>>You want to go
towards your end range where it hurts. Good.>>You know what I mean?>>It hurts a little, but it also feels good.>>And therapeutic push the hips forward, forward, forward stretch and other direction
shifting weight law, bringing the hips around and take this opportunity. This is your
stretch, right? So you may do it range that is between the range of
Ronak on myself.>>So I’ll make
it your own.>>Enjoy last time and push the hips forward back to our horse dance. Remember your posture here?>>We finally
want to open up the lung meridian
are chest, shoulders, our
neck muscles.>>We’re gonna do it
all at the same time by interlocking our
fingers in the back. I’ll turn around so
you can see like this.>>Roll your shoulders back and down as you
strain your arms.>>Very good.>>Notice how the chest muscles
are opening up. Feel how your lungs
are expanding.>>And we’ll do
head circles. Turning her head
to the left, slow the circles.>>Remember to
breathe and other direction one more time, go a
little farther.>>This time, bring it
back to horse stance.>>It’s time to work.>>Now we said today’s class is
partly about balance. So we need your first
balance exercise in the Taiichi form. You will see it
towards the end of the form and it’s called Golden Rooster stands
on one leg, ready. Feel your connection
to the Earth, Feel the springiness
and your legs again. Mind your posture
and starting, we’re gonna shift our
weight to our left leg and empty your
right leg here.>>Empty.>>Bring your right leg up with your right hand. Ideally, you want your leg parallel with the ground, but it doesn’t matter
how high your leg is because we’re
practicing, right?>>So you may notice, yeah, Veronica
is modifying.>>If your foot goes down, just bring it
right back up. Relax posture, Embry, settle
into the posture. If you start to
get a little wobbly up here like this, lower your center
of gravity, slowly bring your leg
down back into horse. That’s transferring your way to the other side. Now your left leg
and hand come up together as a right
hand comes down. This is a great
rehabilitative exercise that we use in
our clinic for pre and post
operative patients that had either a knee, ankle, or hip injury. It’s a form of neuro
muscular. We education. Great way to reprogram, retrain the muscles in your weight-bearing
joints, relax perimeter lawyers
center of gravity slightly and slowly
bring your leg down.>>And center breathe.>>If you remember
only one thing from today’s practice, this is the thing to do.>>I recommend timing
how long you can stand on one leg and then test yourself from
week to week.>>We’re going to review
one other exercise we did in the last episode, which is called wave hands.>>Or wave hands
like clouds.>>Form your tie.
Chiba, remember to feel that connection
between your palms, the CI that’s radiating out between your
two hands here. Posture and shift
your weight to your right leg. Turn right slowly and
shift your weight left. Careful not to
lean too much.>>Keep going.>>Shift your weight left.>>Notice how Veronica
standing straight up, she shifts her weight and then the upper
torso starts to turn. This time we’re going
to turn the ball over. Your left hand is on top, shifting your
weight and turns still keeping that connection
between your palms. As you shift your weight,
switch your hands. Notice how soft
Her hands up here.>>But there are also four.>>They’re not empty,
they’re not stiff, just awake and alive hands.>>Her top hand’s
going to be facing her just underneath
the eye level. Because remember, this
is a block and he have to be able to see the person
in front of you. So we’re crews and here we’re going to do this for about a minute or so. I really want you to
find your groove.>>So I’m going to
get into my groove to ship the way.>>Turn your waist.>>Notice it’s the waste
that move the arm. The arm’s not
moving like this, it’s the waste and
the arm together. Also, we want that
the elbow low.>>If I’m up like this, I’m working too
hard, right?>>I’m incongruent
with an ideal posture, so I’m going to
keep the elbow down and relaxed.>>Sit within
your own frame, find the power
within the frame.>>At the same time,
you want to be dynamic.>>Moving into
the other focus of today’s practice, flow.>>So find your
flow with us, see if you can sync in, get in sync with us.>>Like a school of
Taiichi students.>>Here we go.
Remember to breathe, shift your weight, turn.>>Last time we said this is the practice
we want you to work on
between episodes.>>I hope you have been if you’re starting to feel more comfortable with this, we’re going to
add a challenge. You ready for it?>>Slow down.>>You might be
thinking to yourself, Wait a second, I
was going slow.>>I know, I apologize, but this is where
the real Taiichi is. This is where you find
the treasure within THE slowing down past
your comfort zone, bringing awareness
to where you’re holding tension
and release it.>>See how slow you can go with a fluid movement while remaining relaxed?>>What we tend to see is our heart rate drops, the blood pressure
goes down. Our nervous system relaxes. We get out of that fight or flight when we’re like this all day under stress or really even know we’re under stress. We’re just walking
around like this and we start to change our nervous system from Fight or Flight to
parasympathetic, where all the tissues and the cells in
our body heal, where we rest and
digest very good.>>Where it’s going
to close it up by going into single width.>>Let your
hands flowed up, moving forward and back. Same fluidity of movement, shoulders forward and back.>>This is called
Single Whip.>>We’ll be doing it
in the form later.>>Let your hands
flowed out to the sides, palms up, big cleansing breath
in as you bring your hands up and out.>>And now saw Sloan control
balanced, very good.>>Bring your feet back
underneath your body.>>You may notice you have excessive cheer energy flowing out of your hands.>>So let’s take
this opportunity to put it back in our body. So there’s an area that
you’re working on, like maybe your low
back, your shoulders. Go ahead and put your
hands on yourself now for a little bit of
cheese self massage. Maybe you’re going to have a very mentally
active week. So you can put your hands on top
of your head. Are you working
on your vision? Put your hands in front of the eyes and this is
a really nice way to feel the energy coming out of your, out
of your palms. We’d like to close by bringing our hands
back onto our heart. Remember the
farthest, remember, the farthest distance we travel in our lives is from our head
to our heart. And traditional
Chinese medicine We say that mind floats and we
want to anchor our mind back
into our heart. Very good.>>We’re going to now move into the Taiichi form.>>The first two moves
that we learned was parting the wild horses
mane, ready ball, right hand on top, step out, left foot, heel to toe, and we
part the horses mane. The second move we
learned is brushing. Hands are on the right
side of your body.>>Same footwork.
Step forward, heel to toe, and brushing.>>Your left-hand
turns in front of your brush and turn it
in front of your knee. And your right hand pushes, make sure your square
it up and you push.>>Those are the
two main moves we did last time.>>Very good. We’re going to review in the
context of the form. Veronica, shall
we head over here and setup will do
the first part of the form up until the brush knee and
the first transition.>>Okay, thank you.>>Feet together,
remember to stand tall.>>This first
move is known as Wu Ci and it’s a
standing meditation.>>Whenever we get
in this position, remember to take
this opportunity to center focus.>>And it’s no fact, Just a moment of
no five starting.>>Step out with
your left breathing in as you gently let
your risks come up to shoulder level, breathe. Lowering your
center of gravity, increasing your connection
with the earth. Shift your weight right, lift your left toes.>>Open shift weight left.>>Gather your
Taiichi ball, bring the Taiichi
bought in, and we’re going to do
parting the horses mane three times notice how we give one and then we receive
one just like yin and yang gather the ball on the left
side continuing forward, heel to toe, parting the wild horses
name and receive. Remember to keep
your spine tall, straight up and
down, all heel to toe and hard to me. First transition,
step, half step up, sit back into
that right leg and white crane
spreads wings, open those wings up, turn left and right. Did you see the
double block in there and brushing
three times, continuing on him and take a look at Veronica has form notice u squared up
going straight this way. She received one and now she’s preparing
to give one.>>And notice her
hand is lining up with me and that would push me back one more time.>>Brush knee. We prepare
on the right side of our body,
continuing forward, heel to toe, and rationally
transition step. Follow with your
right foot slowly.>>Sit back and bring
your hands on guard. Left heel comes
up and down.>>Strike a pose
right there.>>Nice today.>>Thank you, Veronica.>>We’re going to focus on the next movement pattern called repulse monkey.>>It’s the only time
this head on over here.>>It’s the only time
that we step backwards with THE so if you just
step right up here, I’m going to take
a half step behind you were going
to go right back into this movement is
called strum the lute. Now an opponent is
coming towards us, or if we’re here
for the healing, we’re focusing
on the energy. There’s an energy
that we want to repulse hands-on guard, strong Lulu, your
hands circles back. Follow your hand
with your eyes.>>Step back with
your left foot.>>And this time
we’re gonna go from the toes to the heel as we push with our right hand and pull with a left.>>Continuing on, your
left hand, goes back, slide your right foot back, shift your weight. Right arm comes back as the left hand
goes forward.>>Continuing on,
notice however, if I go straight back, there’s still space
between her feet.>>As the as
the hips turns, so does the shoulder.>>So again, you
step back as I turn, notice how my right
shoulder follows my hip. Let’s go one more time
slowly from the ball, that foot to the heel.>>And just naturally,
we’ll pause here. Just naturally,
there’s this push and pull action
without trying. This is where we get into the internal martial art aspect of teach
each one very nice.>>And then it’s
also a way to just have a nice little smoothed step like Veronica did.>>Let’s demonstrate what the repulse monkey
looks like. Ready from position,
we always show Respect, self-control
with each other. She punches
heart, so I want to make sure I’m safe.>>Actually, let’s
switch sides.>>Veronica isn’t a
punching position. I got into my
repulse preparation. She steps forward and the first thing I
do, the punch comes. As I step back, I catch your hand and I’m preparing for the
repulse monkey.>>But why do we
keep going back?>>And that THE form, maybe it’s because I wasn’t fast enough and
she’s still comment.>>So she punches, SHE punches, SHE punches.>>Maybe one more punch.>>Nope, I gotta
Okay. One more time.>>Come all the way
over here. Guard punch comes in, I step back. One I stepped back
and the key is I just stop and if she
keeps coming, you see what happens.>>Thank you very much. Let’s line up one more time for repulse multi ongoing. Remember to have a, an open frame be balanced and we’re
going to find our flow. So this one time
we do this, I want you to
just to imagine, doesn’t have to be a
person or an opponent, but something coming
towards you like a stick from a
falling tree that you grab and then you
redirect the tree and you push it ready?>>Circle back, step back with your left foot.>>Pull and push.>>Will do this
three more times.>>Step back and push.>>Use your waist.>>Remember to Bree last time and positive
and very good.>>Let’s take it to there.>>We’re going to continue
the Taiichi form.>>And once we get to this, we’re almost a
quarter of the way through the entire
Taiichi 24. So you guys are
doing great. Hang in there. Remember
to trust the process. Anything new can be
difficult at first, but once you learn it, you got it ready position, shoulders down and relaxed. Starting stepping out with your left into
horse stance, breathing in lead
with your wrists, shoulders, stay
down, breathe. Strengthen your
connection to the Earth. Grounding.>>Shift weight
right, open the toes out and shift weight left.>>Gather ball, bring it in and we breathe
in when we come in. And then whenever we push, we breathe, give, receive.>>Now remember,
you do not have to step as far as
I’m stepping.>>Sometimes you’ll
see Veronica modify her movements
to show you. There’s many ways you can manifest this form
while maintaining the integrity of the form and your body? Last time.>>Let’s stay together here and you don’t stop, you just continue
into the transition. Sit back into
the right leg. White crane spreads wings.>>Open those wings, and a little push. Look left and right.>>Never stop.>>Keep going.>>Brush any three
times, give and receive. Notice. She has her hands
on the left side of her body, heel to toe. She’s taking a smaller
step right now, and I encourage you
to do so as well, especially in
the beginning. As you get more comfortable with these
movement patterns, take bigger steps and rationally
half-step forward. Remember, we never
stop sit back, hands are on guard, and we’re going to go
into repulse monkey.>>Circle back.>>Step back with your
left three more times.>>Keep the flow.>>We breathe in
as we circle back.>>And as we push
again last time, we’re going to finish up by grabbing our ball, gather all that energy, bring it in for bot.>>Next move, ready for it?>>Let’s just let it
happen. We’re gonna go fast, ward off.>>And he does that.>>If this is one of
my favorite moves, we’re going to have to
do it next episode, but I just want to give you a little low teaser, But we have to be
able to practice. So we’re going to repeat
this one more time.>>A lot of the
students asked me how do I
remember the form?>>And I encourage, I’m going to tell you
what I tell them.>>Take the beginning
of the form and do as many of the
movements as you can that you remember
with certainty.>>And then come
back to this video and then add a
couple more moves.>>So let’s do it
one more time, centering, and I think this time we’ll do
the whole four.>>Okay, THE 24
ready and starting.>>Step out.>>So see how far you
can remember the form. Maybe it’s only two
parting the horses mane. Do that over and over until you no longer
have to think about how do you tie tubal, bringing it in
and excuse me, hard to me, one
of our goals in this series is to get
you to be able to practice this form on your own without
instruction.>>So stay tune once we get you go into
this whole form.>>The last time
we do the form, our goal is that
you simply follow along without us giving you the instruction
half-step forward, white crane spreads wings, keep the flow going.>>We’re going a little
faster than usual, partly because it’s just easier to follow
along at first, but we will be
slowing it down.>>So I want you to
be prepared for that.>>One more time.>>Brushing me
open, expansive, half-step forward
and strong.>>Lulu, it’s like
you have a stringed instrument and
then you strum it and we’re going
to repulse monkey.>>Now we breathe in as we circle
back and out, as we push in and
gather your THE ball, bring it in and ward off.>>It’s like you
have a shield, your pushing
everything away, grasping the bird’s tail, square up and press clear full body
per receive. Turned towards the front. Shift your weight left and will repeat
the same pattern. Florida, roll back press.>>Remember to stay on balance and keep your flow.>>Find your flow,
and then stay in it.>>This is all
new material now, so do your best to follow and just have fun with it. This is Single Whip open to the left shift weight.>>Right wave hands, also known as wave
hands like clouds three is again something
we do in our warm up only now we’re
adding a step in, single whip
pressure, wrist out.>>That’s a strike open and pop half-step forward.>>Pat the horse
on the head, lift your left foot. We’re going to keep
the flow going here.>>Cross the arms up, that’s a block and kick.>>Notice how Veronica
modified her Kick. It doesn’t matter
how high you kick, it’s about staying within your own balance shift. Way right, left.>>He’ll kick
snake creeps you.>>The graph Veronica
is gonna modify.>>Sit down. Left
hand is the snake.>>Snake strikes. Snake receives and
Golden Rooster stands on one leg turned
towards the front. Snake creeps through
the grass again, sits, it’s a snake creeps. Snake strikes
receive again.>>Golden Rooster
stands on one leg. Don’t stop at the top.>>Keep going.>>Gather ball J
Lady work shuttles. Notice the block and
the strike receive. Gather your THE ball and work the shuttles
left half-step forward and
final transition here for needle vitamin C. Keep your back straight, open up for fan.>>Back.>>Shift your weight right, turn towards a right,
shift weight left.>>Step out and
block with a fist.>>Stepping forward
with your left and punch clear your
wrist and form, stay with us here, push receive and turn towards the front,
right foot back.>>Come down as we close for big
cleansing breath in opened up feet together.>>If you’re sweating,
you’re working.>>I’m working.>>So remember, touch, each one is an exercise.>>You’re doing
great. Keep up the good work practice as far as you know up until that point,
over and over.>>And then we’ll join
you next episode. Until then, Veronica and I would like to show you some etiquette and thank
you for joining us.

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