why are women slathering snail juice on
their skin in this video I’m going to show you three amazing properties snail
mucin has that will give you that Korean beauty glass skin you want for
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but effective snail products that will transform your skin if you’re seriously
disgusted but oh so curious as to why k-beauty thinks that snail mucin is the
next big beauty ingredient by the end of this video you’ll have three insights
into the amazing healing powers of snail mucin I’m Alex and I’ve helped to
transform the skin of hundreds of women through my work at sabbatical Beauty
sabbatical beauty is a small batch luxury Korean inspired beauty line where
all products are lovingly crafted in the US what the heck is snail mucin snail mucin
is a slime that emerges from the snails under side the snails regular day is
actually really stressful for its body climbing over rough surfaces like rocks
and concrete causes micro-tears in its skin the snail then secretes
mucin into its tears because the mucin is the miracle healing juice snail mucin
is how a snail heals itself so that it can climb over rough surfaces like rocks
and concrete without long-term detriment that’s like some next-level superhero
stuff right comment snails rule if you agree okay great but why is snail mucin
so great for your face the healing powers of snail mucin don’t just work
for them but also for our skin korean Beauty came up with the idea to use
the mucin on human skin and the results are amazing
snail mucin has so many benefits from softening fine lines to firming and
plumping soothing red and irritated skin fading scars and repairing skin damage
all these amazing benefits come from what makes up snail mucin
which we already know is critical for great skin snail mucin contains contentent
sulfates elastins proteins and copper peptides with superior tightening and
wrinkle softening abilities it also has hyaluronic acid to soothe redness and
add deep hydration as well as gycolic acid to help all that stuff really
penetrate into your skin are snails hurt in the process of collecting their mucin
we’re happy to say that snails are not hurt in the collection of their mucin in
fact they have to be happy healthy and comfortable to produce it a sabbatical
Beauty our manufacture gets their snail mucin from French family farms that
takes very good care of our snail friends so snail mucin is actually
really cool right if you’re now interested in trying snail mucin on your
skin here’s a word of advice make sure that snail mucin is listed on the first
few ingredients of the products so that you’re really getting the benefits of
the mucin at sabbatical Beauty our snail serum is 92 percent snail mucin extract
and is a customer favorite you can find a link to the product in the description
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