Skincare and makeup in your 50’s -2 ways | SOTC Episode-1

Right my routine for If I get back from a shoot and I have makeup
on my face, which I don’t actually now I’m just being authentic and showing you how
I do it. I use just any cleanser really and at the moment it is a
Sephora. I’m paranoid about flannels and Reusing them, so I use it once it goes into
the wash You quite like a flannel. I’ve always always been interested in skincare
I did train as a beautician Oh my gosh, so many moons ago when I was about
18 So at the moment I’m literally at the end
of this I am using Omorovicza Now, this is a thermal cleansing balm that
I absolutely love .Literally That’s all I’m gonna be putting onto my skin.
I do this morning and evening, which has got a lovely smooth texture just massage it in. Reminds me of the Dead Sea ,the mud that you
get there. Shruti: Where is the apple cider vinegar? I’ve stopped using that Why is that? Because I found this and this exfoliates and
my skin feels great. The apple cider vinegar was good.. I think it’s good to change out your routine
.. Put your skin in shock maybe But actually I bought this for my son and
I thought I’d have a go at it, and I liked it so much I didn’t give it to him 🙂 It feels like it’s doing something at the
end of the day, that’s what I like And I just want to say if you’re upset that
I’m doing something wrong, I’m really sorry This is the way I do it if it works for me Why are you saying this again and again? What
is the right way to do it according to you? Well, I don’t know ,but I’m sure there’s somebody
out there who’s saying Oh she shouldn’t be doing that. I’m really
sorry if I shouldn’t be doing that . I shouldn’t be doing Diet Pepsi either but I do ! So I use circular movements just to massage
it all in and literally Get it into all parts of your face .Specially into the nose area Gently underneath the eyes, chin. Neck is
an area that has to be well moisturised because as you get older Skin can really take its toll and you tend
to see the lady’s age by her neck. Now to take it off I always use wet cotton pads and I try not
to drag the skin Really upwards as opposed to downwards. That’s
basically what’s coming up, but that is the product that’s not a dirty neck 🙂 Anyway, as I do
cleanse my neck morning and evening I’m missing a cream . Ah there we go “Hello” This I use morning and night My skin is so good moment. I don’t want to change its routine. I love it Doesn’t mean to say I won’t in the future So we have a day cream and a night cream The only way where I can tell the difference
as I can’t see is that this one has white here and this one has silver here and
the silver’s night and the white is day. I would like to point out also that I had 20/20
vision until I was was about fifty and then my eyesight
has deteriorated since then. That would be me ready to face the day on
a normal day . In the morning I tend to try you know something’s
that’s going to give my eyes a little bit more of a freshness of brightness. So This is Chantecaille. It is pretty pricey.
I’m not gonna lie. It’s called the Nano gold Energising eye serum. I’ve had it a long time
and I am using it a little bit sparingly. However, I use it every day It’s a rollerball. So all you’ve got to do
is apply it It was really nice, you know, you can actually
put this in the fridge as well. I think it’s a nice cooling brightening effect I’ve also treated myself and I love this.
I really do it’s RevitaLash. So I tend to use this at nighttime But today I’m just gonna do it because I’m
with you guys Actually So Lash serum I’ve been using this for two
years and I when I first started using it It took about a month to start working and
I’ve never had so many comments on my lashes, it works really quickly So today I have some shows at QVC which means
makeup day I learnt that you have to wear a lot more
when you’re on camera. For me personally It’s better if I do my eye makeup first because
if anything’s gonna drop I can clean it otherwise if I’ve done my moisturizer and
Foundation and blusher and powder and whatever and then apply
my eyeshadow if it drops I’ve got to take off the foundation and start
again. If I have some meetings or a meeting then I would go for very basic make going.It’s going
to be over in a flash So I just started using Trinny London.. I’m totally in love with this because it’s
just like putting a regular face cream on. This is the BBF Or BFF . Ah BFF 🙂 Sorry about that It evens out the skin tone And It makes me feel ready just with that on but there is a BFF eye If you want to go one step further down the
makeup route .That I would use for Any discoloration and it’s until you look
at photographs of yourself and you think It makes a difference. So maybe around the side of your nose maybe in that tiny red area.. But that would be it. So these are called teapots and then you have
a stack And that’s how you travel .And I am going
to start on the lid of my eye using this which is actually again by Terry. It’s got
a nice little sheen to it So here it is Pull up the eye here and then apply. I don’t
normally put primer on my eyes before my shadow I know some ladies do, but for me I find that
it works okay without This is my amazing lip balm so this is By Terry and I think it’s called
a Rose de Baume, which I absolutely love. I always wait for it to go on sale now
which it does sometimes once or twice a year and I stock up love it,
so literally apply that to the lips Obviously lips actually that said, you know
what you can use that for your cuticles as well Done that in the past, but it’s a nice little
um moisturiser of your cuticles. So this scary-lookin color is Cha-Cha And I have learnt to use blusher because it’s just so easy. Not too
much.. And also high on the cheekbone because when
you smile the cheeks up here And as it is lip to cheek And it’s not nearly as scary As it looks. This is Becca so you could just
have a look here See about 12 different shades, I tend to use only about 2 or 3 once
I’ve got the powder on my brush I do tap it to just seal it. That’s the “whitey”
powder. I tap it so it doesn’t drop too much underneath the eyebrow and It highlights quite nicely And put another color in the center. This
is where sometimes the powder can drop So if you’re really Dexter dexterous? I don’t
know how to say it But if you can it’sgood to put the tissue
underneath this part here in case it does drop I’m not that great at doing that going into
the middle part Here So I tend to go light on the top dark with the bottom and in the middle sort
of a middle color. So to speak always lift up the eyebrow because that way you get a smoother finish and you are able to sort of
get into the creases and you know what you can always put more on once you’ve applied your foundation for blush because that’s when you
really see if you’ve got enough on your eyes I would brush up my brows This is a Benefit. Remember that they are cousins not sisters those brows So nobody has identical ones twins Right so that with a bit of mascara is how
I would go out Eyebrows Massively important make a big difference
to your face. I shape by going to have them thread it But as a top-up every now and then if i’m
wearing my makeup, and I need to fill in the spaces I’ll use an eyebrow pencil. So this one’s
actually by Hourglass. See gives a nice shape and it also helps me know
where i’m going to be putting in the pencil as well Now it’s very tempting to go a bit crazy on
this. What is for me? I don’t have to end up looking like Okay, theatrical character.. I will show you
these other products this is Sunlight so a little bit of highlighter I don’t really know where else I think there
are the places that it should go. But I don’t know Fortune that’s quite nice eye..eye colour.
So I could put a bit of that on The thing is that I don’t want to be false
because I don’t wear makeup on a daily basis and most people in the beauty industry would see you with no makeup on and be able to work
out what you look like with makeup on so I don’t think it’s necessary to go to a meeting fully made up. But this is fully made up for me.Umm other
than my mascara. It’s still minimalistic for a lot of people? Ya very. But it’s sort of fresh-faced and
easy. And at the end of the day we all want easy This is the most amazing mascara. Only bought
it beause I liked the container 🙂 But it’s Kat Von D and it ‘s Go big or Go
home. I don’t put mascara on my bottom lashes Because I haven’t yet found a mascara. That
doesn’t..smudge Slide the curlers and then just pump one,
two, three Makes you do really something quite naughty
and sometimes want to extend that curl by putting the we’ve put my mascaraed eyes inside the lash curler which is really stupid. But I had half of
the length of my eyelashes disappear. And I thought why is that happening? Told my friend and she said you should never
ever use the eyelash curlers after you’ve put mascara on your eyes. Very gently graze the lash line just to give it a little bit of definition Now we’re going to apply a little bit of bronzer.
No idea what I’m doing with the bronzer to be honest It’s really going to be hit and miss Hourglass Like this one because it’s all sort of done Nice little palette .I tend to do it on jaw
line and just do the sockets of the cheeks and also around the forehead That necks really important. Don’t be forgetting
anything to do with that neck. Kevyn Aucoin . Pinky to the brown Apples of the cheeks. I mean that’s what they
say So I smile Do my smile I’m gonna pop that blush in, and
I always put a little bit down the center as well I’m not sure why but I do. Habit ! So that is it. All I’ve got to do now is my
lips so made up version of me. I’m also a little bit
weird when I’ve got more makeup on than I’m used to But it’s okay. Hopefully. I would do a lip line natural colour shaping it into a Cupid’s bow
and then lower.. So it’s really important to have good skin
with grey hair cause otherwise you really look old? That’s a very good question
I think it’s important to be all together. I You can make yourself look older or you can
make yourself look younger, and I think a lot of it is in the way you walk.
So what’s the walk of confidence? Just entering the room with with purpose instead
of going in.. Just going in and looking at things.. Don’t be doing that Shoulders back go in there and have a look
at something There was a woman in the village where we used to live When I was little and every day. She must
be around 80 and I don’t have anything long enough here. But every single day She walked she walked and she had a stick
along her back? Sticking out of her elbows her stick straight
through here. And that’s how she went for her walk .Wow. Yeah And I remember thinking at that time “I could
be her” Because it makes so much difference doesn’t
it entering the room like that rather than that I often have to think about my posture because
I could slouch over So I will really make myself stand up tall
as they say in showbiz tits and teeth So you’ve got to stick your boobs out and
smile Smiling is key. Makeup and hair is now all
complete. I don’t normally go out looking like this is as far too much makeup for me But on television it really gets faded out.
So I’m all sorted all done hairs done I like to try and do it all before I get to
the studio because the shocking lighting there is horrendous and you can’t really see anything But this is good to go. So I feel a bit more
confident to face national television And give it my best and that’s it au revoir
for me So

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