Skin Care Products : What Is the Best Face Cream?

Hi, I’m Keeley Selvage with Keeley’s Skin
Solutions. I’ve been a clinical aesthetician for over half a decade, and I’m going to talk
to you about what is the best face cream. There are so many things out there to choose
from and our face is so important, it’s what everybody sees. So how do we know what is
the right one? Well, this, the AFA exfoliating gel is an excellent cream for your face. You
use it at night. What it has in it that makes it so special is acidified amino acids and
these are great because we actually have amino acids in our skin already. Our body naturally
makes it, so therefore when this product is delivering amino acids into our skin, it’s
a familiar environment. It’s a much more gentle delivery. But you get strong results from
it. What it does is it’s going to diminish fine lines and wrinkles, it’s also going to
diminish pigmentation. Maybe you have age spots, sun damage, some call it liver spots,
it’s going to diminish those as well because of the regular exfoliation. It also has an
ingredient in it that effects our N M F which is a natural moisturization factor and what
that means is that it’s regulating our PH and it’s getting our skin, really, to work
better on it’s own, so it has it’s own complete hydration, you’re not overly oily or excessively
dry. It’s an excellent face cream. I’m Keeley Selvage with Keeley’s Skin Solutions, your
go to girl for skin and that is the best face cream.

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  1. Hi there, I am a fan of all your videos, you have helped me a lot, thank you so much, I hope you do read this, coz, I want to make a home made cleanser and moisterizer for my oily skin, can you help?thank you so much:)

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