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Secrets from the Spa L’Occitane Relaxing eye massage Hello Everyone! My name is Catherine.
I am a spa trainer at L’OCCITANE. Today, I would like to share with you a relaxing eye massage. When your eyes are tired from working on a computer screen, or in the morning when you wake up feeling congested, when your eyes are swollen, or to open up your eyes before applying make up and go out, this tip is for you! You can perform this massage on a dry skin or after you apply your eye cream. I am going to demo 3 movements: effleurage, circular movements, and deep stretch. Let’s start! For the effleurage, use 3 fingers start from the inner corner of the eyebrows and go around the eyes like this. You can repeat this three times. For the circular movement, use your ring finger. Start from the temporal and practice circular movements up to the nose bridge and firmly press up to the eye brow and stretch back to the temporal. You can repeat this 3 times. For the last step, you will use the ball of your thumb also called the “thenar muscle”. Simultaneously use a firm pressure under the eyebrow and stretch to the temporal. You can repeat this movement 3 times. This will deeply relax your eye contour. These are 3 easy steps to relieve your eyes and increase the benefits of your eye cream. For more tips from the spa team, come and visit our L’OCCITANE Youtube channel! Thank you!

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