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Secrets from the Spa the pressure point Hello Everyone! My name is Catherine.
I am a spa trainer at L’Occitane. Today, I would like to share with you a professional anti-aging movement for you to feel even more beautiful! It’s called “The Pressure Point”. You can perform this on a dry skin or on top of your cream. Let’s do it together with an eye cream! First apply your eye cream on your eye contour. Then using your middle finger and your ring finger, apply gradually a firm pressure on the inner corner of your eyes. Hold the pressure three seconds… and release gently to move to the next point. Like this. And again hold three seconds… and release gently. Make sure you are using the rounded part of your fingers and not the nails. You may hurt yourself and miss the benefits of the gesture. So the Pressure Point is often use in professional face massages. It stimulates your microcirculation, it oxygenates your skin and it is also a simple movement to release face tensions. That’s it! It is easy and simple to do it yourself, to look and feel young and beautiful! You can watch the other tips from the spa team on L’Occitane Youtube channel! Thank you for watching us!

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