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Hello, I’m Dr. Philip Faler founder of
Anti-Aging Northwest. I’d like to take a minute to talk to you about our
company and what separates us from other companies who do similar things to what
we do. Our company was founded 13 years ago by myself as a family practice
and it’s evolved into this beautiful, Hormone Replacement Therapy practice
that offers the convenience of telemedicine across the state of
Washington and across the state of Oregon.
We specialize in customer experience, we specialize in giving our patients the
experience of a personalized doctor visit. I have a real and genuine
relationship with each and every one of my patients, and the way that all begins
is with our free 10 minute consultation. You’ll get myself or Dr. Beck or Dr. Amy
on the phone and we’ll go through your symptoms and what seems to be bothering
you, and we’ll start to suggest to you how we can possibly get the wheels
turning to get you to reach your health goals. Often that begins with lab work, we
don’t like to do our initial visit without lab work. It seems to me a waste
of your time for us to do a whole entire visit for me to say well let’s order
some lab work, and see what we find out. So we like to do that.
Following the free 10-minute consultation we’ll get all your lab work
ordered then when we sit down at the initial visit, where you’re spending
money, at that point we can actually take some action. We put our customers first
and that’s what makes the big difference here at Anti-Aging Northwest. We take
each and every one of our patients as a personal relationship and do our
very best to help each and every patient reach to their personal health goals.
Thank you so much and we look forward to seeing you! Stop by to schedule your free 10 minute consult with our health care

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