Rutina de una noche de verano…

Aloha! Welcome to my channel I’m Tere Curly and…You can find me too on Instagram. My ID is tere_curly This channel was created very recently so, If you like the content I upload I would appreciate that give me a like and you subscribe if you feel like it you can also help me share my videos in social networks so my channel can grow little by little and…¿Who knows? I hope you like the video very much…. Let´s go! We started this summer night routine we start by putting micellar water in a cotton to remove traces of pollution I am using the new micellar water from Garnier Bio It has soothing properties and It ´s suitable for sensitive skin and It´s suitable for vegans We go to facial cleanser i`m using Sunmay facial cleanser and the cleansing gel : Sebo Vegetal (Yves Rocher) without silicone or parabens I love it! Now, I will apply a mask in this case, I will use the “Banana cream mask” (Sephora) It’s will leave my skin soft and radiant These kind of masks retore collagen and reduce the signs of aging we wait 5 minutes and remove with warm water now, We start to scrub lips I am using “Jelly cursh lip scrub” (w7) finally, we apply balm-raspberry scent on the lips OLÉ! HOW PRETTY! Now we apply eye awakening “Hydro Boots” (Neutrogena) Also, We apply gel-cream “Hydro Boots” (Neutrogena)

1 thought on “Rutina de una noche de verano…

  1. Saludos
    Yo cuido mucho mi piel por la noche. Aunque ya el veranito acabó quería ver cómo era esta rutina. Me acabo de suscribir.
    Muchos éxitos

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