Hello everyone and welcome to my new video Some weeks ago in my shopping vlog, together with you we bought this big doll head, and today I will try to repaint it this is such a so-called beauty doll, a big doll head with a Barbie-like kind of face and Makeup made mainly for styling doll hair And that’s why here in the box you can also find all kinds of hair accessories Her hair are a little bit longer than her shoulders, and from my experience I would say that this kind of hair is not temperature resistant Then with pure acetone, I removed her makeup and so-called dress I don’t know why this dress or top is so high! It should be much lower, now it looks like she has breasts right under her collar bones Then I take my Mr. Super Clear sealant apply three layers of it on the doll face Then dry it about 30 minutes between the layers, and then I start sketching her eyes with a brown watercolor pencil On my tiny Monster High dolls, I add highlights to the dolls eyes in the very end of the repaint with white acrylic paint But this time I have for once a chance to work with a big face, so I can draw the highlights Immediately like it’s supposed to be This is by the way a very special experience for me drawing for once on the big doll face You know after 60 Monster High dolls in a row it feels now like a breath of fresh air for me and this is also an opportunity for me to show you in a normal-size how to draw a cute doll face I add some shadows to the corners of her lips and then I draw the nostrils with the same brown pencil To sketch her eyebrows I use brown soft pastels and then shade them better with an eraser Then I take my soft pastels and start contouring her face I use a light burnt umber color And this is one of the most used pastels in my collection you can see how it looks next – for example – this yellow one that is almost untouched So I make darker the eye crease the sides of the nose and the space under it, the corners of her lips and the space under the lips and Then I contour her cheeks and add some extra shadow to the hairline And I also add shadows to her body to give it some extra dimension and to make it look more realistic By the way, I am so much curious about how many doll artists are watching me I get regularly questions from you about different Processes and doll repainting, what my techniques and supplies And I also feel so happy when some of you say that you have also decided to try this hobby because the main goal of my channel is not just to show some entertaining makeovers, then I would cut my videos shorter But I want to show the complete work and progress Then many of you will be able to repeat it or to get answers to your questions So let’s call all of the doll artists here please let me know in a comment if you’re also busy with dolls and Also, if you want you can tell me a little bit about yourself I mean how long you’re already busy with it and stuff, and then who knows maybe Something will come out of this and I have protected the previous layer with Mr. Super Clear sealant And then I take darker Brown pastels and add some extra shadows to the darkest places of the face Now the shadows on her face look a little bit too Brown and too contrast so we take a light pink soft pastels and Apply them on top it will make the shadows softer, and the skin will look more realistic and healthy And then I apply bright pink pastels to her cheeks Then I take my watercolor pencils and start working on her eyes, in this video I will show you just how I drew one Eye, because the second one is made exactly the same and these videos already become a pretty long I feel it You ask me sometimes if I use a magnifying glass for my work. No. These are my regular glasses I wear contact lenses a normal life, but when I sit home working on my dolls I wear just my regular glasses And you can see them sometimes together with a piece of my nose in my videos if I zoom my camera out To blend the colors together, I use a special blending tool, but Q-tips will also work perfect here The white of the eyes I color first with a white pencil but the tricky thing about the white of the eyes is that they’re not really very white so I add also gray color and You see that from this it immediately gets a shape, and I mentioned and before it was just flat white Then I started to add hairs to her eyebrows and the main trick here is to draw the hairs as Fine and as thin as possible and combine a couple of different shades of brown pencil To her lips I apply a neutral pink soft pastels I don’t want to make her lips too red or too dark. I would like to keep them pretty nude and natural This time I want to create a very natural look so I will not apply any colorful eyeshadows today and for her crease I used three different shades of brown pastels and Blend them all together very good with a blending tool After every layer of sealant I add all the time more and more hairs to the eyebrows combining different colors Then after another layer of sealant I draw the smile I don’t draw separate teeth because it looks very dirty on dolls, it immediately becomes like some smile from Hell with a mouthful of rotten teeth I don’t contour her lips with a pencil because then it’ll look like a heavy makeup with lip liner and stuff and Instead of this I make the lip contour with highlighting the area above the lips and especially the so called cupid bow Then I add a little bit of red to the inside of her eyes, and then I blend it With a light pencil I draw highlights With the darker gray pencil I draw the shadows from the eyelashes And then again highlights, you see this is how it goes; highlights, shadows highlights, shadows, color accents, highlights, shadows–something like this And then just in the very end of the repaint I take a black pencil And work on the eye line And I also add a couple of black hairs to the eyebrows and draw the bottom eyelashes And I will say the reflection of the eyelash is to the big highlighted spots in her eyes I still need to attach the false lashes and add gloss to her eyes and lips, but first. I need to style her hair Because the false doll lashes will not survive the heat of my hair dryer now her hair look incredibly messy, so first I brush them and then I make them straight again with the hairdryer on a medium temperature So, now it looks much better, but I absolutely don’t like her bangs It looks so dollish and fake I don’t know, so let’s try to take some long hair from the back of her head and hide the stupid bangs And the clips that hold the whole construction I can decorate–for example–with some pretty flowers So now her hairstyle is finally ready, and I can attach the lashes and apply gloss And I still want to attach a piece of lace to the bottom to finish her look I think it will fit her much better than the original pink top, this one is at least on the right place, it’s not too high And that’s it. What do you think? And also; What do you think about these kind of tutorials on my channel? For me it was an amazing and also very relaxing experience because of the normal head size it felt like drawing in a normal big sketchbook and Not like on a post stamp or something like I always felt with my Monster High dolls So please don’t forget to put your likes if you enjoy my video and subscribe Of course to see more art videos every week don’t forget about my Pocahontas doll giveaway You still have one week before the 9th of February to Participate and of course don’t forget to write me in a comment if you’re also doll artist Thank you for being with me today and see you in my next video Tomorrow we’re going to test a huge set of very affordable markers. Bye


  1. Ppdrias hacer a bety bou con las muñeca y decirme como lo haces y los materiales que utilisas me ayudarias. Muchisimo ppr que soi nueba en esto y no se ingles y me gustaria aprender e parese maravilloso lo que haces y me guataria aprender muchas gracias

  2. Hello! You totally inspired me to try it out. And for that I am grateful) Best wishes!

  3. I have been thinking about picking up the hobby.. right now I am a sewist and I make 18" doll clothes.

  4. i dont like the orange skin color, or that yellow hair color, or that rare blue-gray eye color, also, that eyebrow color is too dark, and too much countouring makes her look old, guess i just dont like it at all.

  5. To me whenever the pastel shading with the browns on the nose and eyes etc. It looks like a CGI human being in progress

  6. I'm learning to sculpt in polymer clay… These videos help me perfect techniques! Yours are especially informative! Thank you for sharing the info and expertise!! I'm a new subscriber!

  7. I wish there were studios that could teach you to do stuff like this, sorta like how you can go paint pottery, I would love to try this out but as a tattoo artist I already spend all my art money and wouldn’t necessarily want to buy all the materials just to do this a couple times

  8. Im just tryina figure out what they expected to get done with 2 rollers 😂😂😂 gotta love manufacturing companies

  9. Omg she is my favorite so far! Beautiful and I love the flowers you added on the clips in her hair ❤️👍

  10. Hi beautiful job I love your work and I just wanted to say that not everyone that watch your videos does dolls I like to do make up and I wanted heads for my acupuncture practice as well also I had one question why do you need to put the sealant three time layer before you put the paint on make up or pencil I subscribe to your channel I hope you will subscribe back to my channel if you find it interesting.

  11. I cracked up when you said “stupid bangs”😂. I really luv the real lashes, it was like the cherry on top of a sundae. Thank you🤗

  12. Wouldn't been more interesting if you'd have created something other than boring white/blonde. The world is filled with amazing color. I'm tired of white dolls. 🙄😒

  13. How do you get the pencil to adhere over long periods of time? How do you keep it from fading? What kind of gloss do you use on the eyes? You work is beautiful.

  14. Thank you. Your video helped me a lot. I am in sixth. I didn't have the make up work so I did it with color pencils. Because when we dip the pencils in water, they also work on skin, clothes and other objects. Please reply me. If you love the video- likes and comments. 🙏😍😘😊

  15. I draw and paint alot. I had a brain tumor when I was 13 that made it hard for me to talk and express myself so art was my real only way of communicating for awhile. I'm not a doll artist but you've inspired me to keep practicing on the things I get stuck on like eyes for example. Thanks for all the encouragement and for sharing your beautiful talent ❤️

  16. I have a problem with this why are the eye brows so arched I don't mean this rudely so please don't take it that way and also why are most of every doll repainting have blue eyes or colors related too that what about green or gray or something again I don't mean this rudely so please don't take it that way also please don't comment on this just like or dislike or whatever

  17. I had a doll like that when I was little and I loved it so much! But then I got rid of it because I thought I was tooo old and now I miss all my dolls.

  18. My dream was to have a doll like that in 90's. Here in Brazil, she was called "My Model", but this one you repainted is infinity times better and I loved it! ♥unicorn kisses♥

  19. You amaze me…I have binge watched your videos for hours tonight BUT really enjoyed watching you create a beautiful doll!

  20. Did pastel not moist or spread oil in a long terms? I know it was acrylic paint for eyes and lips, and it use pointed brush not pencils

  21. I watched your other big doll head videos and I notice how the others have realistic-looking teeth and she just has the white blank teeth look on this one

  22. I straighten doll hair using the lowest setting on the straightening iron. The colour also affects how much heat it can take. Thanks for these! I love to fix up really wrecked thrift store dolls and I have one that has uneven eyes that need fixing. I didn't know where to start!

  23. The only thing wrong with her repaint is the doll’s irises are too big. Other than that it’s very pretty!

  24. Does the soft pastel brush onto the doll's face dry, like dusting powder or makeup? I've never repainted a doll before, but I'd like to repaint a "My-Size Barbie" that was stained with hair dye. I've created the wig and clothing already, and they turned out well. I'm doing this project to create something fabulous to be auctioned for charity. Thank you for your videos. 🙂

  25. Because of you and your lovely vidoes I have made doll repainting one of my most favorite hobbies!! Thank you so much for your videos and all you do :)))))

  26. This video has been copied by some random youtuber. They copied and reposted everything except for your link to your shop. Title, thumbnail, caption, entire video.

  27. I’m a Barbie wannabe collector..I have 7…anyhow, I’m just amazed and in awe of how you do this!! It’s truly amazing, wish I had the talent LOL..

  28. I am so grateful to have found your tutorials!!! I was a "Reborn Doll" artist for over ten years. I stopped making dolls because I got tired of baking the doll parts which created the layers . I know that just the thought makes some people sick. And the oils were "smellie". "Waaaa laaaaaa! You have changed my life. I have watched many of your tutorials, and I am ready to "give it a go". Thank you so much, Rhonda

  29. You know, I wonder if this is what the gods felt like making humans, I refuse to believe that we are related to monkeys. Lol
    She’s so pretty now

  30. Beautiful just amazing, I love how you layer everything, ,so you build up and build up, and that gives the doll more realistic looking features,I LOVE IT😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  31. I love this because when I was a little girl I would do this to my dolls so I could make them better and because it was fun of course

  32. You turned her from a cheap looking whore to a premium looking whore. Congrats.

    No, seriously. You overdid it with the make up. It looks horrible. Most of your dolls have too much make up on their faces. I would prefer a more natural style.

  33. My question is how do you take the paint off without having it like ◀️▶️

    Also. This is so nice, it’s like a don’t judge me

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