Remove Dark Circles In Minutes!

No matter how much you sleep, exercise, or drink an entire life full of water every day, you just can’t get rid of those dark panda eyes that make you look grumpy? Pandas are not our fault. You’re simply the victim of genetics, like skin pigmentation or just twin transparent under-eye skin. In this video, I will give you different solutions to tackle your case of Panda eye and even trying out just one of these tricks will make your dark circles less prominent. Dark Circle Solution number 1: Charcoal: for loose, discolored skin. Exchange your regular face wash with a charcoal soap. I recommend to use a soft brush to lather and give your skin a more thorough cleaning. But why charcoal? Due to its numerous pores, created during the process of heating charcoal up, charcoal actually has high absorptive powers. You, too, have pores on your skin which work like a gateway for chemicals and toxins, and components in charcoal soap do a great job storing those toxins away, leaving your under-eye bags looking fresh. After washing my face with charcoal soap, my skin looks a lot more bright and firm. Solution number 2: whitening product. First, I use a daily toner to kill off dead skin cells, followed by a serum for moisture and nourishment. Don’t you think that the dark circles have already improved a big deal? Next is solution number 3: DIY home remedy! You’ll need hot water, instant coffee, baking powder, honey, baking sheets, scissors, and of course, a bowl! First, add 2 tablespoons instant coffee, 3 tablespoons of hot water, 1 sachet baking powder. After thoroughly mixing, add one teaspoon honey. On the baking sheet, draw one circle and draw a partition to make it look like a yin and yang orb. Cut along the partitions and now you have two sheets that immediately fit on your eye bags. Dunk them into the mixture. Wait for 5 minutes. Take out and apply on eye bags immediately. Leave them on for a good 30 minutes. After taking them off, your under-eye bags should feel warm and have vanished a great deal. Solution number 4: Nivea face mask. Exactly. The affordable classic you can get at pretty much every drugstore over the world. You just need to apply a thick layer of the ointment under your eyes and wait a good 30-45 minutes before wiping off what hasn’t been absorbed. I feel like it always makes my skin super smooth and much brighter than before. Try solution number 5: I’ll show you how to fix the remaining darkness with some makeup tricks. For blue/purple eyes, cover with pink concealer. Correct excess pink and red spots with a cool mint green. Once that is done, apply one thin layer of concealer followed by a second thick layer of concealer which instead of blending you let sit around for 6 minutes. During this time, the concealer will thicken so only blend the edges. Finish off with loose powder. If your face now looks plain, apply a natural lip balm which you can also use as cheek color and a tad bit on the outer corners of your eyes to make your face look like it actually has good blood circulation. As for mascara, it can actually help you to make your under-eye bags look less prominent, but only if you apply it on the top lashes and not the bottom one. Tada! Using home remedies and makeup, this is how far we could conceal our dark circles. Even if you just use one of the recommended methods. I’m sure your eye circles will improve. Good luck everyone, and let me know which method you are going to try. Booh-bye-bye-booh! ♡

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  1. a girl at my school said:WHO GAVE YOU BLACK EYES?! and I was like: What?
    And she said: Oh, you are just super tired!
    And I said:I am not tired at all…
    And guess what she said!
    "You have HUGE bags under your eyes! YOU ARE REALLY TIRED!

  2. Does anyone know what facial brush she uses? I cant find one like it, and that particular style would be perfect for me ;;

  3. Omg thank you soooo much! I just tried to get rid of my dark circels I've been getting these days with Nivea and omg it actually worked! My cicles went from pandahuman without sleep to normal thank you! (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

  4. Wait a min i just seen her video SAYING how to look half Japanese i thought she was half ….so is she white and. Is she like german Swedish some thing to where she. Has an accent. She learned very well how to speak diff languages but omg i really thought she was half

  5. I have Nevia cream for daily use.
    If I knew it can be used THIS way. I would have done it earlier.
    Thanks for the tip I'll try it.

  6. These tricks worked great for me, the best method was the coffee mask )) but I didn't like the makeup trick, it looks so cakey and unnatural

  7. People wanna look like her but everyone is pretty in there own way not only that but drink a lot of water and eat heathy to so you look pretty if ya want but remeber your pretty this is just a little help for ya

  8. Finally! i found the solution . Awsome video & u have more than one solution . i will try solution 3,4 & i hope it works Thanx♥♥ Love U

  9. Genetics…fucking genetics……D: but I learned to love my dark circles I look weird without them anyways my dark circles don‘t look that bad on me

  10. i hate my dark circle so much!!iys a pain to wear make up every time i went out..and the cause is much i've tried all these years..

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