RegenXL | anti-aging & contouring for the face & body

Your clients are looking for the
best results they can get from an anti-aging and contouring treatment for
their Face and Body. They want a treatment that is effective, safe and convenient. Provide your clients with the results they are looking for with the Regen XL by Pollogen. Pollogen is a world leader in safe, painless, and non-invasive aesthetic technologies. Pollogen is the inventor of TriPollar technology which is the third and latest generation
in RF technologies that generates focused radio frequency energy to tighten skin and reduce fat. The Regen XL is an advanced aesthetic solution that delivers immediate and long term results. Every part of the body can be treated:
Face Lifting wrinkles, double chin, “turkey skin neck”, “angel wing” arms, “mommy tummy”, abdomen, “love handles”, bra line, buttocks thighs and cellulite. Facial treatments
tighten the skin, reduce wrinkles and improve skin texture,
by stretching the elastin, regenerating fibroblast and renewing
collagen. TriPollar energy heats the dermis and the subcutaneous layers simultaneously, the thermal energy contracts the collagen fibers to create an immediate tightening effect. In addition Fibroblast metabolism increases, producing new collagen resulting in long lasting effect. Body treatments reduce circumference and improve cellulite appearance by shrinking fat cells in the adipose tissue and accelerating collagen regeneration.
TriPollar energy heats the fat cells in the adipose tissue. Thermal energy releases the fatty acids from the fat cells causing the fat cells to shrink in size which result in circumference reduction
making the treated area slimmer. The Regen XL powered by TriPollar is backed by science and has the highest number a professional peer reviews of any technology of its type. Controlled Radio Frequency energy is delivered via three or more electrodes to a well defined treatment area. The diagram shows a computer analysis of the superior energy density of the electromagnetic field produced by TriPollar technology. TriPollar technology is more focused and efficient, therefore, less power is required to effectively treat the skin and deep tissues. TriPollar technology provides deep uniform energy distribution which ensures superior results. This allows large treatment areas like thighs and abdomen to be treated evenly with immediate results. The Regen XL is very safe. iFocused energy allows the device to effectively heat the subcutaneous tissues using low power, making the TriPollar the safest technology on the market. The device provides pleasant treatments: No electrical shocks No burns, No skin irritation or itching No uncomfortable sparking and no overheated electrodes it is completely safe for all skin types! It is comfortable and easy to operate.
Technicians do not need to worry about burning or shocking their clients. Hand piece movements can be slow and the applicator can be lifted off the skin at any time without concerns for electrical shocks or skin cooling too quickly. An easy to operate LCD screen, displays pre-set parameters, which enable the technician to start treatments right away. There are 2 hand pieces: One for the face, neck, decollate and arms. The second is for the body, abdomen, love handles, back, thighs, buttocks, knees and calves. The Regen XL is light and mobile. It is easy to move from one treatment room to another and to transport between locations. After the device is moved it is ready to operate without need for adjustment or or re-calibration.. The device has a small footprint making it a comfortable fit at any spa. The machine is quiet emitting no noise making it perfectly suited for the ambience of a spa setting. Treatments are quick, providing walk-in walk-out service for your customers, and a higher turnover for your business. Results can be seen after the first treatment. A series of
treatments is required to ensure long-lasting results. The Regen XL is the most affordable radio frequency device on the market, with a very low ongoing cost of ownership. The machine comes with a long term full warranty covering parts and labour coupled with the renowned customer support of DermaSpark. Your clients want effective, safe and pleasant anti-aging & contouring for the face & body. With the Regen XL they will enjoy comfortable treatments with immediate and long-term results.

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