Red Carpet Celebrity Makeup Artist Pro-Tips | Skincare and Beauty Tutorial

Hey guys Brett Freedman
LA based makeup artist. I am going to give you tips that I use on my actresses for the
red carpet. Here is my red carpet secret to keep your eye brow pencil or powder on all
day. I take a little Invisiblur with a small brush and brush into the brows and around
this creates a beautiful matt finish and this helps the pencil or powder on all day. But
now we have the Invisiblur on and around the brows you can apply your brow fill in right
over top. This is a must have when I do actresses for the red carpet because under the hot light
and all the scrutiny from the paparazzi you want everything to be flawless and to really
stay. Here is another tip to make you look really
great. Keep your lip color, precision, and crisp with Invisiblur. I am going to show
you how. So I take a little invisible and I put it on a tight brush and what I do is
go right outside the lip line. Now you don’t want to get it on the lip you want to keep
it just under where you are going to apply your lipstick or lip liner. So this is one
of my favorite tips for brighter lipsticks that are so all the rage right now because
it holds everything in without feathering. And it is a must have for all these bright
bold lip colors that you are seeing now. So, now my concealer tips. If you like a fuller
formula concealer because you like the coverage but you feel like it gets a little heavy and
a little dry. My pro tip is to mix in a little bit of Renewing Eye Cream to shear it out
and make it move with the skin a little bit more. And it dries to a beautiful sheer finish.
Flawless. The actresses I work with love the look of a cream blush but a lot complain it
doesn’t last. So this tip is to show you how to take your favorite powder bronzer or
blush and give it a cream dewy finish but the wearablitiy of your favorite powder. So
now I have the blush brush and it is dampened with the Murad radiance serum, swirling it
into the blush and applying it into the cheeks in a swirling motion it catches light and
gives that cream blush look but with the stay and wearablitiy of your favorite powder. So
there you have it a few of my pro tips to combine your favorite skin care with makeup
to get you red carpet ready.

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