100 thoughts on “POWER OF MAKEUP: KIM KARDASHIAN WEST | NikkieTutorials

  1. I love how she has become so much mkre humble since getting with kanye kanye really did change her for the good and I love that she able to connect with everyone in different ways i really beleive in start sighns and mum being a Libra and kanye being a Gemini ( like me ) they are both air sighns and are easily able to communicate and understand each other

  2. Hai hai Nikkie,

    Binnenkort ga ik naar festival Mysteryland en ik zou het heel speciaal vinden als jij mijn make up verzorgt!
    Vooral de ogen: the eyes shout out what the lips fear to say

    X Veronica

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  4. I understand the whole power of makeup, but if we’re honest this is a bit of power of plastic surgery as well as makeup

  5. Honestly Kim might get into a lot of drama and she might’ve not gotten famous for the right reason, but you have to admit she’s a pretty kind person!

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