Post Malone Previews “Circles” from His Unreleased Third Album

-Thank you
for coming back to see us. I love hanging out with you. And last time I saw you,
we went to the Olive Garden. -Yes, sir.
[ Laughter ] -And we did our bit.
It was really fun. I enjoyed it. I really did love
the Olive Garden. I’ve never been there.
And I loved the breadsticks. -I can show you
the ways of the truth. -Yeah, thank you.
-The ways of justice. -The ways of the justice.
Thank you, yeah. Exactly what
the Olive Garden was. And then — then, you’re like,
“What are we doing now?” And it was like probably
10:30 or 11:00, and I go, “Oh, I’m gonna go to bed.
I’m tired.” And you go, “No, come on.
That’s not the way we do it.” And I go, “Yeah, yeah,
I got to do it, man. Grandpa’s got to go home.” And you go, “No, come on,
Jimothy, let’s do it.” -Jimothy?
-And then we went out… -Yes sir.
-…to a place called Paddy Reilly’s.
-Yeah. -Yeah, and, dude, it was great. We didn’t tell them
we were coming or anything. -No, it was incredible.
It was a good time. -Dude, we shut the place down.
-We shut it down. We sang some Irish folk songs.
-We really did. Dude, you know a lot
of Irish folk songs. It was fantastic.
-Thank you very much. -You’re a talented individual.
-I learned that from drinking — [ Automated voice ]
-Bud light. -No, that’s not — As you’re sipping
on a Bud Light right now. -Mnh-mnh.
-No, no, no, water. -No, it’s not.
-No, it’s not. -It’s water.
-It’s water. [ Laughter ] Dude, last night, you did
the Bud Light Dive Bar Tour? -Yes, sir.
-Now, what’s the deal with that? -You know, I’m just… As everyone probably knows
who knows me, I’m the biggest Bud Light
advocate in the whole universe. -You really are.
Besides my dad. [ Both laugh ] My dad who just lived
on Bud Light for years. -And, you know,
we did one last year, and we came out this year,
with Sublime as the band, and Fat Joe came out.
-I can’t believe that. -Yeah, it was a lot of fun.
-How fun. So, you’re doing, like,
different dive bars around the country?
-Yeah, so, I guess, you know, hopefully, we’ll get to do a
third one if they still like me, and then —
[ Light laughter ] -Yeah, they do.
-You know, we can just run around and do shows,
and I get to sing songs for people
who want to hear them, and I think that’s
pretty, pretty cool. -That is cool.
The third album, it’s rumored that it’s coming out.
We don’t know when. Is it close?
Is it anywhere — -It’s completed.
-It’s done. -Third album is done,
if anybody cares. [ Cheers and applause ] Done. Finished.
Over, done. -You have the concept,
you have everything, it’s done. Could you maybe talk about
maybe when it might come out? -It’ll be September.
-Really? -Early September.
[ Cheers and applause ] -That’s a great month.
-It’s exciting. You know, it’s exciting,
because I really — You know, there’s —
It’s a long process that goes into it, but,
you know, finally, towards the end, we kind of
rallied and just made it work, which is exciting for me. -When you write an album —
forgive me — but how many songs do you write,
and do you whittle it down to 12 of your favorites
or something? -Man, I mean, there’s —
Usually, I just go in and have an abnormal amount
of Bud Light and go into the booth and just
kind of sing over beats and wait until
I find a good melody and then sit down and write it.
So — And we’ve done that probably
a hundred times and then just shift through them and then see which ones
are smoosh hits. -Smoosh —
-Smoosh hits. -You got to have smoosh hits. -Yeah, it’s all about
smoosh hits, dude. -Last time you were here,
we gave a little taste of “Sunflower,” and it became
the song of the century. -Sure.
-And I have a new song. Would you guys like to hear it?
[ Cheers and applause ] I love you, man.
You’re the best, dude. So, this — it’s a new song,
called “Circles.” -Yes, sir.
-And this is Post Malone. Here we go. Let’s just get
a little taste of it. -♪ Run away
while we’re running in circles ♪ ♪ Run away, run away ♪ ♪ I dare you to do something ♪ ♪ I’m waiting on you again ♪ ♪ So I don’t take the blame ♪ ♪ Run away
while we’re running in circle ♪ ♪ Run away ♪
-Oh, my gosh. Come on, dude!
[ Cheers and applause ] How does that feel?
That’s cool, right? -It feels good.
You know, on this next album, we’re doing a lot of cool,
very fresh type stuff. I’ve probably used the adjective
“fresh” for every single album or song that I’ve ever put out. -Well, it’s working,
so keep using it, man, yeah. Triple platinum. Does your ma —
I got to meet your mom. Does your mom —
-Yeah. -She’s awesome.
She’s beautiful. Hi, Mom.
Does she get to — Is she proud of you,
and like hang that stuff up? -I hope so.
[ Laughter ] -Yeah, she is.
But I mean, does she get to, like, hang the stuff
on the walls and stuff? -You know what?
I’m probably gonna end up, you know, giving her some
goodies for — You know, we’re figuring out
what she wants to do now, so… I hope she doesn’t come
and move to Utah with me, because I love her
but not that much. [ Laughter ] -You don’t want to live —
Yeah. It’s like, “Yeah, hey, Mom,
get your own place,” yeah. -Hey, Mom.
-No, but my mom would always, like, cut out articles
or anything — anything, any mention of me,
like, my mom would call me and be like,
“You were great on ‘Ellen.'” You know whenever I go,
she’d give me reviews. But that’s what moms are for,
right? -Oh, yeah. -Does she give you reviews
and say it’s good or bad. -She usually
never tells me it’s bad. She just says, “Oh, my God.
You did such a great job.” -See?
That’s what you need. [ Cheers and applause ]
-That’s what we want. Oh, Posty Fest.
-Sure. -Now, this is a giant hit,
and you’re gonna do it again. -Yes, sir.
-You’re doing this in November? And where are you doing this? -We’re doing it at AT&T Stadium, where God’s favorite
football team plays. -Oh, my gosh.
-The Dallas Cowboys. -Dude, that’s giant.
November 2nd. You’re doing —
-No, not Giants. -No, I said, “No, it is giant.”
-Oh, yeah. -“That is giant.”
[ Laughter ] Cowboys, yeah, I got you. I mean, that’s big, dude. -Yeah, hell yeah.
I’m excited. -It’s a hit.
-You know, this is — It’s kind of like —
kind of like dreams come true because, like,
my dad worked there for — That’s why I moved to Texas
from Upstate so, I mean — [ Cheers ] It feels good to be able to kind
of like play at AT&T Stadium. -Oh, yeah, I mean,
it’s not like a dive bar, but I love that you do both —
you do dive bars and stadiums. Good for you, man.
-Thank you so much.

100 thoughts on “Post Malone Previews “Circles” from His Unreleased Third Album

  1. Other rappers going to shows: Golden chains leather jackets Gucci’s shoes diamond watch.

    Post Malon: suit

    Edit: I have been told he’s not rapper. But he still rapped in some of his songs.but thanks for the clarification and thanks for the likes!!!

  2. Still so hard to believe this is the same artist that sings_Better Now.
    I mean I like better now but this guy is so Talented

  3. he is actually well raised kid and shoutout to his parents good job. Even with face tats,you still can see it a good guy with good heart.

  4. I'm proud of you, Post! Love LOVE Circles. It's my ringtone! Love ALL your songs…. I just have to watch language…I am a grandma! LOLOL

  5. he should lose his face tattoo, those who don't know who he is may not let him come into some public places thinking he's a crazy homeless guy

  6. I love this dude , post Malone is such a nice person and a down to earth to guy . Never judge a book by its cover

  7. He seems like one of the chillest dudes ever. He could do hardcore drugs with you, but also could play your grandma at bridge.

  8. post malone has got to be the only chill artist ive ever seen with tons of face tattoos. most people would see face tattoo and judge them so hard, but you see him and you are like wow he's really just a cute teddy bear.

  9. What a nice warm polite guy….genuinely good lad.
    He will definitely have a long career……manners really help.👍👏👏👏

  10. Tattoos everywhere including his face….
    Yet he dresses classy, speaks without sounding like a thug, has nothing to prove except he is talented and is very well mannered and respectful. This is why you never judge someone.

    More should follow his example.

    Much respect and awesome music.

  11. Okay. I personally want to take this moment to say I fucked up as a judgemental asshole. Post Malone is flying way above any of my expectations of him. The way he constantly repeats "sir", nods his head in respect and speaks in a clear manner rather than muffled. He presents himself in a suit rather than something trashy like most rappers. Sir I am so sorry. You seem like an amazing guy

  12. For a 62 year old rocker to discover a talent I wish was around when I did cover in the band I used to be in… Post Malone is a breath of fresh air. Circles is a captivating tune with great lyrics and a sweat groove. Absolutely love it!

  13. People in the USA need to listen to Tones and I with her song Dance Monkey this artist is Toni Watson she’s absolutely brilliant. Jimmy get her on your show amazing story for a 19yo

  14. Post is an amazing person with such a great personality. Such a warm heart. I love my birthday twin ♥️ one day I’ll meet him. Haha

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